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In the Yu-Gi-Oh universe, there are many stories that one could easily miss. Particularly since they are told by small images and few descriptions [1] on the printed trading cards.

Since they have no official name, let's just call them Yu-Gi-Oh Metaplot [2].

One of the most outstanding things about these stories is that they are not completely fan made speculation, but plenty of them are very easy to link if you pay attention. Perhaps one case of Show, Don't Tell at it's finest.

While now they are less common, there was a time where many cards included easily linkable images, and thus stories could be crafted after them. Not always, but some Archetype can get some metaplots too. Also, some video games try to take this stories further, like "World Championship 2008" having Giga Gagagigo (that fellow to your right) complaining about how he lost his soul.

Obviously, these cards are used as resource for fan fics writers, trying to explain their stories or giving them new meanings.

Please refrain from adding single characters examples that could be summarized in one sentence, like "Inpachi gets burned, turns to charcoal, and gets made remade into a robot." We have a character page for those.

Also, only add examples which are CLEAR. Let's try to avoid speculation as much as possible.

Add links to the card which tells that part of the story, in case the troper wants to see it for itself

Gagagigo's Journey

His story started out in his younger days, as Gigobyte serving Eria the Water Charmer as her familiar. During this time, he fought alongside her, the other elemental charmers and their familiars. He grows up into Gagagigo via Triangle Power[3], and when Eria sacrifices her soul before being revived by the Ribbon of Rebirth, Gagagigo possesses her, as did the other charmers and familiars.

At some point he leaves her and sets off on his path to darkness. He eventually comes upon a warrior of light, Freed the Brave Wanderer. They both engage in a battle that results in Gagagigo getting dragged into the other dimension through a Dimensional Prison that Freed creates. After being sent through Freed's Dimensional Fissure, Gagagigo finds himself trapped in another dimension (possibly Pandemonium or the Dark World). Forced to wander the area for some time, Gagagigo stumbles across what seems to be a bone yard. Trouble soon ensues and he almost gets sacrificed on the Archfiends' Altar for Tribute.

Luckily, he is rescued by the Marauding Captain and his soldiers. However, before they can escape, they are attacked by an Inpachi who was defeated by the Marauding Captain. It soon came back empowered by the fiends to become Blazing Inpachi. They battle it and it is eventually defeated by Chopman in a desperate attempt to escape his Archfiend captors, leaving Inpachi as charcoal. During the battle, the Marauding Captain saves Gagagigo by taking a direct hit from a blast launched by Blazing Inpachi. This act deeply moves Gagagigo, bringing about a catharsis that inspires him to help his new-found friend. He then joins Marauding Captain in a war against the Invader of Darkness.

During one battle, Gagagigo deflects a blast from the Invader of Darkness that is aimed at one of Marauding Captain's men, saving the man in the same fashion the Marauding Captain saved him with, and proving his redemption. Some time after the battle, a weakened Gagagigo gains aid from Kozaky in the hope of gaining the necessary power to defeat the Invader of Darkness. With the help of Kozaky, Gagagigo has his body reconstructed to become Giga Gagagigo.

However, it turns out that Kozaky was working with the Archfiends to repair their Inpachis and the archfiend cybernetics that are fitted onto him prove to corrupt his mind, reverting him back to his evil self. Kozaky then launches Giga Gagagigo with his Compulsory Evacuation Device into a Monster Gate in the sky and returns him to his native dimension. As he is mindlessly wandering the dimension in search of opponents, Giga Gagagigo comes across a Venom Cobra and battles it to test his strength.

Afterward, Giga Gagagigo stumbles across Freed again and attempts to finish him off by launching an attack . However, Freed proves to be the stronger warrior and deflects Giga Gagagigo's attack. Giga Gagagigo gets his attack redirected back at him and is soon defeated. Obsessed to continue gaining strength to defeat his rivals, Giga Gagagigo continues his rampage, transforms into Gogiga Gagagigo, and truly loses his soul to his undying craving for power.

