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Fridge Brilliance

  • Boron military ships suck, put simply. But the Boron are pacifist. The only reason they'd have a military is in case of an outside threat... Wait, is that a Split Python?

Fridge Horror

  • A few decades after the end of the Terran Conflict, the entire gate system disables itself. What happens to all the colonies that rely on food and tech shipments to survive?
    • It's reasonable to assume that ships with the more expensive jump drives will take care of it. I mean sure the people on these colonies will be paying an arm and a leg, but they wont starve.
      • ... but jumpdrives apparently work using gates: they teleport you to one far away. Without gates, unless you have a jump beacon to jump to, jumpdrives are useless.
      • ... except that the Kha'ak apparently don't need them.
      • The Kha'ak have point-to-point jumpdrives according to Word of God. Nobody else does.
    • Planets are not villages. Aldrin survived eight hundred years without any contact with the outside world whatsoever, and it's just an airless rock. Granted they had friendly Terraformers to help.

Fridge Logic

  • Many of the alien ships in the game are named after Earth animals, which makes little sense in itself, but upon further examination it makes even less, for example the clearly Lizard influenced Teladi going for an Avian theme, with ship names like Vulture and Albatross. In contrast, the Terran ships are named after things like swords and Japanese cities.
    • The Earth derivation is justified by Word of God: The nonhuman ships' names are actually Reporting Names assigned to them by the Argon. Their real names are unpronounceable. No idea why the reptilian Teladi use avian names, though.
  • What's different about the jumpdrive's power requirements that it can't use an internal reactor (like, I don't know, the guns) and has to be fueled with energy cells?
  • A decent Fanon solution to Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale is to mentally add an extra three decimal places to every distance, speed, and energy measurement in the game.
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