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"Do you have a book I remember reading once? It had a red cover and it turned out they were twins."
—Possibly the question most regularly asked of librarians, according to Going Postal by Terry Pratchett [1]

The purpose of this page is to allow contributors to post descriptions of half-forgotten shows, those old classics that sit on the edge of the mind, with details and images remembered but names tantalizingly forgotten. Whether to gather trope examples or just for peace of mind, post them here. Be warned that, due to necessity, all entries may contain spoilers.

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Awaiting suggestions - Other

  • Does anyone know what this is from? The song is very catchy, and I would like to download it.
  • It was a Yume Nikki video I found on Youtube. Madotsuki was fighting every single character in the game.
  • This isn't a show, but I'm looking for the name of a fan-subbing group. The group I'm looking for put color coding in their subtitles. For example - a character on screen has magenta text, a character off screen speaks in green text, and a character talking in their mind shows orange text. I can't remember if these were the exact colors they used. Characters that were speaking onscreen and then walked off would cause the subtitle's font color to change almost instantly. They did sub the original Naruto anime, and someone put them on Youtube a couple years back - those are long gone now.
  • My dad is an aviation engineer. In the '80s or '90s he once brought home a one-page comic that had been circulating at the office. It was "If each department got to build the entire plane its way," and showed humorous illustrations of planes that were all-wing, all-fuselage, all-electrical system, all-hydraulics, etc., emphasizing and satirizing in turn each of about 20 different elements of airplane design.
  • I don't even remember what type of media this was, but there was an actor who I believe was blinded, and he had these thin scars that extended vertically across and through his eyes as an unbroken line. I just thought that concept was awesome.
    • That could be Shane Schofield, the main character from Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow series. He had similar scars to what you've described, though he wasn't blinded.
      • That wasn't it. I should specify I think it was some sort of screen media (film or TV).
  • A space-themed simulator ride. The main screen was shaped like Gurren Lagann-esque sunglasses. The spacecraft had to stop a meteor from crashing into Earth by flying into that meteor!
  • Target sold a merchandising line of school supplies with someone's name. The art was interesting, but I can't remember the name...or was it Wal-Mart that sold this line?
    • Lisa Frank?
      • Doubtful It's probably more of a boy's name. It's probably only at a Florida Target
    • You may be thinking of Ed Hardy. I have two folders of the brand, one with an Oriental dragon on it, the other with a rainbow phoenix-looking bird. I got them at Wal-Mart.
  • A very old internet advert for some kind of game. It featured an Animesque girl with blue hair in pigtails, big tan fairy wings, and her arms sticking out at the camera.
    • Ice Cube Smasher? I heard something with a protagonist like this years ago. That's what it's called in China.
  • Two from this troper, sorry. ^^;
    • The first one was an Irish? legend. A guy married a fey wife, but she was always hurting as long as she could remember her previous life as a fey creature. The man would only be able to have the woman's heart and soul if he did the one thing that would prove his True Love. He ends up willingly letting her go back to her people, which proves his True Love, and she loses her memory of all that she had known as a fey, and comes to be happy with him.
    • The second one may sound as though it has come from The Brothers Grimm movie- though This Troper knew this story before she saw the movie: There's a pretty lady who's a Rich Bitch. She steals a cloak/cape/whatever from a gypsy lady. The gypsy lady curses her, but the lady takes it anyway. The cloak/cape/whatever carries smallpox, and she gets it along with alot of people in her kingdom.
  • From Token Deity: "Sadly this troper can't remember what comic it was in, but she recalls a panel-drawn scene in which God and the Devil are conversing face to face. All that is shown are humanoid silhouettes, one probably male, the other definitely female. The clever thing is that the panels don't use the usual dialogue-balloons, just text in between the silhouettes, so it's never clear which figure is intended to be which."
  • I don't know if this is actually from something or just a random away message, but it ended with something like "My favorite song is the top 100 hits of the last decade compressed into one second.".
  • An entry at Facing the Bullets One-Liner once said: "In Revelations, the Dark Magical Girl-esque heir to Christ's legacy caps off her self-sacrifice with the line, "Let's hope this goes better than last time."". Always wondered if that was a real show/game/fic/whatever it was.
  • I'm looking for a website that sells Halloween candy. Not the kind you give to trick-or-treaters, though. It had skull-shaped lollipops where you could choose the color and flavor, and some packages that came in coffin shaped boxes. There was also a page (testimonials?) that referred to "lucky stiffs" or maybe "happy stiffs." I think there might have also been a black cat character, at least on that page. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  • Doesn't fit any of the above categories! I remember a school curriculum or "unit" or "module" that some of us were shown in fifth grade, when I was ten, about 1979 or 1980. It had four filmstrips (some of you are too young to know what those were!) and a book to read. The topics of the four filmstrips were UFOs, Easter Island, Bigfoot, and Lemmings. The UFOs filmstrip included an "alien abduction" story. The Lemmings filmstrip was so badly done it gave me the impression that Lemmings lived in Latin America (instead of the Arctic). I have been looking for the name of this unit for some time. (I also wonder why we would be shown stuff like this in school, and what company it was that made stuff like this especially for use in school!)
