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A list of characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime and manga series, Oddly-Named Sequel 2: Electric Boogaloo to Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Main Characters

Judai Yuki (Jaden Yuki)

File:JadenYuki 4141.jpg

 Osiris Red. The top student at Duel Academia and the series protagonist, whose character in Season 4 is practically unrecognizable from his character in Season 1, due to a brutal Break the Cutie arc in Season 3 and being used to demonstrate the realistic psychological trauma of many tropes from the original series and shonen anime heroes in general on a kid.

Voiced by: KENN (Japanese) and Matthew Charles (English)

  • Almighty Janitor: Is Osiris Red, the lowest tier that is mocked for being full of stereotypical losers, but is the best duelist in the academy.
  • Big Brother Mentor: To Sho and Kenzan.
  • Big Eater
  • Bi the Way: Blushed when close to a female duel monster, implied to like Johan (Yubel called him out on it. Twice.), and canonically loves Yubel, a hermaphroditic duel monster.
  • Book Dumb
  • Catch Phrase: "Gotcha!" in the original / "And That's Game!" in the dub..
    • "Get Your Game On!" in the dub when starting a duel.
  • Chosen One
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome
  • Empathy Pet: Winged Kuriboh
  • Even the Guys Want Him
  • Expy: Yugi Mutou (in his role as the hero and his skill) and Katsuya Jounouchi (in his personality).
  • The Fool: To the point that Saiou uses the eponymous tarot card to represent Judai in his predictions.
  • Giving Someone the Pointer Finger: Always accompanied by his Catch Phrase.
  • The Hero
  • The Magic Poker Equation: There are real life duelists who would kill for the luck Jaden has, able to top deck the exact card he needs several times per duel. Shots of his hand often show a series of seemingly unrelated cards, then he'll draw the card he needs to put them all together in a combo. If he has no hand, he'll probably draw Bubbleman, Fifth Hope, Pot of Greed, or something that lets him draw more cards. Any time he ever plays A Hero Emerges his opponent will always pick the one card in his hand that would save him. And if he uses a card like Card Trooper to mill cards from his deck, every single time he does once of the milled cards is Necroshade or Necro Gardna.
  • Magnetic Hero: Ninety-five percent of the people he Duels end up as being his friends afterwards. Lampshaded in-universe.
  • Meaningful Name: Yuuki Juudai --> "a courageous teenager". ... No kidding.
  • Plot Armor: Thanks to the Magic Poker Equation. You could make a drinking game out of how many times Jaden goes against an opponent with a better deck and wins through sheer luck, but after Season 1 you'd need a liver transplant.
  • To Be a Master
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Fried shrimp.
  • True Companions: He seems to inadvertently make new friends without trying. Actually commented on in-universe.

Seasons 1-2:

During and Post Heroic BSOD in Season 3:

File:HaouJudai 1079.jpg

Season 4, post crossing the Despair Event Horizon:

File:Jadenseason4 2495.jpg

Johan Andersen (Jesse Anderson)

File:Jesse 3066.jpg

 Introduced in Season 3; the top student of North Academia and owner of the only set of Gem Beast cards. He quickly becomes Judai's best friend and closest partner in the struggle to save reality in Season 4.

Voiced by: Kanako Irie (Japanese) and Christopher C. Adams (English)

Sho Marufuji (Syrus Truesdale)

File:Syrus 9880.jpg

 Judai's original best friend and Sidekick, a role he fights to keep in Season 2 but gradually leaves behind to pursue his own Character Development in Seasons 3 and 4.

Voiced by: Masami Suzuki (Japanese) and Wayne Grayson (English)

Juudai's best friend and sidekick, Sho Marufuji (U.S. name: Syrus Truesdale), whose feelings for his friend toe the line between brotherly and Ho Yay (if anything, this is exaggerated by several lines of dialogue in the dub, and has netted him rivals for Juudai's attention/affection in the form of Tyranno Kenzan and Overseas Champion Johan Andersen); he has unquestionably had the most Character Development of all the characters, symbolized by his promotion to a higher dorm every season.

