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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Rogue's crush on Scott seems to be pure crack until you realize that they're actually quite similar, and then the pairing starts to make perfect sense... Oh, right. Jean.
    • Risty's accent. Despite the fact that she claims to be from Manchester, England to Rogue in Growing Pains, she has a very generic and stereotypical English accent. Which makes no sense until you realise that she's actually Mystique, who, while she may have been to Manchester in the past, knew that Rogue hadn't (due to watching Irene raise her) and therefore saw no need in providing an authentic accent when a more generic one would be just as convincing.
  • In the episode where Rogue gets lost while spelunking, there's a scene where Storm and Wolverine come flying in the Blackbird to rescue her and her classmates. There's a snowstorm brewing at the time, so Storm uses her powers to clear it away. When Wolverine complains that she's not working fast enough, she snaps "I'm a weather witch, not a snowplow!" The line is a lot funnier when you remember that Wolverine's first name is actually "Jim".
  • Why does Spyke swipe and drink everyone's milk at the start of Middleverse? Because his power involves growing bone spikes and launching them out of his body. The boy needs his calcium. Milk is seen to be his drink of choice on a few other occasions as well.

Fridge Horror

  • In the ending montage of the series, where Xavier shows a few glimpses of the X-Men's future, there's one scene of Jean Grey turning into the Phoenix, with Xavier making a comment in the background about "the best of friends becoming the most terrible of enemies". Pretty cool scene. What you might not notice on the first viewing is that in the next scene, where we see a group shot of the X-Men as adults...Jean isn't there. They would never say it outright because it would end the show on a depressing note, but the implication is pretty obvious: Jean dies. In all likelihood, the X-Men are forced to kill her.
  • X-Men: Evolution is often said to be Lighter and Softer with its villains being primarily a group of rowdy teens, and Avalanche in particular is often said to be an Anti-Villain, well, a number of things about them is off:
    • Lance's first episode ends with him try to cave in his entire school, after at first trying to collapse everything on Kitty and her parents. Ok, while we can't say "die" the look on her parents' faces before she phased out safely makes it look like they thought she was dead. So, to clear it up, Avalanche TRIED TO KILL Kitty and her parents with a Disney Death. Seems bad? Especially when he later gets together with Kitty you find it hard to believe she forgave him so easily. But when you think about it, he comes off a lot worse: this was a SCHOOL! He collapses the whole building, as shown at the end (Kitty herself was only able to escape with her powers). The average school in this Troper's home of England has around three-four hundred students in one year group, schools in America likely have twice that, being bigger, and add in the fact that the average high school in America has four year groups (adding to a possible total of 2 thousand) with some having middle schools built in (building up to a possible 3-4 thousand) and then add teachers and other staff. There was no indication that they all got out, if any, this means Avalanche may have KILLED over four thousand people, some as young as 13! Ok how is he merely Troubled but Cute or a Jerk with a Heart of Gold?
      • That math is nonsensical -- the average number of students in an American High School is 752. Obviously he was still in the wrong here, but come on.
        • Yeah, not only is the math wrong, but IIRC, this incident happened after school had been let out, and it wasn't the whole school he caved in, but that one administration building. I'm pretty sure Kitty was the only one inside.
    • In one episode, after being unable to return home, Toad broke into Wanda's room to get her clothes, and only her clothes; a part of this was a red nightgown, so he not only grabbed her clothes but possibly other things. Toad was shown as capable to break into her room, and as far as we know is capable of breaking into anyone's home, does this mean Toad has possibly broken into thousands of girls' rooms, looking through and stealing their 'unmentionables?' Another episode has him crash into her room and say 'Sorry sweetums, this time it really was an accident', as in, he has broken into her room under the claim he crashed by accident. All this builds up to make Toad come off as undeniably creepy.
    • Blob's first episode had him kidnap Jean with tons of psycho parallels. Now, remember Jean was one of the more attractive female characters and in this scene she was only wearing a purple shirt and a short skirt and this is before she got really good with her telekinesis/telepathy. Blob clearly wanted her to be his girlfriend and was undeniably creepy. Girl tied up wearing little clothing, Big guy with creepy insane stalker vibe. Yeeeaaah...
      • Well, it was softened by the fact that Blob seemed to be going for a romantic date (dinner and music) with the minor fact that the girl was tied up. Given how badly he handled rejection (just look at how he reacted when Jean told him she already had plans for the weekend) and his violent temper, there are some pretty creepy abusive boyfriend vibes. Makes you wonder how he'd react if the date went on and Jean clearly didn't enjoy herself.
    • Pietro, God Pietro. In his first episode, he was shown to use his power to break into Evan's locker and steal his money and then later frames him. Ok, so he can use his power to open lockers. Imagine what OTHER things he can open. Doors, banks, cars, possibilities are endless. That's just his LEAST villainous moment, let's look at his Moral Event Horizon: leaving that train of people to crash into the other train. Think about it: he just organized a Runaway Train to make them look heroic when they stop it, but here's the catch - another train is coming, one that will crash into it while carrying a buttload of fuel, an explosion so big JEAN is unable to stop it by herself, and Pietro ran, knowing what will happen and is only caring about himself, leaving possibly the ENTIRE TOWN to be destroyed by the explosion with an unknown amount of casualties. Pietro isn't a budding Sociopath. HE IS A SOCIOPATH!
  • At the end of "Middleverse", Forge has been broken out of the pocket dimension he was trapped in and plans to go look for his parents. Now it's likely that his parents are still alive (unless he was the youngest of a largish family), but how are they going to cope with the shock of seeing the son who's been gone-- and probably presumed dead-- for twenty years... and he hasn't changed at all?

Fridge Logic

  • How is being a really fat guy a mutant power?
    • He is a living "immovable object" he even says this to Juggernaut who (paradoxingly) is a living "unstoppable force."
    • The Super Strength and being Nigh Invulnerable would count, not to mention the fact that he can make himself impossible to move. This is why Cyclops was incapable of harming him in his first appearance. Blob simply doesn't move without wanting to.
    • Those are, in fact, Blob's actual powers. Even if he were skinny as a rail, he'd still have them.
    • Mutations are not always beneficial or something you would count as a superpower, even for a Marvel mutant. In the Blob's case, being really fat (but having no related health problems) is indeed part of his mutation, just like being slimy is part of Toad's.
    • Being fat is just a secondary effect of his power. Blob actual power is to have his own gravitational pull. When he's able to control it correctly, he's unmovable. The only way to move him is to break a part of the ground under him and to move that part of ground...
  • If Xavier's trying to safeguard the school against Magneto, why would he install steel doors on the mansion as part of Defcon 4?
    • Not all metals are affected by magnets. The doors may of been made from something he couldn't control.
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