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  • From the Read Right To Left review of Naruto, as Y Ruler Of Time describes the Raikiri, which involves Kakashi punching people with an electrified fist:

 YROT: Unfortunately, he doesn't follow up on his many opportunities to shout "I AM A MAYUN!!!"

    • Right before the timeskip, when Sasuke leans over Naruto's unconscious body and YROT realizes there's a little too much Subtext going on.

 YROT: Necklaces of each other's faces? Did they have a summer fling?

      • YROT's description of said moment:
  • YROT's Prince of Tennis Part 3 has him slowly going nuts over the increasingly absurd action, before finally breaking during the last serve of a game, struggling to compose himself, and whacking the camera with his racket to avoid having to read anymore.
    • "You could write a 200-page page on how that gives a gigantic middle finger to kinectics!"
    • "...Which causes him to transform into one half of Siegfried and Roy!"
    • Things Prince Of Tennis Could Have Been About But Isn't Because Kenomi Takashi Is A F#ckhead, AKA the easy-to-remember acronym TPOTCHBABWBKTIAF.
    • "Arrogant, conceited, hates to lose... Man, this guy's a great classic villain! Would be a sucky hero, though... Right, Echizen?"
    • "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Gary Motherf#cking Stu."
    • His reaction to the number of chapters in the series, as well as him realizing it's biggest demographic.
    • "Echizen's gone radioactive! He's gonna blow! (ducks) (resurfaces) And not the way he usually does! (ducks again)"
    • His reaction to tennis star "The Emperor": "Join me, and we shall rule as senior high school student and senior high school student, he he he..."
  • Oh, so many in Y, Ruler Of Time's Let's Bible review.

 Demon Mariachi: I~... Am an angel... Original Archangel Lucifer...

Y, ROT: Oh my God, he's Sat-

Demons Mariachi: ... His son's son's son's son's son. Called Sancho.

Y, ROT: * Sounding authentically disappointed* ... Oh, okay then... He's... He's not.

  "Oh, yeah!? Well, see you in my place, bitch! * Hangs up and proceeds to cry*

  • His first Reaction Shots video gives quick thoughts on Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Death Note... and it is awesome.
    • On One Piece's female leads: "They're pretty well-developed... by which I mean they're strong characters with interesting backstories."
      • Turns this into a Brick Joke with Bleach's female leads, Rukia and Orihime respectively: "She's awesome! And she's well-developed! By which I mean she has big boobs."
    • One Piece...

 Y, ROT: It's about pirates!

Pirate!Y: *In the worst pirate costume ever, and doing the hook with his index finger* Arr!

Y, ROT: Only some of them have super powers!

Pirate!Y: *Same costume but with a cape, raising his "hook" hand as if to fly* Arr, ar-arr!

  • His horrified reaction when he hears the lyrics to Soulja Boy's song Anime
    • His Call Back to Soulja Boy's Xbox Live video challenge when he mentions Marvel vs. Capcom in the lyrics.
    • When he explains that attempting to rhyme "anime" with anything will not work, and says any other word can make a better rap. So he proceeds to rap about his chair.
  • During his review of Bakuman。, Y ponders how Nizuma Eiji is so successful despite his zany behavior, and thinks he should consider acting like him...

 Y, ROT: Vroom, script! That is how script is done, yess!

Y, ROT: Comment, snark! Enunciate, pronoooouce!

Y, ROT: Edit! Panel effect! ZOOOOOM!!!

  • Alive:
    • YROT mimicking the protagonist's derpiest moment. "GRAH!"
    • "I'm crushing your head!"
    • "Gah! It's Tricky Dick! He's alive! I knew it!"
  • Reaction shots - Training arcs
    • His expression after describing the training arc of Ichigo in the middle of the battle against Aizen expanding even more the Arc Fatigue.
    • The parts on Prince of Tennis. Both of them. Words cannot do them justice.
  • From Love Pistols:
    • Regarding the Dub Name Change of the manga (it was originally called Sex Pistols):

 Y, ROT: "So hopefully by the end of this you won't be able to listen to "God Save The Queen" without thinking of a cat getting a blowjob. *Beat* We'll get to that."

    • And then he shows the aforementioned scene, complete with the aforementioned song in the background.
    • His comments on how near-death experiences seem to be the new trend for giving characters super powers and how it has replaced radiation.
      • Followed up by this (regarding how everyone is trying to molest the main character):

 Y,ROT: See, I think this would have much more sense if he had been bitten by a radioactive can of Axe Body Spray.

    • Y's reaction to how 30% of Earth's population (about 2 billion people) is a madararui (people descended from other animals besides primates) in this manga, and absolutely nobody knows about this, not even the most hardcore conspiracy theorists.
    • Y deciding after hearing about a parasite inserted into a man's anus that creates a temporary womb to bear children that the manga is not a yaoi story, but is actually a sci-fi horror story.
  • Reaction Shots Episode 2:

 Y,ROT:"Seriously, he's(Madara) going to turn the moon into a giant projector screen so he can broadcast his POWERPOINT OF DOOOOOM!"

  • The Downfall of Bleach
    • He mentions that his opinion of the series as of late has turned... sour. Showcasing this with clips from Weekly Manga Recap.

 Rollo T: Apparently, we're being told there's a book called "Unmasked" that we need to read...

YRoT: I DON'T CARE! OKAY! I DON'T CARE! I don't care about extra material, alright? Kubo's a bad writer!

    • Part 2 also has shining moments:
    • Talking about Orihime's anti-character-development

  "None of! This Shit! Goes anywhere! So way to go, Kubo! Orihime, just push up your rack and cry for your men, just as FEMINISM MARCHES THE FUCK ON!"

    • "The Fullbringer arc was the last nail in Bleach's coffin. *Pauses* But the fight with Aizen exhumed the body, dug the grave and made the funeral arrangements!"
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