Tyranno Kenzan (Tyranno Hassleberry)

File:TyrannoHassleberry00 6953.jpg

  Ra Yellow. Enters Duel Academia in Season 2 and decides to become Sho's rival for the role of Judai's "little brother."

Voiced by: Hiroshi Shimozaki (Japanese) and David Wills (English)

Tyranno Kenzan (U.S. name: Tyranno Hassleberry), introduced in Season 2, a dinosaur-obsessed student with actual "dino DNA" flowing through his veins from an accident (and for some reason fancies himself a wannabe Army drill instructor in the dub). Originally fought with Sho over Juudai's attention (and affection), but quickly found a new rivalry with fellow fossil enthusiast Jim "Crocodile" Cook in Season 3.

Jun Manjoume (Chazz Princeton)

File:Chazz 7131.jpg

 Obelisk Blue/Slifer Red. Judai's first rival. Originally a rich snob who looked down on everyone else, he went on a short journey to find himself in Season 1 and came back much more honorable, despite his attempts to hide it, and determined to succeed because of his merits and skill rather than his money.

Voiced by: Taiki Matsuno (Japanese), Tony Solerno (English, Episode 1-89) and Marc Thompson (English, Episode 90 onwards)

The Rival and Worthy Opponent to Judai. Though initially a high-ranking member of Obelisk Blue, he experiences a losing streak and drops out, going on a journey to find himself and ending up at the North Academy duelling school. Though he rejoins Duel Academy, he is forced to start over at Slifer Red and decides to keep wearing his black North Academy uniform. He eventually makes it back up to Obelisk Blue.

He also has the power to see and hear monster spirits. Unfortunately, his "spirit partners" are the Ojama Trio, three rather disgusting and tactless monsters that frequently annoy him. He grows fond of them over time but will never admit it under any circumstance.

He gets significantly better treatment in the manga: Instead of the Ojamas, his spirit ally is the Light and Darkness Dragon, whose power even scares the Big Bad.

Asuka Tenjoin (Alexis Rhodes)

File:Alexis 1215.jpg

 Obelisk Blue. Judai's designated female love interest (which, to her initial disappointment, comes to nothing) and the token shonen fanservice girl... which she hates. Kind, friendly, not-at-all proud or arrogant like most Obelisks, but has a predictably hard time in a series where she's surrounded by boys and Ho Yay.

Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese) and Priscilla Everett (English)

Asuka Tenjoin (U.S. name: Alexis Rhodes), the kind and pretty "Queen of Obelisk Blue" (sorta) and Juudai's closest thing to a heterosexual love interest (as well as the Grace to Ryou Marufuji's Will). Also, Manjoume and just about every other boy in school has HUGE crushes on her (two have dueled Juudai out of sheer jealousy of her admiration for him), to the great delight of her older brother Fubuki... and to Asuka's own despair.

Other Students

Hayato Maeda (Chumley Huffington)

File:Chum 6117.jpg

 Osiris Red. Judai's and Sho's roommate in Season 1 before graduating and leaving to work at Industrial Illusions.

Voiced by: Takehiro Hasu (Japanese) and Ted Lewis (English)

Daichi Misawa (Bastion Misawa)

File:Bastion 3318.jpg

 Ra Yellow. The top student in Ra Yellow and smartest student at Duel Academia... at least before a disturbing romantic rendezvous in mid-Season 1; his shtick in Season 2 changed from being a genius to being forgotten by all the characters and ignored by the recruiting Cult.

Voiced by: Yuuki Masuda (Japanese) and Eric Stuart (English)

Ryo Marufuji (Zane Truesdale)

File:ZaneTruesdale 275.jpg

 Obelisk Blue. Sho's older brother, nicknamed the Kaiser. Originally the top student at Duel Academia who prided himself on dueling with respect and honor, before a devastating loss to Edo Phoenix prompted an unexpected and long Face Heel Turn.

Voiced by: Takeshi Maeda (Japanese) and Scotty Ray (English)

Ryo Marufuji (U.S. name: Zane Truesdale), Sho's Aloof Big Brother, who goes by his nickname, the Kaiser; once the best of the best, he had a serious breakdown after losing a duel to Edo Phoenix.

