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Yui Horie is a veteran seiyuu born in 1976. A versatile seiyuu, she can play varied roles, from cutesy Hanyuu to Tsundere Naru.

She is also a popular singer and has released several albums from 2000 onwards. She is oftentimes chosen to sing the opening theme, ending theme, and/or an insert song in an anime she stars in.

Relationship Voice Actor to Yukari Tamura to some extent, which has led to the two temporarily forming a singing duo which has released a few singles. Also, "Wife #1" to her School Rumble co-worker Hitomi Nabatame, according to Miss Nabatame herself.

Of late her roles have "cooled down", and as a rule she has been taking supporting roles with substantially deeper and less genki voices as opposed to playing the spotlight as the heroine these days.

Some of her roles include:

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