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 Little Kuriboh: Did I just abridge my own series?

 Yami: Watch out, Kaiba! There's a naked man behind you!

Kaiba: Don'tlookathispenisdon'tlookathispenisdon'tlookathispenis--agh! I looked.

 Yami: "Screw the rules, I'm in love with Nurse Joy!"

    • Another Pokemon allusion: When Mokuba gets "Japanese Puberty", the first thing he says is "Bulbasaur!" That's because Tara Jayne did the first voice for Mokuba and Bulbasaur.
    • Yet another is made in episode 31. The little boy who thinks he's Ash from Pokemon is a reference to the fact Veronica Taylor voiced the same character...and didn't even bother changing the inflection she used for Ash whatsoever.
    • Variation in the redubbed Star Trek: The Next Generation opening spoof teaser in episode 32 - most of the characters get vaguely appropriate Abridged voices mapped to theirs, but Geordi Laforge gets Vocal Dissonance as he has the same voice as Serenity - a reference to them both being blind.
    • In the Episode 38 post credits gag, we see Howl doing Christian Bale's infamous on-set rant.
    • And then in Marik's Evil Council 3, Marik sends Dan Green to get Yugi's Millennium Puzzle.
    • In Episode 47, one of the Big Five, formerly voiced by GanXingba, claims that now that Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged is cancelled, children will have to make do with watching Avatar: The Last Airbender reruns for anime. When Kaiba points out that Avatar isn't an anime, he responds "It might as well be." GanXingba does Avatar: The Abridged Series, one of the most successful non-anime Abridged Series.
    • Inverted slightly In the Kami-con Season 4 promo video, Seto Kaiba mentions that Eric Stewart will be attemding, and mentions only that he played Dr.Z from Dinosaur King and Brock from Pokemon. When prompted by Mokuba he also mentions Bastien from Yu-Gi-Oh GX.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: In episode 15, during Tea's duel with Mai, Tea says "I'm gonna beat your bleach blond butt back to boobieland!"
  • Adults Are Useless: As Tristan says, "Don't our parents even care that we're missing?"
  • Aerith and Bob: Exemplified in Hank and Veronica Ishtar.
  • Affably Evil:
    • Marik. For an evil villain, he's awfully funny and polite. Melvin, however, is a bastard.
    • Also Pegasus (YMMV)
  • Affectionate Parody: With Episode 50 reminding us why. Crowning Moment of Heartwarming right there.
  • Alas, Poor Yorick: I knew him...IN AMERICA!!
  • All Girls Like Ponies:
    • Serenity's contribution to Duke and Nesbitt's Theme Music battle is the theme to My Little Pony.
    • And the demonic door leading to Nesbitt gets her to open it with the promise of ponies. *Twice*
  • All Just a Dream:
    • Most of the fourth Evil Council episode turns out to be this.
    • The opening proper (i.e. after the originally-animated musical segment) to the Bonds Beyond Time movie where Jack and Crow have no idea what motorcycles are and are about to play a card game standing completely still on the ground is this. It doubles as foreshadowing, although by the time it comes up Yusei seems to have gotten over his fear of card games that aren't played on motorcycles.
  • All There in the Manual: To understand why LittleKuriboh made this re-upload you have to read a post on his Live Journal, which has since been deleted and purged.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In-universe and Played For Laughs.
  • Ambiguously Gay:
    • Almost everyone, though Spice Girls fan Pegasus is the worst. When some of the characters find out he's actually straight, he tries to kill them. Word of God has admitted in his reuploading of episode 17 that Pegasus is indeed straight (the gaydar was aiming at Croquet, his raspy voiced servant/butler), so he probably just has questionable, effeminate tastes ("Let's celebrate by watching the Spice Girls Movie!") Of course, he gets to lampshade this a good bit. Furthermore, Pegasus was married to Cecelia before she exploded at the altar (she's even thought to be his wife by Bakura). In fact he appears to be the only character in the series with an actual spouse, ironically.

 Pegasus: Ohh, I'm so ambiguously camp!

    • In fact, for the brief time Bakura is regularly accompanying the main characters, his Millennium Ring is said to have had Gaydar installed in it; this serves as a Magnetic Plot Device as it leads the group to Ambiguously Gay villains.
    • Bakura is not gay (his father installed his gaydar to protect him from gays) but Florence is.
    • I thought Bakura had the gaydar because he's "secretly very lonely."

 Bakura: I'm not gay, I'm just British.

Florence: I'm not British, I'm just gay.

    • Marik: "And we're not gay, by the way. Least, I don't think I am." Marik has ascended from ambiguity to the Transparent Closet even though he sometimes forgets he is there himself. What, just because a guy likes to dress effeminately, and hang around with another extremely attractive man, and read yaoi, and flaunt his gorgeous abs, and stroke a phallic symbol suggestively in every other scene, that automatically makes him gay?

 Florence: Kinda.

Zorc: Yeah, kinda.

      • Given Marik and Florence's moving duet of "Stand By Me" just before Melvin defeats them both, we can probably consider him just out in general.

 Young Marik: Somebody dropped a perfectly good comic book! Hey, this isn't like my scriptures. What is that one guy doing to that other guy? I don't know but it gives me cravings...


Young Marik: Can I keep the comic book? It is relevant to my interests!

Young Ishizu: Marik, please don't flaunt your yaoi in public!

      • From the same episode as the above, young!Marik lists one of the things he wants to do on the surface as 'maybe fall in love with a handsome prince?' Apparently he hadn't yet gotten the memo that he was supposed to be straight?
      • Just watch the Leather Pants video. Marik is now officially a Camp Gay.
      • Episode 53- "To be honest, I'm not really used to being inside women. I don't like it very much." Yeah, he was talking about posessing Teá, but still..
      • In Marik Plays Bloodlines episode 6, Marik finally admitted he was gay, though he tried to take it back immediately after. Just in case there was previously any doubt that he is in a Transparent Closet...
    • And Bakura's gaydar points to Yami's (fabulous) puzzle. However, Yami has implied at various points in the series either Homosexuality or Bi-sexuality and seems to be driven toward the latter as the series goes on.

  Yami: If you're a ghost, then I'm straight. (It's not a ghost - just a gay clown.)

      • Or one of his transformation sequences:

  Yami and Yugi in unison: Wonder Twin powers: activate. Form of: an Egyptian homosexual.

      • Yet later on:

  Yami:That's what she said. Or he. I could go either way really.

      • And in the Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Movie (after a long Running Gag about the Double Entendre filled exchanges between Yusei and Yami).

