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  • These commercials from Virgin Mobile actually advertises from a Yandere's point of view. She's seen sitting in a tree outside his house on a stormy night and talking about how they just had the best first date ever and she can use her phone to check on whether he's mentioned her yet and if his exes are hotter than her and that she can "check his Four Square profile for patterns." "And it's only $x a month! That's crazy right!?" *horror lightning*
    • In fact there is a sequel to this ad featuring the same girl in the guy's closet. . . .
      • Listen to the names. They're different guys. Fridge Horror kicks in.
        • What makes it worse is that if you watch Supernatural you'll realize that the actress playing her also plays Lillith, the psychotic demon who is also Yandere for Lucifer.


Pro Wrestling

  • WWE has done this on more than one occasion, including one storyline when Mickie James was introduced as Trish Stratus' biggest fan. Her obsession increased until Trish couldn't take it any more. This resulted in Mickie turning on her beloved.

Stand Up Comedy

  • Margaret Cho plays one of these for laughs in her comedy song I'm Sorry . Ironically, this was based on a Real Life male example.
  • A large part of Christopher Titus' act revolves around the fact that his ex-girlfriend/ex-wife was this. As he put it at one point, when walking through the mall, he had to keep his eyes shut, or she would accuse him of eying and considering cheating with any woman he saw (including mannequins and fat men who look like they have breasts). He mentioned a situation with his new girlfriend that ended with her pulling an "inspected by #31 sticker" out of his underwear and laughing at him, whereas his previous relationship would have ended with her demanding to know who inspector #31 was.


  • Similar to Tsundere CDs is the Yandere no Onna no Ko series, which puts the listener in the role of the onii-chan brother of a Clingy Jealous Girl. And by "Clingy Jealous Girl" we mean "girl who goes well off the hook because her brother has been spending time with women besides her."
  • In the vein of the Yandere no Onna no Ko dramas, listed above, there are also Yandere Heaven dramas, which set the (presumably female) listener in various situations (friend, assistant in a hospital, sister, etc) with two male yanderes vying for your/her affection.
  • Bluman08 in just about any of the RPs he does with BrandonKong.
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