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Zombie Nightmare is a 1987 Canadian film starring Adam West and Jon-Mikl Thor.

Our film opens in a time supposedly in the 1960s or so, showing us a softball game led by a beefy guy named Bill (played by director John Fasano). Bill's the center of activity in the community, and he's even brought his family (wife and young son Tony) to the game. Unfortunately, a couple ne'er do wells are also in attendance and decide to stalk and assault Molly Mokembe, a young Haitian woman (played by Manoushka). Bill stops the crime in progress, saving her, but the two thugs fatally stab him and flee, all in front of his son.

Flash forward to the present day, and Tony is all grown up (now played by Jon-Mikl Thor), playing softball on the same field. That evening, he becomes a hero in his own right, foiling a convenience store holdup. Unfortunately, as he walks outside, he's the victim of a hit and run courtesy of a bunch of idiot kids, one of whom is the son of the thugs that killed his father.

Aggrieved, his mother decides to go for extrajudicial justice, calling upon Mokembe to do some form of voodoo to catch the (presumably unknown to her) culprits. This results in the animation of a zombie whom gradually hunts down not only the kids but the two thugs in the of whom is actually an upstanding pillar of the community!

Like The Horror of Party Beach and The Incredibly Strange Creatures, this is another movie gadding about calling itself a horror musical, but unlike those two, it's got even less on which to stake the claim; there is plenty of incidental metal music on the soundtrack, but no actual musical numbers. Oh, and Adam West is in it, too. Neat, huh?

For tropes and details relating to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, please check out the episode recap page.

Zombie Nightmare contains examples of the following tropes:

 Waitress: I'm old enough to be your big sister.

Jim: Hey, that's cool, I always wanted to make it with my older sister!

 Frank: "But you went into the alley with him."

  • Too Dumb to Live: Being rock-stupid makes it laughably easy to get killed by a zombie. Here are good ways, demonstrated by three particular brain donors:
    • Pass by the exit sign when being pursued by a zombie. Also make sure to stop while still in the same room as said zombie.
    • Sit in your car, and don't turn it on. Also be sure to leave the door wide open.
    • Hide behind a window.
  • Useless Protagonist: Presumably, Frank ends up being the hero, through no extraordinary effort of his own. He was at least correct that the murders weren't caused by a common street thug.
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