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A list of fan fics which have characters with unusually colored hair.

  • Unnatural, non-dyed hair colours in a fandom where the canon doesn't have them is considered a sign of a Mary Sue, though not as common as Technicolor Eyes. See Light and Dark - The Adventures of Dark Yagami and the character's "dark black rainbow hair".
  • In the crossover fanfic CSI Death By Chocolate, adult Violet Beauregard, last seen post-blueberried at age 12(ish), has blue hair. And skin.
  • Pagally of Winter War has light purple hair, odd but hardly out of the question considering the source material. Subverting the usual implications of this trope in a fanfic, Pagally is originally presented as a more or less generic low-ranked female Arrancar, and while she plays a role as the plot goes on (and even joins the shinigami side because she's more scared of Aizen than she is of them) she's not by any means one of the main protagonists of the fic.
  • Buzz Lightyear in For Good and One Hundred Days has unruly blue hair, hence the perpetual thermal hood. In the former, it's justified because he is a Half-Human Hybrid, though he doesn't know this himself for a long time.
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