Tropes used in Yu-Gi-Oh!/Metaplot include:

  • Big Bad: the Invader of Darkness
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
  • Heel Face Revolving Door: Gigobyte starts out good, then turns evil once each at the Gagagigo and (Go)Giga Gagagigo stages. However, only the first turn to evil was of a conscious choice.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Much of Gagagigo's journey was to defeat the Invader of Darkness. In a bit of tragic irony, the only form of Gagagigo who could actually beat IOD in a fight is Gogiga Gagagigo.
  • Hero of Another Story: The main story is about Gagagigo, but his other allies, especially Freed and the Marauding Captain, have rather lengthy adventures of their own.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Gagagigo, namely regarding Kozaky.
  • Obviously Evil: Kozaky. At least his horns were reduced outside of Japan.
  • Tragic Hero

The Tyrant and the Revolution

This story provides examples of:

Warrior Lady of the Wasteland and Dai Grepher's Rivalry

Once, there were two warriors. One was Warrior Lady of the Wasteland and one was Warrior Dai Grepher. They met each other and got into a fight, which resulted in them being catapulted into different dimensions. Dai Grepher ended up at the Paths of Destiny and Warrior Lady ended up in the Different Dimension, becoming DD Warrior Lady in the process. Dai Grepher picked the Path of Light and became Ryu Senshi. However, he lost that form when he was beaten by Guardian Baou. He beat Baou and took his sword, the Wicked Breaking Flamberge. Unfortunately, the sword corrupted Dai Grepher and Dai Grepher became Dark Lucius Lvl. 4. A while later, DD Warrior Lady and Dark Lucius ran into each other and fought again. The result was DD Warrior Lady sending Dark Lucius into another dimension. As time went by, Dark Lucius became even more demonic.

This story provides examples of:

  • Came Back Strong: D.D. Warrior Lady is much more useful.
  • Obviously Evil: The sword is purple, glowing, and belongs to a demon. Then there's the name. Not the kind of thing one would want to pick up.
  • Rival Turned Evil: Forced unto Dai Grepher as a result of wielding Wicked Breaking Flamberge

The Goblin of Greed

There was once an Upstart Goblin. He was so rich that people prostrated in front of him for his money. When the Duel Monster World stock market crashed, he did some odd jobs, but that failed too. As a result, he decided that he will steal the Jar Of Greed and the Pot Of Greed. He was caught and was forced into servitude. The Dark Scorpions robbed the slaveowners' place. The Goblin went after them but failed. The slaveowner fired the Goblin and the Goblin had to pay for the broken jar and pot. Eventually, he worked in a Mokey-Mokey factory, but he found out that there were more pots of greed to steal over there.

This story provides examples of:

Hidden Arsenal Storyline

In an unnamed world, there were many tribes constantly at war that always ended in stalemates. However, their never-ending war was interrupted by invaders from space called Worms. The tribes united against the worms and the four most influential tribes, X-Sabers, Mist Valley, Flamvell and Ice Barrier, created the Allies of Justice to fight against the Worms. Despite their best efforts, the Worms simply seemed to be unstoppable. They rampaged across the world and even forced the peaceful Naturia tribe to fight. Due to the chaos caused by the war, ancient gods who were sealed in the earth called the Fabled were awakened. They did not fight against the worms, but instead began to use the situation to their advantage by slaying soldiers who had just seized a victory against the worms. Eventually, the Worms fronted their final attack against the world with Worm Zero. However, the combined might of the tribes prevailed against the horrible monster.

Their victory would not last, as the Fabled began their conquest almost immediately after the end of the Worms. The tribes were drained of their resources from fighting the Worms and knew that they would not last another onslaught. To end the fighting once and for all, the Ice Barrier tribe decided to unleash the ancient dragon known as Trishula to fight the Fabled. But they underestimated the dragon's power, and he destroyed the world.

Thousands of years later after the fall of the old tribes four new ones rose to power. They were the Laval, who were constantly at war with the Gem Knights, and the Gishki who were constantly at war with the Gusto. In the middle of a battle between the Laval and the Gem Knights, the Vylons, the gods of this world, descended to put a stop to the violence their world had suffered. Shortly after, a legion of demons known as the Steelswarm who had be trapped in the abyss for countless millenniums returned forcing the tribes into an alliance under the Vylons to banish the Steelswarm once and for all.

The Steelswarm were beat back. The Vylon tried to create a world of silence, but that failed. The Verz came in and Gishki Noelia became one of them. She sacrificed the Laval to revive Steelswarm Hercules as Evigishki Zealgigas and revived the dragons of the Ice Barrier. The Sacred Knights showed up, yet they nearly were beaten. the Gem Knights showed up and merged into Gem Knight Master Dia. The Sacred Knights were inspired by this and merged into Sacred Ptolemys Messier 7. They save the last of the Gusto and the Gusto pray for Sophia to show up. She does and wipes everyone off the planet.

This story provides examples of:


  1. since they only appear in normal monsters, the less numerous monsters
  2. because they are Metaplot from the YuGiOh card game
  3. Gagagigo is the only upgraded form to exist as a card or in any other card
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