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Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef Of Destruction is a Yu-Gi-Oh! video game for the Game Boy Advance, and a sequel to Yu Gi Oh The Sacred Cards. It is an Alternate Continuity to the anime, taking place shortly after the Virtual World arc with Noah; thus, it can be considered an alternate season 4.

The plot starts off when the Millennium Puzzle goes missing. Your character, along with Yugi and Joey, sets out to find it. And it appears other Millennium Items are also missing. The group soon finds the cause: Pegasus Crawford/Maximillion Pegasus has returned! Now sporting a ponytail, Eyepatch of Power, and calling himself "Sol Chevalsky", Pegasus plans to resurrect Reshef, an Ancient Egyptian Sealed Evil in a Can. The only cards powerful enough to stop him are the Egyptian God Cards, but they have been sealed in stone. To awaken their power and seal Reshef away, you must collect the Millennium Items.

And it's not going to be easy. Another thing about this game? It's Nintendo Hard with Loads and Loads of Loading. Despite this, for some fans the story is enough to keep going, and it makes an interesting alternative to the Atlantis arc of the anime.

Tropes used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction include:

  • Alternate Continuity
  • Audience Surrogate: Your character.
  • Awesome but Impractical: Many powerful cards that require 2 or 3 tributes.
  • Bonus Dungeon: The Hall of Eternity, where you can battle Yami Yugi, Yami Marik, Yami Bakura, Dark Joey/Jounouchi, Noah Kaiba, Pegasus, Shadi, and Paradox. (Not Paradox the time traveller)
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: After being kidnapped, the next time you see Mokuba, he's been brainwashed by Reshef. Kaiba won't duel him, so your character does instead.
  • Continuity Porn:
    • Almost every character from the first three seasons shows up, particularly Pegasus's lackeys from season 1.
    • The character that becomes Zombyre is a minor character from the manga named Hanasaki. THAT'S how far they go back to the series.
  • Damage Is Fire: All card battles end with destroyed cards bursting into flames, no matter what element destroyed it. Yes, even water will end in the card burning up.
  • Demonic Possession: Pegasus is possessed by the spirit of Reshef.
  • Difficulty Spike: Once you hit Canada, all bets are off.
  • Dismantled MacGuffin: The Millennium Puzzle, eventually.
  • Distressed Damsel: Ishizu, and later Mokuba.
  • Early Bird Boss: Rebecca, appearing in the beginning at a time when your cards are even more limited than usual.
  • Easter Egg: By inputting a certain code at Grandpa's Shop, Reshef becomes Goemon Impact.
  • Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors: For example, a Fiend--no matter how weak--can destroy any Dream monster, no matter how strong. This becomes a lifesaver because it's one of the easiest ways to win the game, as most opponents will use monsters with the same attribute between them. Your opponent uses largely Darkness cards? Stack your deck with Dream cards and a few traps and spells to stop attacks and destroy monsters in case they get out a monster that isn't Darkness, and you win.
  • The End - or Is It?: Ishizu says Reshef will probably never rise again, and the last thing you see before the credits is Pegasus's ruined castle, then the still shot of him from the opening with the evil grin...
  • Epic Fail: When dueling Bandit Keith, he can and will tribute three monsters to summon the Winged Dragon of Ra... in Sphere Mode. A Divine Monster with 0 Attack and Defense. This is even funnier if beforehand, his monsters had been defeating you.
  • Escapist Character: Your character. He gets to hang out with Yugi and Joey, save the world, and even beat Kaiba in a duel!
  • Eyepatch of Power: Pegasus now sports one.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: Kaibaman's unbeatable in his stage show, but when he runs into the Rare Hunter and really duels, you have to bail him out.
  • Four Is Death: The fourth Millennium Item recovered is the Millennium Eye which is where we find out about Pegasus/Chevalsky being the one who resurrected Reshef.
  • Giant Space Flea From Nowhere:
    • Reshef, kinda.
    • The Chevaliers. In their introduction, they simply say that Master Chevalsky turned them into what they are. That's all you get from them, and that makes them even more creepy.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: The Millennium Items.
