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  • Adaptation Displacement: The manga is virtually unknown, mostly likely do to its poor export in the west (they released two volumes, and they were five and six, and two chapters of seven). This was done at the mangaka's request to Dark Horse in North America.
    • Much of the early stuff is pretty weak (especially since it would have come out as a monthly comic). Sadly, it stopped before most of volume 7, the best, came out.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Any time Nakajima's actions prove his feelings for Miyuki, most notably taking a shot for her, twice.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The fanfare that plays when the Bokuto officers deploy to intercept the rogue officers, Miyuki and one officer salute each other.
  • Gateway Series: Back in the late nineties, this was the first anime aired on the Italian national channels (known as "RAI"). The fact the hosts of the show featuring this anime kept asking the audience if "they liked Japanese cartoons [1]" confirms that this was most likely used by RAI as a first experiment, like a "test screening"[2]. The success of You're Under Arrest led to more anime being broadcast and eventually to interesting events such as RAI currently owning all the rights of the whole Pretty Cure franchise.
  • Les Yay: It's typical for a Lovely Angels series to have some of this. In particular, chapter 47 features a drunken Natsumi complaining about how men (especially the Captain) don't seem interested in her, concluding with "Maybe I need to try with girls…", then she immediately falls asleep and tips over on top of Miyuki, who (along with Yoriko and several of their other coworkers who are watching) initially assumes that Natsumi is hitting on her, until noticing that Natsumi is asleep.
    • The second episode of Full Throttle had a lot of "Has Two Mommies" text.
    • A manga omake had Aoi and Yoriko dressed as in a suit and wedding gown; Aoi in the wedding gown of course.
  • The Scrappy: Again, Yoriko.
  • Tear Jerker: "The stopwatch that was once soaked in the rain was now soaked with tears." Watch it.
  • Woolseyism: The Dark Horse manga would replace the names of famous Japanese celebrities with American ones.


  1. this term is usually used in Italy when talking about anime by people who don't know the terminology
  2. RAI's rival network Mediaset started broadcasting anime long before RAI joined in.
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