 Yusei: You can be my wingman anytime, Yugi.

Yami: No, Yusei, you can be mine.

Sexy music

Yusei: No homo, right?


    • Ishizu is also possibly gay, going by what happened with Bakura's gaydar before its batteries ran out. It was her or the Giant Rock that truly understood her. Hey, maybe that's why it lied to her.
  • Anal Probing: This bit of dialogue between Tristan and Duke:

 Tristan: Dude, do you want the aliens to probe your anus?


Duke: ...maybe.

 Tristan: Do you want the aliens to probe your anus?

Duke: ...Maybe.

 Kaiba: I mean, look at Bakura.

Mokuba: Who the hell is Bakura?

Kaiba: Precisely.

  • Aren't You Forgetting Someone?: When Téa describes her card "Shining Friendship" as having qualities from all her friends, she leaves Bakura out, and he tries to point this out to her, unsuccessfully. The really funny part of that is Little Kuriboh didn't make up her forgetting. She doesn't mention him in the actual episode.
  • Art Shift:
    • One flashback to the first episode is done in the style of Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh First Anime Series anime, in which (among other things) Kaiba had green hair.

 ((note the quote on top of this page))

Young Kaiba: "Screw the rules, I have green hair!"

(quick cut to the present day)

Modern Day Kaiba: "Huh. Now that was just weird. I should probably cut down on the drugs."

    • And another is done as a black and white silent film, with Kaiba having a twirly mustache and the dialogue much more formal and flowery than before.
    • Episode 46 has two different scenes done as original Flash-style animations. One is a lightsaber duel between Florence and Melvin (done by trainerBAM), and the other is a parody of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, co-starring Zorc (done by Kirbopher, who voices Noah).
    • Episode 49 has the Boobometer, to measure the boobs on screen. One would think it would be for an episode about Mai. No, it revolves around Tea, whose boobs got an upgrade.
    • Concrete Giraffes is also done as original Flash animation, courtesy of Rocketgal.
    • And who can forget this memorable exchange:

 Joey: Hey Kaiba, since Marik entered the tournament under a false name, shouldn't he be disqualified?

Kaiba: The only one who should be disqualified around here is whoever made Tristan black in this shot.

Tristan: (in gangsta tone) Don't you be hatin' on my black-face, playa!

  • Ascended Meme:
    • The English dubbed voice actors have recognized and used their respective abridged characters' catchphrases at Cons.
    • 4Kids put up a vote on Facebook on what fans would like the new slogan for Yu-Gi-Oh 5 Ds to be. Guess what they chose? CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES
  • Ass Pull: As Melvin aptly points out "Mega Ultra Chicken's Secret ability which I just this second made up."
  • Ass Shove: Referenced.

 Melvin: ...Using the Millennium Rod which I keep clenched between my buttocks!

  • Attention Whore:
    • The filming of Marik's "magnum opus" is gatecrashed by a strange man with no face who just demands to be in every shot.

 Hey guuuuys. Can I be in the movie? I would like to be in the movie.

    • Dude shows up again in the third Christmas special.
  • Author Filibuster: In the Bonds Beyond Time movie, when Paradox turns Stardust Dragon into "a cwappy thwee-dee effect", the movie pauses for a moment and a voiceover quickly states "We at Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged would like to apologise for the lack of 3D content in this movie. However, we'd like to think this is totally justified since 3D is bulls**t and adds absolutely nothing to the cinema experience. So please, enjoy your 2D movie. Because it's cheaper and much less obnoxious."


  • Badass Boast: In Episode 47, Kaiba threatens the Big Five by saying "Fool me once (Big Five teaming up with Pegasus), shame on you. Fool me twice (Virtual World), shame on me. Fool me three times, you're gonna get curbstomped by Seto Kaiba."
  • Badass Longcoat: Mentioned in Episode 44 when Joey and Tristan talk about how they didn't think Kaiba's coat could get any more badass than it already was.
  • Badass Creed: In Episode 47, the Big Five parody the infamous Team Rocket motto, complete with the BGM.

 Prepare for trouble!

And make it double!

To protect the world from Japanimation!

To overthrow the Kaiba Corporation!

To denounce the meaning of the original dub!

To extend our reach to the world above!

Team 4Kids blast off at the speed of light!

Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth. That's right!

 Kaiba: "Are you trying to tell me that Yugi and I are destined to play card games with each other for eternity?"

Ishizu: "Yes."

Kaiba: "Best. Destiny. Ever."

    • She tries this a second time but it fails spectacularly.

  Kaiba: {{[[[Sound Effect Bleep]] bleep}}] Destiny! I am Seto Kaiba, I make my own fate!

  • Bedsheet Ladder: subverted - "I sure am glad I'm a cartoon!"
  • Berserk Button:
    • "My breasts are not fake!"
    • "I am NOT a freaky fish guy!"
    • Eventually, "Shut up, Mokuba."
    • Also, Marik isn't gay. At all. Get out of my hotel room!
    • "Friendship sucks."
    • Don't Call Yugi Wack.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    • Mokuba seems to be the villain of Season Zero.
    • In Episode 20, Mokuba: "My brother is Seto Kaiba. I can decide who lives and who dies."
  • Big Bad: Believe it or not, Mokuba is this for Season Zero.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Averted in episode 46.

  Marik: Don't worry, Bakura! This is the part where Yugi shows up and saves everybody from certain damnation...! Any minute now!

  • Big No:
    • Joey: "I just realized--now that the tournament's over, we have to go back to school." Tristan: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO--" *cut to credits*
    • Tristan gets another one much later when he discovers his conversion into a robot monkey.
    • Marik lets out a particularly long one when he realizes that he no longer has a tan in Marik plays Bloodlines 2.
  • Bilingual Bonus:
    • Most likely unintended, but during the "Leather Pants" song, Marik starts attempting to sing in French. However it sounds like he's saying "spoon" in a manner reminiscent of the Burgund king...
    • Even more so with "C'est une série abrégée!", a remake of the entire first episode in French.
  • Bishie Sparkle: Marik and Bakura get them during the line "we're really Just Friends" in "Leather Pants".
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Season Zero Episode 2 subverts the hell out of this with Seto. Most of the episode is one set-up after another for the Seto we all know and love to hate to come out from behind the nice (albeit still protective of his fortune) guy facade, but he never does.
  • Bizarro Universe: Season Zero, according to Word of God. As if the obviously different characterizations for Yami, Seto and Mokuba, and the warping of just about every catchphrase in the regular abridgement, weren't enough of a giveaway.
  • Blah Blah Blah:

 Yugi: Blah Blah, Card Games, Blah.

