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Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • 5Ds introduces a slew of hot blooded music that continues to pump you as you watch. The first track "Speed World" sets the standards by itself but then after that in episode 5, you get hit with Jack Atlas' battle theme which FAR exceeds our expectations.
    • Then Izayoi Aki shows up and we get blown back further.
      • We Ride to Survive deserves honorable mention, even though it didn't make it to being a theme song. This and the winner as stated above had a very close call in the contest to pick the theme song, with only one vote difference.
    • Here is Enemy Attack
    • And here is Unleash Force
    • Cannot believe the Dark Tuning theme still isn't here.
  • There's also the theme song contest that 4Kids held to determine the actual theme for the dub. The winner? "Hyper Drive".
  • Either track from the 5D's OSTs to bear the title "Yusei Battle".
  • The recent OP for 5Ds. BELIEVE IN NEXUS, sung by none other than Masaaki Endoh. Be forewarned: keep a clean pair of pants within reaching distance.
    • Here's the full version.
    • And if you thought that was awesome, you ain't seen nothing yet. In Episode 109, something happened that doesn't happen often in Yu-Gi-Oh!: a vocal song played during an episode. This song is Clear Mind. I must say, Endoh-san has just topped himself. Not only does this troper consider this to be 5d's best song, but also quite possibly the greatest vocal song in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! It's awesomeness is matched only by the Crowning Moment of Awesome that happens when it's first plays.
  • Pretty much all of the opening songs (Including surprisingly the dubbed openings).
    • For BGM, there's Jack, Aki, and Yusei's battle themes, the preview music and Clear Mind (which is performed by the one and only Masaaki Endoh who also did the 4th Opening).
    • Speaking of Masaaki Endoh, "Asu e no Michi ~Going my way!!~", the fifth opening, is on the fast track to being this as well.
  • This troper is extremely disappointed no one mentioned the first opening, "Kizuna" [1], which is one of this troper's favorite anime opening themes.
  • Yakusoku no Melody, the final insert song for 5D's brought this troper to tears hearing it for the first time.
  • Z-ONE Battle. Instant Awesome, Just Add Ominous Latin Chanting.
  • Pretty much all of the music featured during the Ark Cradle arc deserves a spot here: Theme of 5D's, Aporia's Fusion, Antinomy's Theme, Rua's Awakening, Aki Izayoi's Unrest, That Which Flows Through Momentum, and at the risk of posting the entire soundtrack, Placido's Fusion.
  • Lamentation, which plays during some of the most tearjerking scenes. Damn shame it was never released on a Sound Duel.
  • Also on the unreleased front, there is Hopeless Battle.
  • The final episode uses pretty much the four best tracks in the show: Clear Mind, 5D's Theme, Yusei's Theme, and finally the 5th opening, Going my way!! Here it is.
  • Light and Dark. Rex Godwin's battle theme. No further listening needed. Music is officially over.
  • Saviour/Majestic Star Dragon's theme song is just ridiculously awesome, nuff said.


  1. Lit. "Bonds"
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