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"People say I talk too much."

"Yeah, I was just about to tell you to shut up."
Verbal Kint and Todd Hockney, The Usual Suspects.

A Stock Phrase said from a character who may often border on The Stoic to one who is rather chatty or Motor Mouthed. Typically delivered as a punchline to the end of a long spiel or complaint made by the latter character. Also occasionally used to Shut UP, Hannibal.

A romantic variant has this line followed up by a "Shut Up" Kiss.

Examples of You Talk Too Much include:


Live Action TV


 Odo: I think I finally figured out what crime you were found guilty of on your world.

Croden: What's that?

Odo: You talk too much.

  • Power Rangers RPM: Tenaya 7 and Ziggy are fighting over the Series Green morpher. She's a super-powered cyborg who can take on actual Rangers and he...isn't, but she wastes too much time gloating.

 Tenaya: Now I will bond with your Series Green and destroy the Power Rangers from within. I will become the final stage of techno-awareness -

Ziggy: You talk too much. (Grabs morpher).


Manga and Anime

  • Piccolo to Raditz in Dragonball Z.
    • Also Android 18 to Vegeta.

 Android 18: He talks too much.

Vegeta: What was that?!


Video Games

  • In Mass Effect 2, Grunt tells you that "Humans talk too much" if you try to talk to him before you've unlocked his next conversation.
    • On Mordin's loyalty mission, a Krogan goes on for about a minute about their plan for great revenge on the other races, during which the Renegade Interrupt button taunts you the entire time. Click it and...

 Shepard: You talk too much. *BLAM*

Weyrlock Clan Speaker: See? The human cannot hit a simple target!

[the gas pipe under the speaker explodes]

  • In Guilty Gear, Baiken says this to Ky Kiske in her win quote against him and states that she doesn't care about his strong sense of justice.

 Baiken: Blah blah blah! You talk too much! Does anyone actually give a crap about your ridiculous sense of justice? I know I sure don't.


Western Animation


 Eddy: Do you EVER turn off?!

Edd: It's a curse, I'm afraid.

  • Bulkhead to Lugnut in the first Season Finale of Transformers Animated. Lugnut has Bulkhead on the ropes and is about to deliver his Punch Of Kill Everything, but starts speechifying about "the glorious Decepticon race". Bulkhead uses his wrecking ball arm to trigger the punch, and Lugnut is sent flying into the distance by his own attack.
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