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Despite being a Teen rated game, Xenosaga sometimes has scenes that are so frightening and disturbing that it should very well warrant a mature rating.

  • In the first Episode, which feature a scene in which the main antagonist Albedo (who is truly one of the most insane and horrifying villains in video games) after murdering a whole score of little (humanoid robot) girls and scattering them across his room, traumatizes a little (humanoid robot) girl by sawing off his own arm and head in front of her. And then mind-raping her... leaving her a mindless doll, apparently. To make this worse? In the Japanese release, he cuts his head off. In the US release, this is censored.... To ripping it off with no assistance. Also, note that, after ripping off his head and speaking through it, he stomps on it. Ew.
  • The Creepy Child version of Albedo is equally this, especiallly during the end of Episode II.
  • Even without going into the infamous MOMO scene, Albedo qualifies on his own. A laughing lunatic that can regenerate from his own injuries, and has no qualms about ripping his own fucking head off! (Yes, this has been mentioned before, but it bears repeating.) Add his horrible Hannibal Lectures, and disturbing, EXTREMELY disturbing interactions with MOMO that has none-too-subtle allusions to rape, and the fact he wavers between wanting to kill Jr. and sniffing his hair while strangling him. It's generally agreed that the English version of Albedo is much, much more terrifying than the Japanese version, thanks to some ill-thought out censoring and Voice-acting skills presenting Albedo as much more unhinged. Thank Crispin Freeman (the voice of Albedo and Alucard from Hellsing), who traumatized a good portion of people who played Xenosaga for the first time. There's a reason Game Informer put Albedo on the "Top 10 Villains" that year.
  • One of the most frightening about Albedo is how convincingly insane he is. Most "crazy" villains are just exceedingly vicious sociopaths; Albedo's constant stream of half-coherent babble, biblical allusions, and bizarre figures of speech goes a long way towards making him seem not just violent and cruel, but completely batshit crazy.

 Albedo: There's enough of it, we can afford to waste as much as we want! Like my head, you see? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • In the first episode of Xenosaga, there is an unpleasant scene where we get to see the effects of a gnosis' touch upon humans. Despite the otherwise hammy acting in much of the game, watching the poor soldier who gets grabbed by a gnosis struggle and thrash, go limp, turn to salt and shatter is deeply disturbing.
  • There's that one scene, thankfully only shown in a couple half-second flashes, of Febrona's corpse being eaten by a horde of mutants (One of which you later meet as a That One Bonus Boss). Nothing is shown, just the mutants in a big huddle, the horrible, horrible chewing sounds, and Febrona's head jerking randomly as they tear at her body...
  • There's the creepy looking 27 Series Asura Realians, who weren't even nearly ready for combat, but were released during the Militian Conflict. What happened? They, along with the normal Realians went rogue. A few went and killed Shion's parents right in front of her eyes when she was about eight years old. This leads to a touching scene where kid Shion was kneeling on the ground, her mother's blood pooling in her hands, with her chanting that she "has to put it back". They sadly censored this, however, when they removed every instance of blood in the game. What was once a Tear Jerker became more of a Creepy Child moment, until you could understand what was going on. It was also in that moment Shion in her sorrow summons the Gnosis to that planet and the rest is history.
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