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  • Crowler and Jaden's season four duel. From wanting to get Jaden expelled in the beginning, three years earlier, Crowler now fights to keep him, and all of his friends in the school instead, not wanting them to leave him! It mirrors that first duel, right down to the monsters they played back then, and the entire school is cheering for them BOTH to win, even though if Crowler does, Jaden's whole class will be held back!
  • Crowler' duel against Chumley in season one also qualifies. If he could have let Chumley win, he would have, but it wouldn't have been fair like that. And he lets him go to his dream job anyway, because Chumley had proven that he earned it.
  • Also, for season four: when Jaden duels Darkness, and Darkness yanks Yubel out of Jaden's deck/soul and forces her to attack his monster. Due to Yubel's special effect, that would have caused Jaden to lose the duel. But he played a card so that she attacked him directly (Yubel has no attack points, so no damage was caused, thus her special effect was invalid). What's heartwarming is: he catches her fist, folds his hand over it gently, and tells her that he'll take her back, no matter what. *bawls just at the thought of it*
  • The scene in Season 1 ep 47 between Alexis and Zane qualifies in both languages. In the original, Asuka thanks Ryo for being an older brother to her while in the dub Zane jokingly offers to be her bodyguard and then tells her he'll miss her when he graduates.
  • Season 1, Episode 41: Alexis defeats Titan restoring her brother's memory. The ending of the episode (before The Reveal anyway) is one big D'awwww.
  • Another from Season 1: Zane's big bro moment with Syrus right before he throws the duel with Camula to save Sy's life.
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