Pegasus: Blah Blah Blah, Attack Mode, Blah.

Yugi: Blah Blah Blah?!?

Pegasus: Blaaaaaaaaaah.

    • In episode 55

 Kaiba: He said, uh, 'blah blah blah I'm a crappy duelist!'

Joey: Blah blah blah I am not!

  • BLAM Episode: Yugi is the only one who wonders why Episode 38 (Or as he put it, a "redundant sh** fest of an episode") ever happened.
  • Blasphemous Boast: Kaiba on learning that the baby Jesus doesn't have a jet shaped like a Blue-Eyes.

  Kaiba: Ha! Kaiba 1, Jesus 0.

  • Blood Sport: According to Steve Luna, card games on the moon. The losers die of asphyxilation, the winners also die.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: The effect of Joey using the Copycat card.
  • Bow Chicka Wow Wow: Teá does it once.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • There is no fourth wall! Joey and Tristan complain Little Kuriboh takes so long to post new videos, Bakura's Running Gag is that he's a minor character and nobody remembers him, and characters in general know fully they're characters in an internet spoof of the original anime.
    • In fact, according to Episode 41, Shadi's job is to protect the fourth wall because, if it was broken, bad things would happen. Shadi himself acknowledges how much he sucks at it by sarcastically commenting "Great success!"
    • As of Season 3, the fourth wall has officially been "destroyed" -- the show is cancelled and retitled "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Cancelled Series" and centers on operatives of 4Kids trying to dispose of Yugi and his friends since they have no further use for them.
  • Break the Haughty: Kaiba gets a brutal one in episode 44. After effectively crippling Ishizu's deck he goes on a Hannibal Lecture to her about not caring about the 4th wall and is about to play Obelisk the Tormentor. Then Ishizu plays a card that allows her to get her and Kaiba to swap all the cards in their deck for the ones in their card graveyards. Kaiba basically defeated all her cards and ONLY LOST SIX. This means that Kaiba is down to only six turns before his deck runs out and he forced to concede the game whilst Ishizu gets the majority of her deck back from the graveyard. He takes a good minute just saying one long fuck.
  • Brick Joke:
    • In episode 31 a bird lands on Marik's shoulder (Well, Marik's mind slave, Steve the mime). He names it Mr. Tweetums. In episode 43, Melvin and Mai play a shadow game in which any time a monster is killed, the player loses memories of their loved ones. Melvin announces that he doesn't have any loved ones to worry about forgetting, but then he loses his memories of Mr. Tweetums, and takes it badly.
    • When Tristan and Duke are hanging from the blimp, one of Tristan's imaginary shoulder Zack/Cody heads falls off the blimp and the other is unsure which it was. After watching The Suite Life of Zorc and Cody in episode 46, it can be inferred that it was Zack who fell to his death.
      • Shortly after that scene we get a callback all the way back to around episode three:

 Tristan: In another few hours the sun will rise.

Devlin: What the f*** does that even mean!?

Tristan: [distraught] I don't know, but it's true!

    • One Brick Joke turned into a Running Gag: In episode 19, Yugi responds to the sight of Kaiba smiling at Mokuba with "Every time Kaiba smiles, a puppy dies." The next time he smiles (in episode 30), a caption of "+ 1 Dead Puppies" appears. The number would upgrade every time Kaiba smiled again.
    • In episode 14, during a flashback to "the 4Kids version" of how Yugi and Tea met, Tea explains that she wants to save up money to become a table dancer in New York. During the credits to The Movie, while explaining what happens to each character after the movie ends, it's explained that Tea does in fact become a table dancer.
    • Also, during his date with Tea, Yami is attacking his milkshake for no apparent reason. When Kaiba and Ishizu are dueling he wonders what happened to that milkshake.
    • "Oh, I get it! He was implying that you wanted me to sleep with you!"
    • The very existence of Kaiba's Real Father - Conclusion is one. There are also several near the end of the video, the most obvious of which is lampshaded and relates to the conclusion and a Plot Hole it causes.
    • Episode 48 opens with Yugi remarking on Little Kuriboh's British accent slipping in during Episode 6, then cuts to a flashback of said episode with the British slang and accent taken Up to Eleven. Later still, Everyone Loves Mako does the same.
    • Episode 47 makes a reference all the way back to episode 8, referencing when Tristan (temporarily) got a new voice.

 Gansley: 4Kids took pity on us, they gave us new voices!

Tristan: Your voices changed!? That's impossible!

    • In episode 48, Duke tells Tristan that he has a disease where if he doesn't "have half naked girls applied to his body at regular intervals", he'll die. In episode 49, he grabs Serenity's hand and asks her is she doesn't mind him taking her top off for a moment. Moments later Serenity is heard telling Duke, "I'm glad I could help cure you."
    • In the Deleted Scenes episode, Yugi warns Tristan that quoting any abridged series not made by Little Kuriboh will get his legs broken by a wrench. Near the end of the episode, Tristan changes Duke's theme song to Ghost Nappa's theme song, resulting in Yugi breaking his kneecaps

 Yugi: Gee, I wonder who could have broken Tristan's kneecaps. With a wrench. Specifically this one.

    • In the episode when Tea dueled Mai one of her cards was the penguin from happy feet, and now in episode 49 she asked a penguin to meet him.
    • "Besides, no one can hear you in outer space."
    • "Zach and Cody are my imaginary friends."
    • "Snot him!"
    • And then from Episode 53, "Apply the handbrake you moron!"
    • Also from 53, Kaiba has to admit that Yami looks damn good in a tutu.
  • Burn the Witch: Tristan, after observing some of Duke Devlin's dice tricks and leaping to the obvious (for him) conclusion.
  • But He Sounds Handsome: Inverted by Odion. When he stands in for Marik, he owns up to all the insults hurled at him and even adds a few of his own. "Malik", meanwhile, plays it completely straight.
  • But Not Too Bi
  • Butt Monkey:
    • Joey and Tristan
    • Bakura as well.

 Tea: Oh no! It's the other Bakura! The one we don't like!

Joey: You're gonna have to be way more specific, Tea.

    • Jaden Yuki, especially from Yami Yugi and surprisingly Yusei (and sometimes Jack Atlas).
    • Mokuba
    • Serenity in the first season.
    • Yugi's Grandpa.
    • [Insert Adjective Here] Celtic Guardian.

 "I am so frustrated!"

"I am so bamboozled!"

