Yu-Gi-Oh!, like many Tabletop Games, has Metaplots inserted within them to build its universe to curious audience.

These scattered plot threads are very easy to miss however, due to being only told mainly through card artworks, descriptions of Normal Monsters and certain guidebooks, such as the Master Guides. Certain video games had also tried to expand the lores further.

Naturally, these storylines are nutrient-rich Fanfic Fuel, with many fanfic writers trying to explain their stories from various perspectives, or giving them new interpretations.

This page's purpose is to catalogue these stories and trope them up, like we always do. Several things to note when adding to this page:

1. Please refrain from adding entries based on pure speculation. Try to be as clear and possible; certain cards already have official info released regarding them, which helps a lot.

2. Shorter stories should go directly to the character pages; this page is used for ore universal plots or ones that tie multiple cards together.

3. Adding links to cards that tell certain parts of the story would help a lot, especially when a reader wants to see said card.

For the immense plot of the Duel Terminal universe, please go to this page.

Please add your entries below, sorted in alphabetical order.

Eternal Onslaught of the Fire Kings

The Fool's Bizarre Adventure

Gagagigo's Journey

The Tale of the Noble Knights

The Tyrant and the Revolution

The Warrior Lady and Dai Grepher's Rivalry

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