  • Heroic Bystander: When the Neo Ghouls attack Domino City, everyone is either panicking or losing badly to the thugs...except a random kid who dresses up in a superhero outfit to stop them. He actually manages to take one out. (The kid is actually a manga character known as Hanasaki. The superhero is called 'Zombire' which eventually inspired the monster 'Zombyra the Dark'.)
  • Hope Spot: The Neo Ghouls have been defeated and all the Millennium Items are back! Then Bandit Keith breaks the Millennium Puzzle, a piece of it gets stolen, and Mokuba gets kidnapped. At least the Egyptian God Cards are back to normal.
  • I Cannot Self-Terminate/Heroic Sacrifice: Pegasus does this to seal Reshef away, asking the player character to perform the ritual since he can't do it himself.
  • Info Dump: Ishizu drops the entire plot on you in the first two minutes.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Weevil is portrayed as this. He gives up Insect Queen to help the Main player and decides to show up to greet the player (but he keeps insisting that it's to get his card back).
  • Loads and Loads of Loading
  • Marathon Level:
    • After Domino Station is taken over by the Neo Ghouls, you face about four of them in succession. Thankfully, they don't have as many Life Points as a regular duelist.
    • A similar thing happens with the Millennium Guardians in China, and the Chevaliers on Pegasus's island.
  • Meaningful Name: Sol Chevalsky's name can be broken as such: Sol (a word for sun) + Cheval (French for Horse) and Sky. There you have "Sun Skyhorse".
  • Mr. Exposition:
    • Ishizu.
    • If you examine a painting of Shadi in Pegasus's castle, Shadi himself appears and explains what happened in the backstory.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The ritual to revive Reshef involves sacrificing the spirits and negative energies of defeated duelists. Meaning all those duels you fought in the game were helping well as the duels you lost to get that far.
  • Nintendo Hard: Trust us, it's hard. In Sacred Cards, money was relatively easy to get; in this game, the prices for each card has been multiplied BY 40, meaning you have to duel nearly ten times as much to get that card you've been begging for. The extra Deck Points [1] you win for each duel are heavily nerfed as well, so not only will you have a much harder time getting the money to purchase cards, you'll need to do a lot of Level Grinding against your friends just to be able to use them.
  • No Fair Cheating: Often, resetting after losing to a hard duelist and trying to fight them again will start you with the exact same deck.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Of all people, Bandit Keith, who steals the Millennium Puzzle, thus disabling Yami Yugi, and has the Winged Dragon of Ra on his side. Well, except said Dragon is in Sphere Mode. Also, he usurped control of the Ghouls from the previous game from Marik.
  • The Obi-Wan: Ishizu.
  • Oh Crap: It takes 2 Millennium Items to revive a God Card's power. Once you get six, you think that things will be good, right? Nope. The Gods return to stone after that.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Seto Kaiba going "Wahahahaha!"
  • The Power of Friendship: A recurring theme is the connection between duelists and friends.
  • Power Trio: The main character, Yugi, and Joey.
  • Purposefully Overpowered: The Egyptian God Cards...with the exception of the Winged Dragon of Ra. At first.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad:
    • The Neo Ghouls, led by Bandit Keith.
    • Pegasus's lackeys.
  • Save Point: The computer at your house. It also refills lost Life Points.
  • Sequential Boss: Pegasus, then Reshef immediately after.
  • Spanner in the Works: Bandit Keith's meddling wasn't expected, but in the long run it doesn't accomplish much.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Yugi, Joey and Kaiba speak...but only when you duel them.
  • That Man Is Dead: "I am no longer Pegasus. I am Sol Chevalsky!"
  • Trial and Error Gameplay: Dueling some opponents can come down to learning their deck and inserting counters specifically for them.
  • The Voiceless: Reshef only speaks in ellipses.
  • Wake Up Call Boss: Panik, and the Millennium Guardian shortly afterward.
  • You Shall Not Pass: Joey and Yugi do this on the way to Pegasus's castle, leaving you alone by the time you reach him.


  1. Each card has a Deck value, your 40-card deck's total value can't exceed your Deck Point limit
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