"I'm not sure what I believe in!"

    • Robot Monkey Tristian.
    • Naruto The Abridged Series. Mainly due to the fact that Naruto Abridged uses a lot of Little Kuriboh's jokes.
    • When Yugi, Jaden and Yusei team up in the Bond Beyond Time Abridged Movie, Jaden becomes this among the group.


 Joey: But you're ten years older than me!

Mai: I know. Creepy, isn't it?

Joey: Actually, this is the closest the series has to a normal relationship.

  • Call Back:
    • "I spy with my little eye something that begins with 'Gay clown'."
    • Another example:

 Kaiba: Wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?

Computer: Affirmative. So?

    • "It's funny because 'wang' means 'penis.'"
    • In a flashback in episode 50, Kemo ("The Hair Guy") mentions that he's considering taking child-grabbing classes.
    • In Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Movie, after suffering an attack by Kaiba's Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Yugi falls on his keys. Then, in episode 43, after being struck by Mega Ultra Chicken's blast, he falls "once again, right on my keys." Doubly hilarious, because in the the un-Abridged Yu-Gi-Oh canon, the movie comes after that episode.
    • "What a digital dummy."
    • In an early episode, the gang is surprised that Bakura's Gaydar works inside of a seemingly random cave. Joey claims that gay people live in caves, and Tea claims that he means bats. Joey replies, "Bats. Gay people. Same thing." In Episode 51, they're in another cave and Joey is afraid of running into gay vampires. Yugi claims that he means vampire bats. Joey replies, "I know what I said."
    • Episode 52: "Tristan, put down the stick! Remember what happened with the scissors?"
    • Also, in Episode 41, Tristan and Duke Devlin end up hanging on the blimp, dangerously close to falling to their deaths... when Tristan starts singing "99 Duel Monster cards". Fast-forward to Episode 52, Joey starts singing the same song, and Duke promptly replies "Guys, I hate this song!"
    • Episode 53 has Joey losing control of a truck, with his sister screaming "Apply the hand brake, you moron!" In an early flashback, Joey was teaching Serenity to drive and yelled as she lost control, "Apply the hand brake, you dumb broad!"
    • In Episode 11, Yami states that he "looks damn good in a tutu." A picture in episode 53 has Seto concur.
    • Episode 55 after Noah turns Serenity to stone Joey references the Duelist Kingdom story arc saying "Oh great! Now I gotta win another tournament to fix this!"
    • Remember Serenity trying to drive a car? Turns out that she ran over Noah.
  • Camp Straight: Pegasus.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Kaiba to Mokuba until Episode 55
  • Captain Ersatz:
    • Kaiba's duel robot is GlaDOS, the Exodia Rare Hunter is Marvin The Martian, virtual Kuriboh is Action Hot Dog, and Weevil and Rex are Beavis and Butthead.
    • Umbra and Lumis have become the Mooninites. And it is HILARIOUS.
    • In the Bonds Beyond Time movie, Paradox is Mandark. And it is ALSO HILARIOUS.
  • Captain Obvious:
    • Yugi in Episode 42:

 Yugi: Be very careful, Joey!

Subtitle: Actual 4Kids dialogue.

Téa: Great advice, Pharaoh.

Later that duel:

Yugi: Joey, be very VERY careful!

After Joey gets hit by lightning:

Yugi: If only he had been careful!

When Joey runs to Mai's aid during her duel against Melvin:

Yugi:(climbing up to save Joey) Joey, what did I tell you about being careful?

 Mai: Guess again! I use Amazon Chain Master's special effect to take one card from your deck. And the card I choose is Mega Ultra Chicken!

Melvin: What?!

Kaiba: Summonitsummonitsummonitsummonitsummonitsummonitsummonit!

Mai: And now I'm going to summon it!

Kaiba (offscreen): Finally, jeez!

    • "Oh Black Luster Soldier. No-one must ever know of our forbidden love."
    • Possibly Ishizu with the giant rock.
    • Yusei and his D-Wheel, which he refers to as his girlfriend.
    • And of course, Mako and the Ocean... then the Aquarium... then back to the Ocean.
    • Kaiba has looked into marrying the Blue Eyes White Dragon.
  • Catapult Nightmare: Bonds Beyond Time. Apparently, Yusei's nightmares involve Jack finding the idea of card games on motorcycles stupid and then playing a card game with Crow while standing completely still. On. The. Ground.
  • Cerebus Retcon: You know that gag back in Season 1 where Joey was teaching Serenity how to drive?[2] Yeah, that killed Noah according to "They Saved Tristan's Brain."
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Although it's not really any more serious in tone than it was when it started, it's begun to have more of an overarching plot besides being "just" a parody series. One that strays almost completely from the original series' plot, no less. Not that anyone is complaining.
  • Chad From Accounting
  • Character Exaggeration: Everybody, and it's just funnier that way.
  • Chew Bubblegum:
    • "I'm here to kick ass and play card games, and I'm all out of cards." Yugi immediately gives Kaiba his deck back however. A couple of other variations on the line are used.
    • Bakura: I'm here to kick ass and drink cups of tea. And I'm all out of tea.
    • Yami: I'm here to kick ass and play card games, and I'm all out of ass.
  • Christmas Special: Three of them. One is a Christmas Carol spoof starring Kaiba. The second is... something else. Let's put it this way: half of it tells the tale of "Slavemas" by means of an Affectionate Parody of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The third is the story of the birth of Jesus, as told by Hank Ishtar.
  • Circle of Friendship: Parodied. "Té that permanent marker?"
  • Clip Show: Episode 35. "Did I just abridge my own series?"
  • Cluster F-Bomb:
    • Yami does this in episode 25:

  Yami: Huh? Yugi, you little [bleep]! You son of a [bleep]ing [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]! (Téa overhears) I'm going to tear off your [bleep] and shove them right up your [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] and then [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] on your [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] with [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] in the [bleep] [bleep] and [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] your [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] so then you'll have to [bleep] sideways! (slight pause) [Bleep]! Hmm? (looks up and sees Téa) hi there.

    • Marik in "Marik's Council of Doom" often slips into multiple F Bombs while berating his associates, using his own Sound Effect Bleep. One particularly hilarious moment was when he received a prank call during the 2nd council meeting:

 Marik: "Yes, what the (EFF) is it?"

Dartz: "Hello! Is your refrigerator running?"

Marik: "I don't have a (EFF)ing refrigerator! I'm an evil mastermind who lives underground in (EFF)ing Egypt, for (EFF)'s sake! Why would I need a refrigerator?"

