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"Your fleet is lost, and your friends on the Endor moon will not survive. There is no escape, my young apprentice. The Alliance will die... as will your friends."

...Make your time!

The villain, who never had any intention of letting the hero (or heroes) live, has finally instituted the perfect plan that will ensure their demise (or at least, that's what the villain thinks). Of course, for some people it's not enough to simply kill the heroes. They have to crush their hopes utterly, ensuring maximum despair and humiliation. In short, they have to tell them death is inevitable. This is never wise.

A form of Evil Gloating; this tends to be standard for a Smug Snake. Expect this to almost always be invoked when there's a Death Trap. The villain can and will combine this with "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

This would be a Stock Phrase... although very few villains end up saying this the same way twice. The classic villain threat has several variations, some of which are:

 "Your Days Are Numbered!" (when used as an expression)

"I'm afraid We Will Meet Again won't meet again."

"This is now the ultimate power in the (x). We will crush you under our feet like insects!"

"Soon you will all be dead, and I will be (lounging on a beach / on my throne / etc!)"

"Take time to collect your thoughts, for soon you will be dead!"

"Treasure what little time remains of your lives!" (A more accurate translation of Zero Wing's "You have no chance to survive make your time")

"Say your last goodbyes!"

Note that this sort of threat is always telegraphed in advance. The hero may or may not be at the villain's mercy -- for reasons related to Bond Villain Stupidity. When the villain finally utters a Pre-Mortem One-Liner prior to delivering a beat-down of some sort, that's Prepare to Die.

If the hero is in a position to retort, expect a Badass Boast.

Compare If My Calculations Are Correct and No One Could Survive That. Contrast I Need You Stronger, You Will Be Spared, and No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine.

Not to be confused with the trope Your Days Are Numbered, which is not a threat, but a fact (despite the fact that some villains may very well use that exact phrase to mean this; if the hero's death is a foregone conclusion to them, it counts as a threat). Inverse of We Will Meet Again.

See also Thanatos Gambit. Not to be confused with Take Your Time.

Examples of You Have No Chance to Survive include:


 James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?

Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!

  • The Wizard of Oz: The Wicked Witch hands Dorothy a large hourglass and tells her this is how much time she has left to live. It's actually how much time before the Wicked Witch gets back and kills her.
    • Parodied/referenced in Flash Gordon: "You have until the sands... run up."
  • Star Wars: The page quote, in response to an unusual turnabout given by Luke.

 Luke: You're wrong. Soon I'll be dead... and you with me.

 Smith: Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.

Smith: Evolution, Morpheus. Like the dinosaur.

Smith: You must know it! You must sense it by now! Why keep fighting? Why, Mr. Anderson, why, why, why?!

 Herald: By noon this day, you will be dead men.

The thousand nations of the Persian Empire descend upon you! Our arrows... will blot out the sun!

Stelios: Then we will fight in the shade.

  • In Flash Gordon, Flash is due to be executed, but is given a few minutes to see his girlfriend one more time. The Dragon puts a big hourglass in the room so they know how little time they have left.


  • Darkness Visible has an unusual example because, rather than the hero being at the villain's mercy, the villain is actually chained to a prison wall. However, his Evil Plan is still in motion, leading to this variant on the threat:

 'I have taken away your need to fear growing old. You will not be thirty for very long!'...'You cannot stop it, Henry! You can only fail and die, and I hope you die with the knowledge that you lost at the forefront of your mind!'

Live Action TV


 You need not fear us, unless you are a Darkheart, a vile one who preys on the innocent. I promise: you can't hide forever from the empty darkness, for we will hunt you down like the animals you are, and pull you into the very bowels of Hell!


 You at the barricade listen to this! No one is coming to help you fight, you're on your own, you have no friends, Give up, your guns OR DIE! You at the barricade listen to this! The people of Paris sleep in their beds! You have NO CHANCE, NO CHANCE AT ALL! Why throw your lives away?

Video Games

  • The Zero Wing line was said word-for-word in the tie-in video game for Spider-Man 2 by Mysterio as a direct Shout-Out.
  • One of voicesets for NWN can have the PC shout out, "You will not survive!"
  • Many, many bosses in World of Warcraft. C'thun is most notable, as he spends the entire time you are inside his lair (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj) taunting you with this, before you even get to him.

  C'thun: You Are Already Dead.

 Sovereign: "We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it."

Harbinger: "Human, you've changed nothing. Your species has attracted the attention of those infinitely your greater; that which you know as "Reapers" will be your salvation through destruction."

Reaper: "Every organic civilization must be harvested in order to bring order to the chaos. It is inevitable."

  • Kefka in Final Fantasy VI. "Such magnificent power! You are like insects to me!"
  • Sylvia in the first No More Heroes does this by phone (Wiimote speaker, it's awesome) before every boss battle. She's supposed to be your ally.

 "Give it your best shot! I am 100% certain you're returning from this battle, Travis. ...In a body bag."

"I'm sorry to say this, but I'm 1800% positive that you will die here. But trust your Force... And head for the Garden of Madness."

"I am 3,602,600,218% certain you will die. But trust your Force... And head for the Garden of Madness."

 "My calculations say the chances of you winning are...0%."

Western Animation

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