Season 1:

Season 2:

File:Kaiserthinking 2561.jpg

Season 3:

File:ZaneTruesdale46 8081.jpg

Season 4:

File:Ryomarufuji163 2417.gif

Fubuki Tenjoin (Atticus Rhodes)

File:Fubuki 926.jpg

 Obelisk Blue. Asuka's older brother and Kaiser's best friend, missing for the first half of Season 1 and brought back a dangerous mystery that would not be solved until Season 4.

Voiced by: Koji Yusa (Japanese) and Jason Anthony Griffith (English)

Edo Phoenix (Aster Phoenix)

File:EdoPhoenix 2225.jpg

 Judai's new rival in Season 2. By day, he's the top duelist in the Pro League and the unfortunate dupe of his manager and best friend Saiou in recruiting members for the Society of Light Cult; by night, he prowls dark alleys dressed up as Duel Monsters, defeating criminals in an attempt to find the man who killed his father.

Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese) and Pete Zarustica (English)

Rei Saotome (Blair Flannigan)

File:BlairFlannigan 4549.jpg

 Osiris Red. Initially a one-shot character with a crush on Kaiser, she returns at the end of season two and earns her way into the academy by becoming runner-up in the Genex Tournament, despite still being too young to enter the academy the normal way. Develops a major crush on Judai, to which he is predictably oblivious.

Voiced by: Eri Sendai (Japanese) and Lisa Ortiz (English)

Martin Kanou (Marcel Bonaparte)

File:300px-Martin 8100.jpg

 Ra Yellow. A friend of Rei's, who becomes the vessel for the Yubel after Cobra's fall. The son of Vice-Principal Napoeleon, he has major self-worth issues.

Voiced by: Asako Yoshida (Japanese) and Sebastian Arcelus (English)

Austin O'Brien (Axel Brodie)

File:Axel 6577.jpg

  The champion of Duel Academy's west branch, who trains for duels via life-threatening high wire stunts, which he claims aide his drawing skills. Initially a pawn of Cobra, he eventually becomes a valued friend to Judai.

Voiced by: Naru Kawamoto (Japanese) and Marc Thompson (English)

Jim "Crocodile" Cook

File:Jim GX 8784.jpg

 The champion of Duel Academy's south branch, who carries a crocodile on his back in a special backpack. Becomes friends with Judai and company after dueling Kenzan, and provides a nice amount of Comic Relief even in the darkest parts of the series.

Voiced by: Naoya Iwahashi (Japanese) and Tom Wayland (English)

Yusuke Fujiwara

File:Yusuke fujiwara 1224.jpg

 Fubuki's former best friend, initially thought to be dead. The second host of Darkness.

Voiced by: Makoto Naruse


Professor Chronos de Medici (Dr. Vellian Crowler)

File:Chronos 4224.jpg

 The head professor at Duel Academy, and initial (albeit non-lethal) antagonist. Looks down upon Osiris Red students, particulary Judai, whom he calls "drop-out boy".

Voice actor: Hiroshi Shimizu (Japanese) and Sean Schemmel (English)

Daitokuji Sensei (Professor Lyman Banner)

File:Professorbanner 1372.jpg

 The head of the Osiris Red dorm and Alchemy professor and a mentor for Judai, until he's revealed to be The Mole - and then later, the Reverse Mole.

Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese) and Wayne Grayson (English)

Principal Samejima (Chancellor Sheppard)

File:300px-Sameshima 3939.jpg

 Duel Academy's principal and former master of the "Cyber Style", which Ryo inherited.

Voiced by: Masami Iwasaki (Japanese) and David Wills (Engish)

Napoleon Kanou (Jean-Louis Bonaparte)

 Chronos' replacement during the former's reign as Duel Academy headmaster and Martin's dad.

Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta (Japanese) and Mike Pollock (English)

  • The Dragon: To Chronos
  • Evil Counterpart: He's Chronos pre-character development.
  • Fat Bastard
  • Hidden Depths: Season 3 has him actual care about the students, mostly brought on by the presence of his son Martin.
  • Put on a Bus: Left to spend time with his son Martin, so he was absent in season 4.
  • Sadist Teacher
  • The Starscream: He tried to undermine Chronos and get Osiris Red torn down and turned on him at first when a job opportunity was avalible with Pegasus.