Dartz: "Then you'd better go and catch it!" * hangs up*

Marik: "What? What the (EFF) does that mean?"

    • When subverted by Marik:

 "Frig the frigging friggers to frigging hell!"

    • Britishly subverted by Florence:

  "How the bloody hell am I supposed to bloody summon a card I don't bloody have?!"

  • Cock Fight: Tristan Taylor vs Duke Devlin. FIGHT!

  "You just brought sexy back for the last time!"

  • Comedy Through Superior Firepower:
    • The whole series, but the clip show of episode 35 is the best example.
    • Perhaps an even better example is the remastered first episode. Even after incorporating the theme song and stinger that all current episodes feature, it's still shorter than the original.
  • Compelling Voice: Marik, though it only works on people called "Steve". Melvin claims to be able to do it to anyone, but it doesn't seem to work.

 Melvin: I am in control of your mind!

Yugi: No you're not.

Melvin: That is exactly what I wanted you to say, mind slave!

Yugi: Look, we're not intimidated by your silly behavio-

Melvin: I am the king!

Yugi: ...You're a loony.

Melvin: Binky-boy.

  • Continuity Nod: Like Tristan and Marik before him, Kaiba also sings a theme-song while riding his motorcycle.
  • Conveniently Empty City: Jaden points this out as he is being attacked by the main villain of the Bonds Beyond Time Abridged movie.

  Jaden: It's a good thing Venice is apparently empty! Or that might've been kind of dangerous.

 Téa: "And then this one time at duel camp I put my deck in my" --

Yugi: "Hey, what's that?"

    • Of course, the Paradox brothers get these by the truckload
    • It happened to them again in the clip show episode.
    • See also Last-Second Word Swap, below.
    • Averted (kind of) in one episode after Ishizu effectively cripples Kaiba's deck in one turn.

 Kaiba: "Fuuuuu-"

  • cut to a different scene, then back to Kaiba*

Kaiba: "-uuuuck!"


  • A Date with Rosie Palms:
    • Bakura ends up in the hospital with "Wanker's cramp" ("the deadliest of all British diseases").
    • See also: episode 30.
    • "Avoid wanker's cramp, know your limits!"
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • A few of the episodes revolve around Joey, Bakura and others wanting to kill Yugi (or at least get him out of the way) so that they can become the main characters.
    • Episode 33 is Mako's day in the limelight. He spends it harpooning people. That freaky fish guy.
    • And episode 37 revolves entirely around Bakura. "It's the, Bakura Show. He is, EVIL." So it was his Day In The Limeylight?
    • Very much Lampshaded in episode five.

 Yugi: (About Joey) He's just excited because this is the first episode that actually revolves around his character.

Tristan: I can't wait until I get my own episode!

  • crickets chirping*

Tristan: It's never going to happen, is it?

Tea: Do the words "robot monkey" mean anything to you?

  • Dead Little Sister: This is the motivation behind Joey's laughably ineffectual run at the Duelist Kingdom jackpot, though Serenity isn't actually dead, just blind... or something.
  • Death by Irony: CardGamesFTW had its videos taken down and was banned altogether (not by 4Kids, though) after the fiftieth episode, in which Joey justifies his reasons for having the Abridged Series stay up. Then subverted, when LittleKuriboh's account became un-banned. Then re-straightened when the account was banned yet again by the same bot. It's gotten to the point where someone really needs to get YouTube to put some CAPTCHA on the copyright claimers.
  • Death By Origin Story: This trope claims Cecelia Pegasus and Hank Ishtar, and nearly gets Pegasus himself too before he got better.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: From Season Zero Abridged Episode 2: "Nyeh, this creepy Kaiba creep gives me the creeps"
  • Depraved Bisexual: "What would Yugi do?" gives us this dialogue:

 Yami:That's what she said. Or he. I could go either way really. And that's also what she said.

Yugi: You are so depraved.

Yami: At least I'm not deprived. Of sex. Like you will be if you don't pipe down, little man!

 Bakura: "Here's my favorite card." (Holds up a card with a picture of Sephiroth to Ave Satani.) "Oops, wrong one!"

 Marik: (In front of Joey and Téa) "Those fools have no idea that it is really I, the evil Marik Ishtar, who plans to turn them against their best friend, Yugi Moto, so that I can rule the world! "

Joey: "Malik, we can kinda hear everything you're saying."

Marik: "Oh, (EFF) it. Minions! (three Steves appear) Beat their collective asses!"

  • Did Not Do the Bloody Research: Subverted. Florence uses words like "bloody" quite a bit (including one Cluster Bloody Bomb in a later episode), but his writer, Little Kuriboh, is himself British. Hence the ridiculous amount of British slang used.
  • Didn't We Use This Joke Already?: In episode 33, the "L'Oreal, because I'm worth it!" joke is reused, and Bakura says "I think we did that joke already."
  • Die, Milkshake, DIE!
  • Dissimile:
    • "Wow, an entire island all to ourselves. It's sorta like that book, "Lord of the Flies," only with a lot less subtext and a lot more card games."
    • Also, playing a children's card game is like making love. Somehow. "Because you do it on a table and feel deeply ashamed afterwards"
    • Kaiba: (Referring to the 10th Anniversary Movie In 3D) Just like James Cameron's Avatar, only instead of intergalactic smurfs fighting giant's a children's card game.
    • Wow, this is just like Tron, except with less motorcycles and more card games.
  • Dirty Old Man:
    • Crump.
    • Also Grampa, after what Yugi presumably witnesses: X-rated acts by his senile grandfather to a poster of the Black Luster Soldier.
  • Discredited Meme: Littlekuriboh has been trying to do this to the "card games on motorcycles" meme he created himself. In "Seto Kaiba VS The World", Lecter demonstrates Jinzo's anti-meme powers by destroying it, and adds that he's been waiting a whole year for the chance.
  • Distress Ball: Mokuba. Also in the original, but naturally the abridged series lampshades the hell out of it.
  • The Ditz: Tristan. Sometimes Joey... but mostly Tristan. And his voice.
  • Do I Really Sound Like That?:
    • Sort of. In Kaiba's (sung) opinion, his voice sounds "just like Solid Snake from Metal Gear." In Yami's opinion, well...

 Yami: Hey, everybody, I'm Seto Kaiba! I have a dragon fetish and I sound like Brock from Pokémon!

 LK: [at least I didn't make Greedo shoot first.]

 Mokuba: By the way, this is a 2001 parody.

    • Episode 30.

