You don't know who Yuko Miyamura is? Anta baka?![1]

Yuko Miyamura is a seiyu and occasional singer and sound director. She tends to play Ax Crazy girls like Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Aisha Clan-Clan of Outlaw Star, although she might play Tyke Bomb roles too like Alyssa from Mai-HIME...

She had to temporarily retire because of Graves' disease, but hey, she's back in her old role of Asuka in Rebuild of Evangelion, so maybe that retirement wasn't so binding. In recent years she's become friends with Tiffany Grant, the English voice of Asuka.

Yuko also has a role in Battle Royale, as the bat-shit insane instructor on tape.

Notable roles by Yuko Miyamura


  1. What are you, stupid?!
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