Major Villains


File:300px-Kagemaru 147.jpg

 The Big Bad of season one, who spends most of said season off-screen. Also the chairman of Duel Academy's board of directors.

Voiced by: Mugihito (Japanese, old), Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese, young), David Wills (English, old), and Marc Thompson (English, young)

Takuma Saiou (Sartorius)

File:Sartorius 1326.jpg

 The leader of the Society of Light Cult, the main threat of Season 2; the vessel for the Light of Ruin.

Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese) and Maddie Blaustein (English)

DD (The D) Jables_3678.jpg

 The first vessel for the Light of Ruin, which infected the card he stole from Edo Phoenix's father before he killed him.

Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese) and Marc Thompson (English)

Light of Ruin (Light of Destruction) Ruin_6102.jpg

Professor Cobra (Professor Viper)

File:300px-Professor Thelonious Viper 7256.jpg

Yubel's initial pawn, who aides her in order to revive his adopted son.

Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka (Japanese) and Sean Schemmel (English)

Amon Garam (Adrian Gecko)

File:230px-AGGX 9336.jpg

 The champion of Duel Academy's east branch. Initially a neutral character, he actively attempts to thwart Cobra's plans before aiding Yubel. Disappears for a considerable length of time and appears in the third alternate dimension harnessing the powers of Exodia in an attempt to rid himself of Yubel's influence.

Voiced by: Nobuya Mine (Japanese) and Darrun Dunstan (English)


File:Yubel GX 5682.jpg

 The main antagonist of season three, behind all the others. A possessive duel spirit from Judai's youth, she seeks him out due to a promise made by Judai's past life - with Judai himself has no knowledge of. Driven mad by the Light of Ruin.

Voiced by: Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese, female voice), Hisao Egawa (Japanese, male voice), Cassandra Morris (English, GX), and Eileen Stevens (tenth anniversary movie)

Trueman T_8708.jpg

 The envoy of Darkness, who demonstrates an ever-increasing number of inhuman powers - teleportation, shapeshifting, ripping holes in the dimensional fabric to duel Judai, possession and the ability to erase people from existence, to name a few.

Voiced by: Hozumi Gouda

Darkness (Nightshroud)

File:300px-DARKNESS 1132.jpg

 Initially a minor villain in season one, he briefly returns in season two, and ultimately as the Big Bad of sefason 4. He works through Trueman before revealing himself in the end.

Voiced by: Hozumi Gouda

Characters From the original series

Yugi Mutou (Yugi Muto)

File:180px-Yugi 3715.jpg

  The former world champion and protagonist of the original series.

Voiced by: Shunsuke Kazama (Japanese) and Dan Green (English)

Seto Kaiba

File:Setokaibagx 7492.jpg

 Founder of Duel Academy and designer of the Duel Disks.

Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda (Japanese) and Eric Stuart (English)

  • Batman Gambit: His deal with the elder Manjoume brothers in Turn 35.

Pegasus J. Crawford (Maximillon Pegasus)

 Creator of Duel Monsters and owner of Industrial Illusions.

Voiced by: Jirou Jay Takasugi (Japanese) and Darran Dunstan (English)


Judai Yuki (Jaden Yuki)

  • Big Brother Mentor: To Sho.
  • Break the Cutie
  • Eleventh-Hour Superpower: During the final turn of the Duel with Tragoedia, he summons Ma'at herself to end it by fusing Winged Kuriboh with Light and Darkness Dragon.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives one to Ryuga, who forces the students he defeats to give him their cards.
  • Sadistic Choice: Chronos forces him to duel Sho. If he wins, Sho will be expelled, and if he loses, his deck will be confiscated. He decides to win, and it turns out that Sho's 0 on the last test, the reason he was in trouble, was not his final grade.
  • Sentai/ShonenUpgrade: Masked Heroes.
  • The Hero
  • To Be a Master: Aspires to duel professionally like his mentor, Koyo Hibiki.