  • A short (30sec-1min) animated music video, likely in Flash. The song was electronic-pop sounding with no lyrics. In the animation, three boys were lined up in front of three vertical stripes of color. First there was one instrument, and the first one would stretch his neck along with the music, followed by turning his smile upside down intermittently. Another instrument was introduced, and the second character started wiggling. Then a drum beat started, and the third character rolled his head in complete circles. It ended abruptly with a fourth character leaning in from the left and yelling at them as the music did a speedy arpeggio.
  • A website which would take today's news and filter it through programs which would replace terms in the text, thus creating fake sci-fi news.
  • This troper remembers having a large white plush dog with blue and yellow paw pads, red and yellow ears, yellow eyelids, a red tail and a bored expression. He recently found a photo of it but can't remember where he got it. He doesn't have it any more.
  • This troper remembers reading a piece of original fiction on the internet. I remember it was furry, as one character was a ferret and there was a dog(?) character trying to comfort him in a car after his friends died(?) and he (the ferret) was sobbing "My liege, I could've been them!" or something like that. Also, there were these Ridiculously Cute Critters and some Action Girl fighting things in an office. Flamethrowers/guns may have also been involved in the office scene. It may have been called Neoterrestrials or something like that because I remember seeing that phrase in the URL bar. It wasn't yiff from what I remember, too action-packed. I read this story around 2002.
  • This is pushing it a bit... but I can't remember a monster from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition. I think it was Ravenloft-specific, but either way, here's what I do remember. It was a form of zombie, designed to retain its appearance and intelligence. The "appearance" part worked too well -- they were more beautiful than they were in life -- and the intelligence part not well enough -- they were intelligent, all right, but invariably homicidally insane, using their looks to get close to a person, then suddenly tearing them apart with hands transformed into grotesque, rotted talons when the time was right. I think their Glamour Failure was that the magic couldn't completely cover the odor of decay, so they'd sometimes still smell like a rotting corpse. There may have been a visual Glamour Failure as well that made them look like a conventional zombie, but I can't remember.
  • I'm really, really, really not sure if this was just a dream or a concept, but I'm sure I can remember it from some place...I can't remember what sort of media it was, but I think film or TV. The cast, or just one, had waited for a long time for the movie/last episode to end, and had an entire countdown, and as the countdown ended, this happened: "IT'S THE END! (awkward silence) what? (credits roll)"
  • I saw a billboard once, it was on travel so I can't remember if it was Boston or Silicon Valley, but it was actually a billboard for beer but it was just a long Unix shell command. I'm a total geek so I got the billboard, and I thought it was brilliant.
  • I'm looking for the name of a one act play I saw performed in the 80s. (not professionally.) It was about a girl and her boyfriend who died in a car crash and she went to Heaven. She was looking out over towards Hell and being sad her boyfriend hadn't gotten into Heaven with her when he manages to climb up, telling her he loved her so much he had to get to her. Two angels come along and the older/superior one eventually decides to let the boyfriend stay. When the two have walked off happily and the other angel asks how he could break the rules that way, the older angel points out into Hell at the real boyfriend, who will be there for all eternity where he truly belongs. But since Heaven must be a happy place and the girl wouldn't have been happy knowing both that her boyfriend was suffering and that he hadn't really been as good as she always assumed, a simulacrum had been created for her Personal Heaven Experience. I can remember every single thing about this play except the title and the characters' names, and it's making me crazy.
  • I'm looking for a specific toy I haven't seen since I was a small child. It was composed of two or three red plastic rings around a blue plastic ball (think Saturn), connected by a black plastic or rubber tube that attached on the other end to another red plastic ring (like a handle). It looked like it was intended for kids under a year old. My mother thinks it was manufactured by Discovery Toys, but it doesn't show up on their website.
  • Alright, this might be a hard one; I am looking for a series about a young girl (probably younger than fifteen) with a pet monkey (I believe) called "The Professor". Indeed; the only thing I can remember is a girl with a pet called The Professor; all other details are lost to me. I believe the series had some similarities to Pippi Longstockings, and it was probably a Western cartoon that ran before 2002, but other than that, I can't be sure.
  • This one very well might not exist outside my head; a scene in a TV show featuring three characters. One (referred to from here on out as Alice) is a young woman (early- to mid- twenties), another (referred to as Bob) is a guy (an older man, probably in his late thirties), and the third (referred to as Charlie) is most likely a woman, but that's not for sure. Bob is fiddling with a large machine and Charlie is explaining to Alice, who is about to awaken her superpowers for the first time, that "a girl never forgets her first time", making a blatant sexual euphemism. After she says this, Bob says, while activating the machine, "and this is one first you will never forget". I get the feeling this is from a series similar to Doctor Who, but I'm not sure.
  • A cooking game on Playpink or a similar site involving fast food, it takes place in the future/outer space and there are machines that enable you to make the meals for the customers including ones for drinks and ones for condiments, the guests are aliens and one of the characters you have to serve a meal to is an alien king/emperor. The main character you see in the game is an anime-esque sci fi robot girl with pink or bluish hair.

