Yukkuri Panic Escalation is a completely yuri centric H-game set in a female Catholic boarding school set in Japan. It comes bundled with a puzzle game similar to the Qix series, but this page main covers the ADV side of the game.

The game starts from the perspective of Rie Komatsuzaki, a young rich girl who transferred to the school from a well known private school after her heart was broken watching her mother fall in love with her tutor (who was her first crush).

Not long after she arrives at the boarding school, she catches the eye of the beloved upperclassman Naomi Hayakawa and her would be rival Midori Omamori, and sex ensues.

Tropes common to the game

  • Lonely Rich Kid - Rie
  • Multiple Endings
    • Bad Ending - Rie winds up being non-fatally "crucified" and sexually humiliated before the entire school.
    • Ending 1 "Queens" - Rie and Midori turns most of the school's girls into their own harem, starting with Naomi.
    • Ending 2 "Love Slave" - Naomi and Midori turn Rie into their sex slave.
    • Ending 3 "True End" - Sister Misato turns out to be the mother of both Naomi and Rie, and an attempt to sexually humiliate their own mother by both girls falls victim to Gone Horribly Wrong as they nearly kill her. She survives, but she is hurt in a way she can never have children again. Both of them have a My God, What Have I Done? moment not long after as they realize they've practically crossed the Moral Event Horizon, but Sister Misato forgives them. In the ending, its shown that Misato, Rie, and Naomi have reunited as a family(and Midori is still involved with Naomi), and the story ends with Misato assuring her children she's forgiven them like they forgave her, and the game fades out as all three curl up in each others arms.
  • Parental Incest and Sister Sister Incest
  • The Ojou - Naomi
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians
  • Yandere - Both Midori and Naomi can be very scary versions of this, and even Rie has a few shades of this.
  • Girls Love
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