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Proving to us that even the unabridged version of Yu-Gi-Oh can have a couple of laughs.


  • In chapter 7 of the manga, Honda strangles Yugi not once, but twice. The first was when he thinks Yugi snickered after Jonouchi tells him that Honda was in love with Miho. The latter strangling ensues when Honda threatens to kill Yugi if he screws up on writing a love letter on a blank jigsaw puzzle that his grandfather had.
  • From the English dub:

 Seto Kaiba: It's a new high-tech dueling device that allows players the realism of arena matches in any setting.

Joey: Looks like just a regular old briefcase to me.

Kaiba: It's in the briefcase, you moron.

  • Another one, from Ep 4:

 Bystander 1: Whoa, sounds like a duel's going to start over there.

Bystander 2: That's Weevil Underwood, but who's the other guy?

Joey: That guy is Yugi Motou. He beat Kaiba. And I'm his best friend Joey Wheeler. (indicates Tea and Tristan) And these two? These two are trespassers.

  • The scene when Tristan, Tea and Bakura are climbing a rope into Pegasus' tower. Tristan wants Tea to go first so that he can catch her if she falls, but Tea complains, noting that she doesn't want them to look at her panties. Tristan's solution? Climbing up while blindfolded.
  • Even funnier is the begining of the KC grand Prix. Kaiba says that anyone late to the opening ceremony will be disqualified. He then says to Mokuba, "Make sure Wheeler is late."
  • The episode in which Yugi basically sets his Other Self up, by claiming he's meeting Anzu - and then switching with Yami at the last possible moment. Yami's reaction as he realises he's just been set up on a date, is priceless.

  Yami (dub): Hey!! Yugi... I'm not... You can't... This isn't a duel!!!! (notices Tea is staring at him) Oh. (Stands up straight) Hello.

  • From the Marik/Joey duel:

 Melvin Yami Marik: Your strategy backfired, giving me the advantage, little Joey!

Joey: Wrong! Do you think I'd be dumb enough to let that happen?

Yami Marik: Yes!

  • In episode 176, against Rafael; picture this with dramatic, high-tension background music and all the drama Dan Green can muster:

 Yami: I'm using my Spider Web [card] to bring back your Monster Reborn card. And I'm planning on using it to save you by setting you free from the darkness!

    • How does Rafael respond?

 Rafael: (Deadpan) Yeah, whatever.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! R: During Bandit Keith and Joeys final duel, Bandit Keith tries to cheat like he used too.... only for his Duel Disk to start beeping its Anti-Cheating alarm until he takes the card back.
  • Yami Bakura's ungodly laughing fits, especially in the later seasons.

 Yami Bakura: *chuckle* hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAhehehehehe *gasp*

    • And his expression while laughing. Seriously, season 5 Dark Bakura is worse than Dark Malik in that regard.
  • One from the Japanese version is when Pegasus defeats Bandit Keith in a duel by telling a kid to follow instructions he wrote on a piece of paper. Keith's reaction when he sees the paper? "Oh my God! OH MY GOD!!"
  • Really just the first half of episode 2 in general, especially Grandpa's training session with Jounouchi ("YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE TOURNAMENT YET!") and Jounouchi becoming overwhelmed with emotion and attempting to hug Grandpa... and failing, as Grandpa completely ignores him.
  • From Episode 168 of the English dub:

 Seto Kaiba(to Yami): Stop saving the world and get a hobby!

  • Episode 68. Japanese version. When Jounouchi's parasite card fails to leech on Ryota Kajiki's card (and is, in fact, destroyed), Jounouchi's face combined with his shocked-calm voice had this troper giggling.
  • And Kaiba's incredulous comment to Yami: "This is ridiculous! You DO realize that you're talking to a hologram with your head on it?!" This, in the middle of a serious moment. Thanks, Kaiba.
  • Anyone else remember back in episode 18 when Joey was dueling Bones in that cave? And how his friends spent half the episode looking for him? First, coffins with skeletons that fall on Bakura and Tea . . . then Bakura chasing them with another skeleton draped on his back . . . and finally, Bakura stepping on a trigger that sends what appears to be a giant boulder that runs over the abused Bakura and almost corners them . . . until Tristan punches it . . . and it turns out to be a balloon with a speaker inside. Funniest parts of Season One were all jammed into half an episode.

 Yugi: It got Bakura!

Tea: Oh no!

And later . . .

Tristan: I'm gonna FIGHT!

Yugi: Tristan! You can't punch out--

Tea: --a boulder!

Tristan: I'm gonna try! Huuuhhhh--AAAAHHH! *punches* *popping sound*

Tristan: Wha-? A balloon?!

    • And poor Bakura! Still lying on the ground looking all kinds of tramatized!

 Tea: You okay Bakura?

Bakura: *twitch twitch*

  • After defeating Zigfried:

 Kaiba(to Roland): I want him to see what he missed out give him a good seat for the next duel. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...aah, I'm funny.

 Joey: Bavarian cream would hit the spot right now...glazes and crullers... [sits up] GIGANTIC DONUT!

    • The original Japanese version, however, isn't really that funny aside from him sitting up in his sleep, because he's dreaming about his sister Shizuka.
    • The scene right after Bandit Keith sneaks into his room and steals his card.

 Joey: Hey, let go of that! (Keith turns around and prepares to defend himself, but finds Joey is still asleep) That's my pizza!

  • I liked Joey and Tristan at the end of Bakura's intro episode.

 Joey&Tristan: *hug each other in fear* Bakura!!!

Tristan: Hands off.

Joey: You grabbed me.

Joey&Tristan: *takes a second before it sinks in and they push each other away* BAAAAH!

  • From the Joey vs Zigfried duel, when Zigfried uses his three Norns combo.

 Zigfried: Looks like it's one underdog vs three divas!

Joey: You mean four[1] divas!

  • Joey's various insults to the bad guys, especially if they're bald.
  • I know the dub abruptly cut the ending short but, the last lines between Kaiba and Joey are the some of the best lines in my opinion.

 Tristan: So this is the end? Feels weird.


Kaiba:What were you geeks expecting?

Joey: Fireworks, sappy music... something.

    • The best part is, Joey doesn't even snap at Kaiba. He just mildly lists a few common Happily Ever After cliches!
  • In the manga when Yuugi mentions that their digital pets have the ablity to mate and gain strength from each other (which is awkward in the first place) to which Jounouchi responds, "Yuugi and I must mate at once!" Honda comments in frustration that people overhearing might get the wrong idea.


  1. Zigfried looks very camp.
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