 Arkana: You'll regret those words once you realize that this duel is about more than cards; it's also about survival! Because, in case you hadn't already guessed, this episode is a parody of the Saw franchise!

 Kaiba: Are you sympathizing with me?

Yugi: Well, yeah, I mean--

Kaiba: Well stop doing that! I hate it.

  • Double Entendre: "Leather Pants" has plenty of these. Especially when sung by a woman.
  • Double Standard: Lampshaded by Marik in Episode 32: "Oh, right, because when I take control of somebody to make them play a card game, that's pure evil, but when [Yami does] it, it's like [he's] Mother friggin' Teresa"
  • Downer Ending: Hilarious versions can be found on occasion. Notably, episode 49 where Crump defeats Tea and claims her body, which is the exact opposite of what happened in the actual anime.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • In-Universe. "Now do you understand why so many people love me even though I'm the biggest dick in this entire show? It's because I'm Seto-freaking-Kaiba. Accept no substitutes!"
    • Later on, Florence ends up wearing Yami's Leather Pants.
  • Dr. Feelgood: Joey's doctor after he's struck by lightning in the face.
  • Drinking Game:
    • In-universe, Episode 36, which tells the viewers to take a drink everytime the word "friendship" or "friend" is said, while a counter on the lower right corner keeps track. By the end of the episode, it's at 20.
    • In the third anniversary video, Marik keeps trying to create one for him and Florence, but without any luck.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady:
    • In episode 37:

 Florence: Oh, great. Now the fangirls have started invading my dreams, too.

Marik: WHAT!? It's me, you fool! Do I look like a (EFF)ing fangirl?

Florence: You really don't want me to answer that.

    • Florence himself qualifies.
    • Episode 53 has this:

  Marik: (after he evicts Crump from Tea's mind) Oh yeah! I'm still the man...who just looks like a woman.

    • Episode 54 has this:

 Joey: Yug I don't know to tell you this but Marik's a guy.

Yami: What? That's crazy!

Joey: I know.

Yami: But look at the way she dresses.

Joey: Totally a guy.

Yami: That's crazy! What about Bakura is she a-

Joey: Bakura's a guy.

Yami: That's crazy!

 Duke: Wanna know the best thing about unconscious chicks? They can't say "no".

[Everyone stares at Duke]

Duke: What? Oh ya, like I'm the only one thinking it!

    • A non-sexual variant comes up when Yami and Joey are dueling the Big Five possessed Tristan.

 Yami: Huh, five men in one body, eh? Sounds like a typical day for Mai Valentine. Am I right?

Joey: Yug, she's in a coma!

Yami: Am I right?

Joey: It's just very inappropriate, is all.

Yami: But am I right?

Joey: Yugi!

Yami: Joey! [[[Beat]]] Am. I. Right?


  • Eagle Land: Bandit Keith, of course. [3]
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • Zorc, who appeared a whole two hundred episodes before he actually does.
    • In the Abridged Movie, Noah Kaiba is "Best Boy" in the credits.
    • Dartz and his gang of Evil Motorcycle Riding Henchmen.
  • Ear Worm: In-Universe. Marik is shown clutching his forehead in pain as Melvin takes over... all while the theme to Beverly Hills Chihuahua plays in his skull.

  Yami: "It's like something out of H.P. Lovecraft...only gay!"

  • Elmuh Fudd Syndwome: Paradox, villain from Bonds Beyond Time, on top of being a Mandark expy.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Marik varies from calling Yami Bakura "Florence," "Fluffy," and one time even "Kitty." Technically "Florence" isn't a nickname, as it was retconned to being Yami Bakura's actual name, but before the retcon it would've been this.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: Threatened almost every second episode, usually by either Shadi, Ishizu, or Marik.
  • Enemy Mime: When facing a duelist who is being mind-controlled by the villain:

 Yami: He's still a human being!

Marik: He's also a mime.

Yugi: Oh. In that case, yeah, I'll kick his ass!

  • Esoteric Happy Ending: In-universe. Yami's story, "How the Thief King Stole Slavemas," ends with the Pharaoh making every day into Slavemas.

 Yugi: Huh, I was expecting a happy ending.

Yami: What are you talking about? That was a happy ending.

Yugi: Yeah, but only for the Pharaoh. Everybody else was miserable.

Yami: What's your point?

 Melvin: I have doomed you to exist in your own worst nightmare: a world where everyone's breasts are bigger than yours!

Mai Valentine: Even Tristan's?

Melvin: Especially Tristan's.

    • And two episodes before:

 Croquet: Yeah...Everyone involved with the Egyptian God Cards is now dead.

Pegasus: What? Even Chad from accounting?

(Cut to clip of Chad from accounting being thrown out a window)

Croquet:Especially Chad from accounting.

 Duke Devlin: I know how she feels. Guys are proposing to me all the time.

  • "Everybody Laughs" Ending: Episode 7, even after Yami killed a gay clown.
  • Everyone Is Bi: ...They are.
  • Everything's Better with Penguins:
    • Subverted at the end of episode 46; when 4Kids is discussing how to take care of the cast now that the series has been "cancelled," Crump suggests "Death by Penguins!" Noah goes on to remark "Hm... all of these are very good ideas, very good ideas indeed, except for yours, Crump, that was dumb and so are you."
    • In Episode 49, we get to see Crump in person, and it turns out that he is, in fact, a human-sized penguin wearing a tuxedo. Crump loves penguins in every way possible, and when he was a kid he practically worshiped penguins.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses: Subverted in that everyone is freaked out that the princess in the video game is based on Mokuba.
  • Evil Is Cool: In-universe. Kaiba has "the best outfits", "all the cool gadgets," and is "the only reason people watch this show" (as he claims in The Movie, while going wildly off-script).
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: Pegasus realizes this only after he makes and markets toys out of an ancient evil... and continues using it to make boatloads of money anyway.
  • Evil Is Sexy: In-universe; Tea is quite into Marik when she first meets him.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Kaiba vs. Pegasus in season 1; Florence and Marik vs Melvin and Team Four Kids in seasons 2 & 3
  • Exact Words: In Episode 55:

 Kaiba: Why did the annoying green-haired punk cross the road?

Noah: What?

Kaiba: To show he had guts. And man, did he have guts.

Noah: That's not funny.

Kaiba: I guess you had to be there.

Noah: I was!

Kaiba: And that's why it's so funny.


 Naruto: The presents have arrived! (brandishing a ticking time bomb) This one's from Team Four Star! I don't know how yet, but I'm going to smoke it!

