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[1]When Minecraft proved to be too tame, Vechs came along to destroy all you hold dear. He challenged you with scorching lava. With endless ocean. With floating islands and trap-filled caverns, shadowy deserts and sinister trees, varied landscapes with severely limited resources and sunny tropical islands bereft of normal foliage.

And Vechs looked on all he had created, and laughed, and said, "They will never make it out alive."

But then came Zisteau, and he looked upon these challenges and said, "Feel the power of the Sign."[2]

Zisteau has finished his LPs of:

He is currently playing:

This game provides examples of:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: The real names of the Life on Bogota crew all start with T.
  • Angrish: He makes very strange noises when flustered or freaking out, variously described as "panicking in high-speed Morse code" and "lapsing back into his native tongue."

 dogdoc: I thought zombie pigmen just went uweee! uweeeek!

Nimmrod: That's only when they're pissed off.

Zisteau: ...That's what it sounds like to the layman.

Stickicide21: It's actually a sophisticated language. Consisting of lower and higher pitches of uweeks.

 Break down your tree with a sign, like God intended.

  • Precision F-Strike: He sounds like a pleasant, mild-mannered, amiable uncle, even chatting away with the creepers he's killing... but he swears abundantly when things go wrong. Not in an angry way, usually, but it's still enough to offend a 7-year-old[3].
  • Sequence Breaking: A pit of lava between you and that tree. A clearly marked tunnel to the left. Digging to the right reveals a lava trap. Give up and go where you're told? Never! Zisteau digs his way right up and around to the left, over the tunnel entrance. Through sandstone, with his bare hands. He not only avoids the tunnel entirely[4], but finds a secret room in the process.

 I have managed to completely avoid that jumping trap--and, more important than avoiding this lava trap, I'm avoiding going the direction that the map designed to kill me intended for me to go. There's a small victory there, I think.


  1. Insofar as I understand the history, which isn't much...
  2. A literal sign. He hits things with it.
  3. my nephew
  4. never goes through the entire thing, but checks enough to be sure he's not missed any treasure
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