Jun Manjoume (Chazz Princeton)

Daichi Misawa (Bastion Misawa)

Asuka Tenjoin (Alexis Rhodes)

Sho Marufuji (Syrus Truesdale)

  • Adaptational Badass: Admittedly starts out as weak as before, but toughens up much more quickly this time around.
  • Cute Machines: Still plays Vehicroids, but uses entirely different ones.
  • Combining Mecha: Armorroid, the Solidroids and Barbaroid.
  • Power Armor: He has a card that enables him to thwart direct attacks, but if it gets taken off, he takes all the damage that was prevented.
  • Took a Level In Badass: To the point that Manjoume can soon count on him in a partner duel.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: Wants to be acknowledged by his brother.

Koyou Hibiki

 A professional duelist and World Champion who serves as both Judai's and Manjoume's inspiration and gave both of them their spirit cards. Is in a coma after losing a shadow game.

Winged Kuriboh

  • Big Damn Heroes: After Judai loses to Tragoedia when the latter is possessing Fubuki, Kuriboh saves him from the penalty game. He does it again with Light and Darkness Dragon after Tragoedia's defeat, sealing him permanently.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: With Light and Darkness Dragon to seal Tragoedia for good.
  • Pokémon-Speak: Usually communicates with "kuri kuri".
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter
  • Soul Jar: For Tragoedia's heart

Midori Hibiki

 Koyo's older sister and a professor at Duel Academy Japan.

Emi Ayukawa

  • Agent Scully: There must be a logical explanation for multiple people falling unconscious after dueling today, just like at the Battle City Tournament. There's no way it's evil sorcery like the records claim.
  • Hello, Nurse!: Quite literally.

Seika Kohinata

 Winner of Miss Duel Academy two years in a row, she finds herself in a tie with Asuka in her third year.

Reggie Mackenzie

  A duelist from Duel Academy America. She's possesed by Tragoedia, but unlike her step brother, she's trying to fight it.

David Rabb

  The other Duelist from Duel Academy America and is also possessed by Tragodeia and after the Duel Spirits.


  The Big Bad of the Manga, an Ancient Egyptian manifestation of a man whose village was slaughtered to create the Millennium Items.

Ryo Marufuji (Zane Truesdale)

Fubuki Tenjoin (Atticus Rhodes)

James Crocodile Cook

Amon Garam (Adrian Gecko)

Johan Anderson (Jesse Anderson)

Austin O'Brien (Axel Brodie)

Edo Phoenix (Aster Phoenix)

  • Evil Counterpart: The Grand JUPITER to Judai's The EARTH.
  • Tyke Bomb: Tragoedia claims to have raised him for this purpose.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Just like his anime counterpart with Saiou and DD, has no clue that his adoptive father and mentor is Tragoedia's puppet, or that he's giving people over to Tragoedia.


Elemental Heroes

Judai's core deck theme revolving around low-level monsters based on comic book superheroes, they can fuse together and use support cards to perform powerful combos.

Neo Spacians

An archetype based on cards Judai designed as a child, they were sent into space on a time capsule and infused with cosmic energy. They consist of the six base Neo-Spacians, Elemental Hero Neos, and some other non Neo-Spacian cards that still fit the general theme/idea, like Rallis the Star Bird.

Cyber Dragons/Cyberdark Dragons

Ryo's key deck theme, he uses the Cyber Dragons in Season 1, prefers the new Cyberdarks in Season 2, and in Seasons 3 and 4 utilizes both with deadly efficiency.


Manjoume's spirit partners, to his disgust. Although he never stops insulting them, they become a key part of his deck as he adds more support cards for them over the course of the series.

Destiny Heroes

Edo's main monster themes, based on characters in British literature.

  • Bat Signal: Destiny Signal
  • Dark Is Not Evil
  • Evil Counterpart: To the Elemental Heroes, naturally.
  • Shout-Out: Many to English literature, such as Double Dude being based on Jekyll and Hyde.
  • Time Master: Their effects revolve around time control, with effects relying on doing things on later turns. For example, Diamond Dude lets you discard the top card of your deck, and if it's a Spell you can activate its effect on your next turn.

Phantom Demons (Sacred Beasts)

Three powerful and dangerous cards sealed under Duel Academy - Uria, Lord of Searing Flames; Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder; and Raviel, Lord of Phantasms.

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