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  • Just about everything the New Mutants do, from stealing the Blackbird to continuing a party during a lock-down and then breaking into the Danger Room can be seen as either incredibly stupid or insanely awesome and hilarious.
  • A team of combined X-Men and Brotherhood members struggle with a mystical giant spider until Gambit steals a double-decker bus, intentionally flips it at high speed, climbs out a window and rides the sliding bus almost all the way to its collision with the spider, then charges it up and makes it explode point blank. Sure, it didn't stop the spider, but it was still awesome.
  • Earlier that same episode, while Gambit was supposed to be finding the Big Bad and was locking up one of the guards, he paused to finish the guard's game of Solitaire.
  • He manages to turn a Ship Tease into a crowning moment in his first appearance. He catches Rogue off-guard and leaves her practically lovestruck while handing her a charged playing card. Rogue takes several seconds to come back to her senses and realize she's holding a bomb.
  • Cyclops has a moment when the team is fighting Juggernaut. At one point, when everything they can throw at Juggie is being shrugged off, power beams included, Cyke takes off his visor and opens his eyes fully, sending Juggernaut flying back and utterly destroying everything in sight (literally).

 Juggernaut: You think that fancy visor's gonna stop me?! NOTHING stops me! I'M RAW POWER!!!

Cyclops: Yeah? You want it raw, tough guy? Then take it RAW! (removes his visor and uses his powers at full force)

    • Of course, Juggernaut, being, well, The Juggernaut, eventually gets to his feet and powers his way through the blast, one step at a time, which was also pretty awesome. Then Rogue stole his powers and threw him into the river, encased in ice by Bobby on the way down.
    • Hell, let's just say the entire episode "The Stuff of Heroes" is a crowning moment for all involved. In the middle of a public witch hunt for mutants, this team risks their lives to stop a rampaging psychopath, and the entire country (or the government at least) has to admit they misjudged them.
    • And earlier in that episode, Scott's speach to Logan and the following fight with the military. Logan tells them to fight the military, Scott says no, they get out of this without becoming monsters. Logan insists he sees this as Black and White, Scott essentially tells him No, Logan ditches them, Scott and the X-Men take out the military without harming a single one of them.
  • Don't forget Cyclops unmasking Mystique, who has been impersonating Xavier for at least two episodes in the end of season 2.
    • And again in the very next episode (the season 3 premiere), Cyclops leaves Mystique at Area 51, and threatens not to let her come with them unless she discloses the location of the missing Professor. This plan doesn't work, but the awesomness still drips off of it.
  • And yet another for Cyke: at one point in "Target X", he and Jean take over teaching the New Mutants' class, and fail pretty badly throughout most of the episode. Then, in the last couple minutes, he decides to show them just how awesome he can be and has Jean lift all of the New Mutants into the air, before he fires an optic blast so that it bounces off the walls several times whilst avoiding every student in the air before coming down to slice an apple perfectly in half. No matter how you feel about Evo!Cyclops, you can't deny it was awesome.
  • Rogue gets a few (though the series largely seems to have been written to this end):
    • In the episode "Mutant Crush", Rogue comes to rescue Jean from Blob, who had kidnapped her earlier in the episode, even though she wasn't even on the X-Men's side yet. Oh, and she steals both Blob's and Scott's powers to do it.

 Blob: You can't stop me! I'm the Blob!

Rogue: Nah, you're just garbage that wanted a date, and I'm telling you, I'm taking you out!

    • In "Turn of the Rogue", Rogue and Scott are on a field trip with the geology class, and are waiting out the blizzard in a series of caves. Mystique (who Scott believes is just the school principal) has infiltrated as one of the students and reveals who she really is to Scott, just before knocking him off the cliff they're all standing on. Rogue is understandably ticked, and in a moment of fury, pulls her glove off and grabs Mystique's arm to absorb her memories, holding on just long enough to knock her out in the process.


