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  • The end to the first part of the Campaign. The group begins arguing about zebras, religion, and whether Wez the Mad is crazy or just crazy enough to pretend to be crazy, in and out of character. Eventually they all move to a tavern to get drunk, still arguing about religion and anachronisms and now also race, with one of them trying desperately to stay in-character and draw them back into the story, and thus yelping "What are 'nachos?' ... What's 'Nam?!'"
  • Azad's pink shoes.
  • In a recent session, Dhother decided to pray to Corellon after killing the leader of Felbrigg that was also a vampire. Corellon's response? Appear in a vision to Dhother as a naked man, make directional gestures with his penis, and then slap Dhother in the face with his penis twice. All to tell Dhother to go to Collensgrove.
  • Rollo T's racist accent for his character Eli.
    • At one point one of the new members asks who in the party is a healer. Another player replies "the racist one" meaning Rollo T.
  • "My name is Azad, and today is my birthday!" Considering how serious and Deadpan Snarker he'd been up until then, that scene was utterly hilarious.
  • Rollo T singing the "A Wizard's Staff …" song.
  • "Jonn, smash a hole in the floor and see if you can find out what's happening below!"
  • Brother Walken
  • The party instantly assuming that Khan Mosarag was sleeping with his dead, headless wife. In the biblical sense.
  • The elderly elf-mage's verbal tic (finishing each sentence with "Rrrrrootootootootootoot!").
  • Bomar the Baker accidentally destroying the party's ship by setting it on fire while trying to bake for them. And the kicker? Bomar tried to bake bread by starting a campfire on a wooden ship.
  • Caitlin visits the town blacksmith for a new suit of armor. Fed up with having to deal with so many seemingly insane characters, she desperately asks the blacksmith whether he's "normal". He tells her, "I'm a guy who pounds metal for a living." Caitlin is relieved...and then the blacksmith turns around, revealing his shaved legs, heels and miniskirt.

 Rollo T: You know what? I'll take it.

  • The reunion feast after Alpert's funeral, starring practically every named character in the campaign (except for Ghadi (naturally, as he's now a villain), Azad, Duke Ned and Timmy).
  • Right after Caitlin finally becomes the Firstborn of Bahamut, due to Caitlin losing her original body (long story short: the crystal embedded in her a few sessions earlier contributed to this), she had to recover her ability to speak Common. This led to Cailtin discovering that not only could she not speak in Common, but she could not write in Common as well. Caitlin's attempts to communicate devolved into a hilarious mini-game of Pictionary, mostly due to Rollo T having less-than-impressive drawing skills.
  • In a Shout-Out to the other campaign that some of the players participate in: "Turn into a bear and punch him!"
  • I don't sleep with corpses, sir!
  • CSI: Wyrmwick
  • Lord Kat voicing the Succubi. In the words of the chat: "I like my succubi to have manly New York accents."
  • Eli being astounded at the number of bricks in the wall of his cell. "I do believe there are 75 bricks in this wall …"
  • LordKat mispronouncing the name of the priest of Bahumut, Megalion, [1] as "Mega-lion".


  1. (pronounced "Meg-galleon")
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