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For examples related to the Yogscast's Minecraft series, go here.

 TB: Simon, we need you to be the bait. Get over there.

Simon: Okay. Hello! It's nice to meet you, worm! How are you doing? How are you this time of year? Are you well? Have you ever--ow!

TB: Whoops. Sorry. It's okay! Keep distracting it. Just keep its eye on the prize!

Simon: Have you thought of letting Jesus into your AAARGH!

    • More or less any Magicka gameplay video; they have consistently garnered at least 350,000 views each for a reason, after all. Made even better by how Lewis becomes the Only Sane Man, Simon becomes The Load / The Fool, and Total Biscuit becomes the Sarcastic Devotee / Deadpan Snarker.
      • When TB's and Simon's mutual trolling of the other reaches Lewis' breaking point, he reprimands them like a stern father.

 Lewis: Now, you two, behave yourselves, or I'm going to put one of you on the naughty step and the other one over my knee.

TB: Are we allowed to choose?

Lewis: Only if you eat your brussels.

 Lewis (Seeing TB and Simon about to fire spells at each other): Now, children...behave!

Simon: B-But, he started it! He started it, mum!

TB: He's lying!

    • Total Biscuit tells Simon to offer diplomacy to some villagers. The result?

 Simon: Hello? Do you like bees? *Kills a villager by summoning bees on him.*

 TB: Have we reached the edge of the level? Yeah, we have. *he, Simon and Lewis all fall off* Oh...

Simon and Total Biscuit burst into hysterical laughter

Lewis: Oh god, why are we so bad at computer games?

  • In Simon's Portal 2 Singleplayer videos, the appearance of a Companion Cube makes for some tragically-humorous viewing. He literally falls silent for several seconds when he spots it, gives a genuine cry of horror when the inevitable happens, and at the end of the test, the diggy-hole song comes back for something of a Dark Reprise:

 Simon: [happily] I'm a dwarf and I've got me little cube, cubey cubey c—[the Cube fizzles out into ashes]

    • Not to mention the several hilarious moments in their co-op LP. For example, Simon bouncing on an aerial faith plate and smashing into the ceiling, roughly three feet above, repeatedly. Lewis just sits back and watches for a second.

 Simon: (as he smashes into the ceiling and Lewis laughs in the background) Bouncy board, bouncy board, la la la, la la la, bouncy board...

Lewis: That's not quite how you do it...

  • The D&D podcasts.
    • Sips wants to use Vicious Mockery, but has trouble coming up with actual insults; Simon helpfully sends him an IM with suggestions, but accidentally makes a typo:

  Sips: You son of an ostrich. You flippin' beggar. I hate you so nasty little sausage.

  • Simon's Janeway impersonation in the review of Star Trek Online. Also, his retelling of the TOS episode "The Naked Time".
  • The first time Simon and Lewis meet a Thug in Dead Island. As soon as the introductory cutscene ends, Simon charges blindly at it and is instantly punched several feet away, killing him instantly. Lewis bursts out laughing.
  • Simon's hilariously disturbing Boone impression.
  • For their 1 000 000 subscribers celebration video, Lewis sneaks into Simon's room while he's sleeping and wakes him up by shooting a giant confetti blower. Simon's reaction is only half the hilarity; the other half is that the confetti breaks the light in the room.
  • Lewis and Simon just completely breaking down at the goofy-looking Oomlots in World of Warcraft's goblin starting area. Fittingly, the video in which this happens is called In which Simon has a breakdown.
  • The World of Tanks Yogtrailer. Behold, Simon and Lewis talking about a hypothetical World of Warcraft clone with tanks shooting bears and spending more than half of the video joking around about bear sound effects.
  • Wappy Dog!
  • In their Team Fortress 2 Celebrity Showmatch, during the pre-game interviews Lewis is asked if he's new to the world of Team Fortress. His reply:

  It's a similar game [to Minecraft]. You know, if you're playing Sniper you have to charge a bow...jump and crit...there are pigs...I think. I haven't seen any, but I have been told that there are pigs in TF2... *as he says this, other people are cracking up in the background*

  • Their entire appearance on The Shaft.
    • This gem, when they're talking about Herobrine.

 Simon: Did you ask him [Notch] if he has a dead brother?

Brent: Yes, we did ask him, and no, he doesn't have a brother.

Simon: Yeah, well, not anymore he doesn't.

  why does lewis always play a woman?

  • They have just started playing WOW again, and Lewis is updating his old character's abilities. Unfortunatly, he is kind of in the middle of a fight at the moment. Which he is completly ignoring, even when the characters are standing right on top of him.

 Simon: I like the really slow in-depth look at warrior talents during a monkey attack.

 @Simon Honeydew: Is it me or do types of ship sound just a little bit gay? Scout, Cruiser, Tug, Escort, Destroyer, Pocket Battleship! Pocket Battleship!!!

@Simon Honeydew: I've played Pocket Billiards and Pocket Connect 4 before, but never ever Pocket Battleship

@Simon Honeydew: So let me get this straight, ships are manned by 'seamen' and when a torpedo makes contact they 'go down' (imagine i'm doing 'air quotes')

@Simon Honeydew: Best/Worst superhero power ever: being like Magneto, but instead of with metal, it's with jaffa cakes

  • Goat Giving Report
  • Simon told the Game of Dwarves developers that their game needs...more dwarves.
  • The charity, Christmas, and New Year's livestreams. They were quite popular, introduced the rest of the members of the Yogscast, and consequently got those members their own YouTube channels.
    • Sips gets starstruck when Total Biscuit stops by during their EDF Insect Armaggedon 2012 game to see how the charity was doing.
    • In Open TTD, Lalna accidentally messes up his train tracks and kills a few people. Lewis kindly expresses his sympathies by drawing up a big LOL beside the wreckage.
  • When Simon and Lewis get the collector's edition of Diablo 3, it's wrapped completely in vaccum-packed plastic. Simon can't scrape the plastic off, and then reaches off-screen to grab something. Lewis pans the camera to reveal...Frostmourne. A fully sharpened, actual size replica Frostmourne. The extreme closeups of the tip of the blade just barely scraping the box makes hardcore collectors and nerds cringe. And then he does it again with a hardbound Artbook.
    • The very existence of Frostmourne in their office is a bit funny, considering a certain older podcast episode/animation where they lamented their lack of one and their speculation that Total Biscuit had one. This also leads to a bit of a Noodle Incident where one would ask how they got it.
  • The Diablo 3 Launch Event Outtakes.
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