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For examples related to the Yogscast outside of Minecraft, go here.

  • In episode 19 of their Shadow of Israphel series, Simon swims over to Grimjaw's ship and burns it down.
  • Simon and Lewis, all alone, fighting off huge swarms of zombies, spiders, skeletons, and the occasional Creeper while inside a strange temple. Along with mood-fitting music, rain, lightning, and a sealed entrance that quarantines a beast of sorts called Lehparsi.
  • The entirety of the Visions episode's opening. Why is it awesome? IT'S ONE HELL OF AN OPENING.
  • Pretty much any time Simon and Lewis are alone (with the exception of enemies and occasionally an NPC), dealing with huge problems. Examples include attempting to save Daisy_Duke from Israphel, escaping from Mistral City with the Holy Record, and the huge fight at the wall against Israphel, Creeper_Boss, Zombie_Boss, and a Zerg Rush of aggressive spiders.
  • While trying to fix the wall keeping the sand inside the desert, dealing with Israphel and his lackeys, as well as constant spiders, Lewis shoots an arrow right at Israphel and drives him away for a brief period, allowing Lewis, Simon, and Peculier to acquire the upper hand. It doesn't last long and could go unnoticed, but still.
  • Right after this, Lewis sheds his Blue Oni exterior for a fierce, bright crimson, charging after Israphel into the desert, and coming within 2 blocks of eviscerating him with a diamond sword, before he eventually gets away.
  • While the carnival is packing up, Simon and Lewis come across Strongman_Bruno, who previously cheated the former out of a strength contest. Simon gets his revenge by killing Bruno by trapping him in a tree, using a combination of a sapling and bone meal.
  • "Lewis, we are going to save the world."
    • The extra exclusive song by Daniel Yount based on this phrase is also pretty damned epic.
  • In Part 24 of Shadow of Israphel, Simon and Lewis hunted down and attacked Jock Fireblast on BBQ Bay while the place was burning down. They managed to kill him and remain alive.
    • Apparently, Simon didn't even let him escape in the original- he killed Jock straight away by arrowing him to death. Unfortunately, as Lewis was left behind at the time, we'll never know if it's really true.
  • Lewis gets another one for finishing off Vitali with a stake through the heart.
    • Simon got one for giving him the stake.
  • Old_Peculier becoming Knight_Peculier.
  • Simon figuring out that the broken TVs are pumpkins and they must put them on their heads.
  • Moira_Magmabloom got one for killing Finbar's henchman, Kormag_Darkforge.
  • Knight_Peculier killing King Finbar.
    • To explain: Finbar is taunting the heroes about how they've failed and the world will fall into shadow soon. (3 days) Peculier isn't having ANY of that and demands to know where his mother and Daisy are. Finbar then makes the BIG mistake of telling Peculier that his love is going to be fed to the Sand God, causing Peculier to go absolutely BERSERK and kill Finbar in a fit of rage! And that settles it: Don't you EVER make any sort of threat to Daisy's safety!!! Also this doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming since it proves and shows how much Peculier loves Daisy...
    • Simon and Lewis cheering him up afterwards.
  • Knight_Peculier's flashback in episode 35, half of which is a play-by-play synopsis of the show since Season 1 and Terrorvale (in faux retro textures to boot!), completely in Peculier's perspective. It also goes to show just what kind of character development Peculier went through to get to where he is now, every step of the way being supported by his friends and comrades, the Yogscast!
  • In episode 37, they casually destroy hot air balloons carrying Israphel's minions, then take them for themselves.
  • In the My Little Pony mod, they way they fix up an entire town. first by cleaning up all the oil they spilt then turn the desert back into a forest area, complete with naturally grown flowers, saplings, and grass.
    • A lot of the Adventure maps have these.
  • The TV Mod spotlight. Simon is an epic Troll

 Simon: I was never here!

  • The entire Shadow of Israphel series! What started off as a simple Let's Play, began growing into some totally epic... purely by accident!!! While I'm sure at least some of it was planned, if you read this interview, you'll discover that it was originally just a server meant for them, but soon other people, (Daisy, John, Peculier, Israphel, etc) began signing on... And it just went uphill from there! It boggles my mind how something so epic could possibly happen by accident!
  • The Weeping Angels mod. An Angel gets into the house they're hiding in. They trick it into a hole and bury it alive. Steven Moffat would be proud.
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