Questions with suggested answers - Other

  • Anyone remember what the following quote is from? " I wonder how police on bikes arrest people. "Alright, get in the basket""
  • Japanese folktale. Some really cold woman (as in literally An Ice Person) barges in on some guy and his father, breathes cold air on his dad, and forces the guy to vow to never mention it ever again. Later the guy meets a woman, falls in love with her, has kids. Then he tells the story of the woman to his wife; turns out his wife is the woman and she ascends back into Heaven, scolding him and saying she'll let him live only if he never lets their children get harmed.
    • Sounds like Yuki-Onna or one of those Snow maiden stories.
  • An online personality test about "how stupid are you" or something similar. I remember that the lowest(?) score had a picture of a plane mobile or something. Also, one of the questions was "What is your favourite book?" and one answer was Go, Dog, Go!. It was pretty funny.
    • I know of this one, but it admittedly doesn't seem to have the question you described.
  • Does "I can't brain today, I have the dumb" have a known origin?
    • The best I can figure out it started out as a lolcat in about 2006. The picture is here. The little sad-man icon doesn't seem to have a findable source, but appears, as best I can tell, to come after the cat by at least a year.
  • A billboard I once saw on the way to Sea World. It had text that started with "Mermaids.", and also had "ENCHANTED LAND" in big letters. Or are they two separate, yet similar billboards?
    • Mermaids, South Florida, probably Weeki Wachee. I don't know the Enchanted Land sign, but it's possible they did.


  1. Pratchett may be referring to Das doppelte Lottchen, the 1949 novel by Erich Kästner and the origin of The Parent Trap and all of its copies.
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