Marik: Ooo! New Drinking Game! Every time we all explode and die, we take a--


 Larry: Bang! Bang! Puh-toww, puh-toww, puh-toww. Bang!

Kaiba: (mocking) Oh no, you got me.

Agent 1: Hey, stop mocking our invisible guns.

Larry: Bang!

Agent 1: Larry, stop it.

    • Subverted in episode 47. When Noah tells the cast to start walking and threatens them with rows of automated guns, they don't believe them:

 Kaiba: Get real! What are those? Guns that shoot magical bullets that send us to the Shadow Realm?

Joey: Yeah, knowing 4Kids they probably just shoot harmless rubber bullets that don't even...

[Guns spray the area with very real bullets]

  • Fan Boy: One appears in Episode 31 and runs off with Joey's duel disk, though he gives it back. He did sneak a card into his deck in the end, as well as being revealed to work for Weevil.
  • Fanfic: LK's actually written some, such as a slash fic with the abridged versions of Marik and Bakura.
  • Fan Service:
    • The boys lose all focus whenever Mai Valentine shows up. Also, episode 16 is actually titled "Fanservice", and interrupts the story with Mai sitting by herself and saying, "Fan-service!" every few minutes (and then we get Bandit Keith's profoundly disturbing "fanservice... in America!").
    • "I agree with Mai's boobs."
    • "And now it's time for some Bakura fanservice- oh, bugger. It's the credits. Oh well, maybe next time."
    • Invoked when Kaiba gets kidnapped. "It gives the fangirls a chance to see you in chains."
  • Fate Worse Than Death: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
  • Fetish:
    • When Téa is mind controlled by Marik, Yami exclaims that it's horrible, "yet strangely erotic."
    • Yugi has a big fetish toward Dark Magician Girl.
    • Yugi's Grandfather has a "forbidden love" for the Black Luster Soldier.
    • Bakura likes knives. And severed fingers. They make him feel all tingly.
    • Marik: Icecube fetish, hahahaha! Also, his youtube account lists him as disliking being whipped, but only most of the time.
    • Kaiba's turn-ons apparently include: dragons, acts of indiscriminate evil, technology, and extremely overpowered cards from a children's card game.
    • Joey's secret furry fetish.
    • Crump really, really, really likes penguins.
  • Filk Song: Enough to conceivably make an entire CD. Lady Gaga seems to be a popular target for filkification. Yu-Gi-Oh: Music to Duel By!
  • Final Hate Duet: The ending of Season 2.
  • Fission Mailed: Episode 46. It looks like the show has actually been canceled, complete with casting credits, but then you notice that the last 6 roles are all question marks. Cue The Tag, with Noah and the Big Five deciding that now that the show has been canceled, they have to figure out what to do with the characters - which will be seen in Season Three.
  • Flat What:
    • Rafael's perfectly understandable reaction to Dartz, aka Rainbow Head's newest idea for defeating Yu-gay Mo-toe. They're gonna take his deck.
    • A staple of most segments containing Jack and Yusei.

 Yusei: There's something you should know.

Jack: What is it Yusei?

Yusei: I came-

Jack: WHAT?

Yusei: -To this city-

Jack: Oh.

    • And from the Bonds Beyond Time movie we have...

 Jack: Yusei! Show him your Junk!

Yusei: What?

Jack: Warrior! Your Junk Warrior!

Yusei: I have a better idea... C'MON OUT, STARDUST DRAGON!

Jack: Okay, now whip out your junk and wave it at him!

Yusei: What!?

Jack: Warrior!

  • Flaw Exploitation: Crump knows exactly what to say to goad Téa into dueling him.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • The far-too-many-to-list Abridged Series that cropped up after this. For a while, only about two of them came anywhere close to quality. That's changed a bit.
    • Ishizu Ishtar Lampshades this:

 Ishizu: "I predict all the jokes you just heard will soon be appearing in somebody else's abridged series. You know the one."

 "So many Abridged Series... the Internet couldn't take them all."

  • Forced Meme:
    • KROOOOOOZE. Though this is outside of the actual episodes, being in unrelated videos.
    • Another example, "Brooklyn Rage", is a Double Subversion. In episode 28, Joey introduced the phrase and tried to make it a meme in-universe. Yami shot it down hard, and it was rarely mentioned again afterwards in the main series. Out-of-universe, however, it rapidly attained Memetic Mutation. (It's been suggested that this happened because LittleKuriboh didn't try to force it as a meme; people don't like Forced Memes very much.) Not to mention that the few times he did mention it, it was always a variation. YMMV, but this makes it even funnier, because it's unexpected.

 Joey: "He said fury. As in Brooklyn Fury."

Joey: "You know, it's enough to make a guy angry. So angry that you might call it rage. Rage that is specifically located in the westernmost county of Long Island, New York. Also known as BROOKLYN!"

  • Foreshadowing: Though you probably didn't take it seriously since it fits in perfectly with the humor of the show. The later episodes of Season 2 include talk of a "prophecy" that 4Kids will try and destroy the show and Bakura, Ishizu and Marik have to stop them, Ishizu and Shadi warning the destruction of the "fourth wall" will be a disaster, and scenes of the Big Five are redubbed as 4Kids operatives watching the cast and waiting for the right moment to enact an Evil Plan.
  • Forgot Flanders Could Do That: Tristan is such a The Ditz in this series it's jarring when he acts like the badass he really sort of is on the real show.
  • For Massive Damage: following the phrase "giant enemy dragon."

 Kaiba:"Blue-Eyes, attack his weak point for massive damage!"

  • 4Kids! Entertainment: Mercilessly mocked at every available opportunity; interestingly, the 4Kids crew are apparently fond of the series and weren't responsible for its removal from YouTube. Filler Villains the Big Five are in the employ of 4Kids as of Episode 37. As is Melvin.
  • Freud Was Right: The duel between Yugi and Weevil is loaded with phallic imagery.

 Yami:"Watch as my knight's mighty lance penetrates your moist cocoon!"

 Kaiba: You see, Yugi, BFFs doesn't stand for Best Friends Forever. It actually stands for Big Fucking Freaks.


  • Gag Dub: The series itself, but in the teaser for one episode Little Kuriboh dubbed part of Star Trek: The Next Generation, specifically the "Previously On..." for one episode. The funny part, he used his various voices but the dialogue was exactly the same.
  • Gag Sub: Three times so far: episode 9 has the official Spanish dub for the beginning portion (with completely inaccurate/irreverent subtitles), while in episode 10 it suddenly gains an opening theme (to the NGE opening music, with the subtitles twisted into Yu-Gi-Oh references). Neither of those, however, can match "The Other Abridged Movie" subtitling - both the opening and ending theme songs are a long string of Mondegreens.
  • Gender Blender Name: Florence, who is a guy.

