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  • Allen standing up to Kevin, which is so awesome, in fact, that he nullifies Shion's Face Heel Turn. Even more so, given that he defeats one of the most powerful characters in the series by *being beaten up.* Um... just watch it and it'll make sense.
    • Even better: In the ending sequence Allen, a character who it must be said, has no special abilities or combat training save for one moment when he's a Guest Party Member, tackles a Gnosis, beats it with an assault rifle and then shoots it dead at point blank range. Even the characters were shocked.
    • Are you kidding?? the character's expression were PRICELESS.
  • Jin gets one in Episode II, during his battle with Marguilis. In Episode III, his CMOA is also a Tear Jerker and an Ending spoiler
  • Many gamers and even Game Informer Magazine considered Albedo's little...moment with MOMO to be awesome.
  • While Episode 2 is a definite Your Mileage May Vary, one cannot deny that the duel between Margulis and Jin in the prologue sequence, set to Fatal Fight, wasn't awesome. Same goes for the one in Labrynthos
  • KOS-MOS has one nearly every other cutscene.
    • Her first in was Episode 1 when Shion was captured by a Gnosis and was on about to be killed when Kos-Mos shot it in the arm freeing Shion with a wall between the two, fires a couple of rounds at the Gnosis though ineffective, activates the Hilbert Effect, which is kind of like Kryptonite to Gnosis making every last one in the battlefield solid and killable, and destroys that one pesky Gnosis and any other ones that came after her.
  • Albedo's (in)famous scene from Episode 1. It's scary for some, but that scene in particular permanently solidified him as an Ax Crazy Evil Albino.
  • When KOS-MOS defies Wilhelm. "I am not Mary. I am... KOS-MOS!"
  • I'm sure many players had their own personal CMoA's once they taught their party the Short Double, Short Revenge, and Short Counter abilities. Dodging dangerous hits from bosses, then retaliating with crit damage, sometimes twice, can make one fist-pump the air in triumph.
  • chaos destroying a gnosis with a single touch, and his arrival surprised KOS-MOS, who immediately checks her video memory and gives us the first hint that he's not normal. Too bad he's pretty much a bystander for the rest of the games.
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