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Calvin Rankin / Mimic

A young man who accidentally gained the ability to copy the knowledge, physical attributes, skills, and superpowers of anyone near him for a short amount of time. He grew more and more conceited as he grew up and desired the ability to absorb power and knowledge personally. He sought out the X-Men to copy their powers so he could use them to activate a machine his father told him would make his powers permanent, when actually it was supposed to cure him of them. He returned to antagonize the X-Men, either fighting against them or temporarily joining them to show off. Because he was exposed to them for so long, he retains the powers of the original five X-Men permanently. Mimic is of note for being the X-Men's first new member as well as its first non-mutant. Unfortunately, he wasn't with the team for long due to his brash nature.

The Exiles version of the Mimic is from a parallel universe where he joined the X-Men with good intentions and eventually became their leader. This version is a true mutant, and has the ability to permanently absorb the powers of up to five people at a time, but has to "delete" old ones from his body to add new ones.

Moira Mactaggert

A geneticist and former girlfriend of Professor Xavier. She was introduced to the team in the guise of a maid and struck up a relationship with Banshee.

  • Badass Normal
  • Battle Butler: Or at least posed as one, rather convincingly.
  • Lethal Chef: Moira MacTaggert and her coffee. If there was a complaint desk in Excalibur's Muir Island base, probably this would be on the top. To the extent that when Kitty volunteered to take Pete Wisdom to London to check on a friend of his, Brian told him "Buy some coffee while you're there! We've run out of Rory's good stuff." And it didn't even escape Xavier's notice. He once quipped that Jubilee was using Moira's coffee to lubricate her roller skates, and also remarked on it during a video-phone call with Moira:

 Moira: Och, it's noon and I'm still barely up. It's the break o' dawn wi' you and ye look fresh as a daisy. Ye make me sick, Charles Xavier.

Professor X: No, Moira. It's your coffee that makes you sick.

  • Offing the Offspring: Tries to kill her son Proteus at one point, after he's already murdered at least two people. Cyclops interrupts at the last minute.
  • Parental Substitute: To Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane).
  • Scotireland
  • Team Mom: To the Excalibur team
  • The Maiden Name Debate: Moira Mac Taggart (a.k.a Kinross) kept her late husband's name. Strange, considering the fact that he was horribly abusive and that Moira's son Proteus was implied to be the result of marital rape. Partially justified seeing as her husband refused to divorce her, leading to her running away and pretending she was widowed but when he actually died, there was no reason to keep using the name.

Valerie Cooper

See X-Factor.


Princess of the Shi'ar, a race of an empire of human-like aliens with vestigial bird-like features. Used telepathy to get Xavier to help her fight against her evil brother and evil sister.

Christopher Summers / Corsair

Senator Robert Kelly

A bigoted senator with personal issues as regards mutants. He started out merely afraid (quite understandably) of what they might do; after his wife was killed in a mutant-on-sentinel battle it became slightly more personal. He wants mutants to be registered and controlled (despite, you know, silly stuff like the constitution), but on occasion has actively fought against more extremist politicians like the pro-genocide Graydon Creed. Swings between Well-Intentioned Extremist and Strawman Political, Depending on the Writer. The Brotherhood of Mutants keep on trying to kill him and the X-Men keep on saving him in the hopes that one day he'll be grateful. Eventually, he was. Then an anti-mutant activist killed him anyway.



Daken is...difficult to describe. The villainous, sadistic son of Wolverine, he isn't strictly an X-Men villain. He has gone toe to toe with the X-Men in the past, and attempted to kill his father for a time, but has settled on a complicated arrangement best summed up as 'doing whatever he feels like', usually not involving other mutants. He's served as a Dark Avenger, borrowing his father's moniker. Has all his father's powers, minus the adamantium, as well as the ability to release pheromones that he can use to manipulate other people.

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