    • In the same episode, Rogue pulls a Heel Face Turn and uses Cyclops's optic blasts to knock Mystique (who was about to attack the unconscious Scott) off the bridge made of snow they are crouched on.
    • Just to prove the point about this series being written to give Rogue crowning moments, she gets another in "Power Surge", draining off enough of Jean's out-of-control power so Jean can regain her senses.
    • Next is "Self Possessed", where Rogue loses control of her powers and starts recalling every power and person she ever touched. She proceeds to beat most of the main team with their own powers. A similar event happens in "Dark Horizon", except she was under mind control.
      • Is that the one where Wolverine tries to talk her down, and she uses the combined powers of Storm, Madrox and Cyclops to optic blast him from 10 directions simultaneously? Awesome.
    • Finally, when everyone is trying and failing to beat Apocalypse and his Horsemen in the series finale, Rogue takes Leech's power and single-handedly wins the day.
    • That wasn't so much as single handedly, the entire team was basically trying to distract Apocalypse so Rogue could do just that.
  • "Cruise Control" was pretty much a 20-minutes long CMOA for Amara aka Magma, the local Shrinking Violet. This is a shy, sweet little girl who jumps into a raging volcano, uses her powers on it to try stopping an eruption... and gets it.
  • Even Spyke gets one, via the episode "Uprising". In which he drives off a bunch of mutant haters with flaming quills.
    • One particular scene stands out for not only how mature Spike is acting, but how in a lot of ways he is doing the right thing. He reacts to a storekeeper refusing to serve him by knocking his purchases to the ground, before calmly walking out. Before Spike can leave however the mutant haters target a woman and her son. He reacts by standing between the two, knocking down a wall and allowing the boy and his mother to escape, before picking up what he wanted to buy and dropping a handful of cash on the counter.
  • Magneto gets one when fighting Apocalypse. Drawing on all his power, he pulls everything metal in the vicinity- including military vehicles, weapons, and satellites and hurls them at his enemy. As Apocalypse shrugs this off with with barely a reaction, this is also a CMOA for him as well.
  • Colossus gets one when he starts to get fed up with Magneto. Magneto uses his powers to pin him to a wall, threatening to "crush him like a can", so he turns into a human to escape his control and proceeds to punch Magneto, screaming at him to fight like a man. Unfortunately, Gambit stops him from actually making good on this. Though to be fair, he wasn't as urgent about it as he could have been.
  • "Operation: Rebirth". Captain America vs. a German fighter plane. The plane loses. Hell, pretty much everything Cap does in the episode is awesome, even more so because the Super Soldier serum in this continuity is causing cellular degradation and he is already suffering pretty badly.
  • In Cajun Spice, Rogue manages to be the MVP of the episode despite Gambit being at her side all along, and manages to take out several bad guys and find out just what's going on, using her power repeatedly to gain knowledge but never to borrow superpowers - wielding the least-seen-in-comics usage of her powers much more effectively than any combat power.
  • Blind Alley was one for Scott and Jean. Mystique tries to get revenge for Scott locking her in Area 51 for orchestrating a situation that nearly killed him and the New Recruits. To do so, she lures Scott to Mexico, strands him without his glasses in the middle of a desert and leaves him to die. Instead, Scott fights his way past coyotes to get to civilization, fights off several thugs when he accidentally destroys part of a hospital, fights Mystique one on one without sight and only sporadically using his power. Lures her into neutral ground where she can't see either, and fights her Daredevil style, and sees past her attempt to impersonate Jean. Meanwhile, Jean detects something's up, when Xavier insists nothings up, she checks on Scott's brother and finds out the truth, flies to Scott and finds him despite Cerebro's inability to find exact locations and psychokinetically beats the crap out of Mystique, before using a force field to push her into a wall until it colapses.
  • "Day of Recovery", when Wolverine is strapped to a table and interrogated by the military, while the other mutants are in cells with plastic walls. Wolverine uses hand signals to tell Spyke to launch a spike through one of the wall's air holes, striking one of the arm restraints and allowing him to cut himself free and take on the military.
    • What he does and says later after all the captive mutants are free is made all the more awesome:

 Wolverine: You guys head off, while I handle the army!

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