  Yami: That's crazy!

 Yugi: "I only just realized, Pharaoh, that you haven't got a reflection! Is there something you're not telling me?"

Yami: "Yugi, I'm an ancient spirit living inside your body. Of course I don't have--"

Yugi: "Don't lie to me! You're a vampire, aren't you?"

Yami: "It's the middle of the day!"

Yugi: "That proves nothing!"

Yami: "I never should have let you read Twilight!"

 Mokuba: "Kick her in the nads!"

Kaiba: "She doesn't have those things!"

  Croquet: Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go sandpaper my throat.


 Kaiba Program: Hello, insert name of sibling.

Mokuba: He remembers my name!

  • He-Man Woman Hater: Played for laughs and combined with Dude Looks Like a Lady. Yami feels perfectly justified in his disdain for women, what with those Marik and Bakura chicks always trying to kill him.
  • Heroic BSOD: Losing a children's card game has caused both Yugi and Kaiba (in separate instances) to have an existential crises.
  • Het Is Ew: Parodied in episode 36.

 Marik: Now I will force Yugi to duel the one he loves most. And according to all the Fan Fiction I've read, that would be Joey.

Odion: But Master Marik, it is obvious that Yugi is in love with Téa.

Marik: WHAT?! No way, that's insane! What kind of messed-up fanfics have you been reading?!

  Seto Kaiba: Let's duel on the roof as an homage to Clerks.

    • "By the way, this is a 2001 parody."
    • Subverted lampshading in episode 15, which featured, among other things, Pegasus' castle as a wretched hive of scum and villainy, Kemo not needing to see the characters' identification, and Kaiba once being the learner, but now the master...

 Tristan: "What's with all the Star Trek quotes?"

    • "Because, in case you hadn't noticed, this episode is a parody of the Saw franchise!"
    • He featured footage taken from the famous Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Best of Both Worlds." When the Enterprise fired at the Borg ship, it featured the subtitle "Ancient Egyptian Phaser Beams."
    • Shadi's voice is made to sound like Borat.
    • Marik is slowly sounding more and more like the Monarch of The Venture Brothers and two of his henchmen sound suspiciously similar to Henchmen 21 and 24. Given the other Adult Swim references it's likely this is intentional.
    • Joey's mother has the voice of Doctor Girlfriend.
    • In one episode, Marik shouts "Ignore me!" several times, the Catch Phrase of the Galactic Inquisitor from "Twenty Years To Midnight"
    • The scenes featuring The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past... From the Future resemble the episodes he appears in.
    • Also Tristan as Samuel L. Jackson, reciting the scene from Pulp Fiction. You know the one...
    • And Bakura's classic moment in episode 37, about why he's become evil.


    • The scene in episode 41 with Pegasus in the convoy in the desert is a homage to Iron Man, complete with "Back in Black" playing in the background.
    • In episode 23, Joey remarks, "That game was more disappointing than Fable."
    • Episode 50 "Joey Wheeler: Ace Attourney" almost averts this. There is a Phoenix Wright joke in the form of an original animated segment but it comes in after the regular episode is over.
    • Episode 52 is named after Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

  Seto Kaiba: Let me guess, you're one of Noah's 7 Evil Ex Boyfriends?

  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Kaiba Corp executive Lector - the head of localization at 4Kids - uses Jinzo as his Deck Master. In the Abridged Universe, Jinzo has the power of destroying internet meme-related cards, which puts Kaiba at a disadvantage. So how does Kaiba beat him? He distracts Lector long enough to create an internet meme based on localizing Japanese cartoons. This causes Lector to become a meme, thus causing his own Deck Master power to affect and destroy him.
  • Horrible Judge of Character:
    • Everyone involving Malik. Yugi, upon meeting him and noting that his story seems a little off, still accepts him and calls himself a "gullible idiot-in-training".

 Joey, thinking: "I still think there's something fishy about that guy..."

Marik: "Wahahaha! Destroy you all!"

Joey, thinking: "Man, if I could only put my finger on it..."

    • Not to mention all the people who think that it couldn't hurt to let Melvin give them a hug.
  • How the Character Stole Christmas: "How the Thief King Stole Slavemas"
  • Hurricane of Euphemisms: Grandpa uses one of these in the season zero episode.
  • The Hypnotoad - The Kill Your Family Show. Some of the comments make fun of this.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • Makes fun of the Jim Jarmusch movie Broken Flowers saying that their parodic search "will have an actual conclusion." Then it ends on a cliffhanger. Blatant enough to probably be purposeful. Later, however, it did get a conclusion.
    • Also when Mokuba tells Grandpa to shut up, the old man blurts out, "Where the hell are your manners!?" Made even funnier by the fact that everyone had been telling Mokuba to shut up until that point (including Grandpa just a few seconds ago).
    • Tea also berates Mokuba for telling an old man to shut up. Then tells Grandpa to shut up in the very next episode.
    • Joey asks about Bakura's "inappropriate accent" (Joey himself has an inappropriate accent).
    • "Bullying is just wrong! Destroying people's brains with magical powers is A-OK!"
    • Seto Kaiba to Mokuba, while they're both flying on Seto's two-passenger jet plane: "Mokuba, you're making us look ridiculous. Now please! Let me concentrate on flying my giant dragon-shaped jet plane."
    • Joey when he kicks Tristan through a wall: "I warned him, using a stick is just asking for trouble." "Joey, you just shoved him through a building." "So?"
    • In the Bonds Beyond Time movie, Yusei asked every other Yu-gi-oh protagonist what is wrong with their hair.
    • Yami makes fun of Kaiba for having a Watapon card in his deck, in the actual series, Watapon is a card Yugi uses in his own deck regularly.
    • In Evil Council 5, Steve Luna and Steve Umbris claim references to be the laziest form of comedy...despite both being walking references to the Mooninites. And in a previous Evil Council video, they kept spouting references to Lost.

 Steve Luna: References might as well be stealing! On the Moon, we have evolved beyond stealing! That's why I illegally downloaded Skyrim: I wanted to see if it was worth paying full price. 60 hours later, I decided that it wasn't.


  1. at the time
  2. "Joey, stop this crazy thing!" "Apply the handbrake, you dumb broad!"
  3. ... though he's actually Canadian.
  4. (I want his/leather pants/his pants)
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