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  • This Troper is not sure whether this technically belongs in this category or not, but approximately a week or so before the Wrath of the Lich King expansion came out, Thrall disappeared from his chamber for a few hours. The official forums proceeded to speculate on what he was doing and where he was during that time. This led to many responses simply saying "Jaina." But the absolute best was in response to one of these, where the poster simply wrote:


    • It counts.
  • There are a number of non-combat pets with silly and/or hilarious animations, but {{Fighteer my}} vote for funniest ever has to go to the Plump Turkey, obtained as a reward for completing the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday achievements. When near a cooking fire, the poor brainwashed bird takes a running jump into the fire and cooks itself.
    • The turkey narrowly supplants my other favorite, the Rocket Chicken, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, a robot chicken with huge rocket boosters strapped to its back. After warming itself up for a few minutes, the chicken will spontaneously launch itself skyward... and explode in a loud squawk and puff of feathers.
  • For Hunters only, but:
    • Step 1 - Get someone to shoot you with a Turkey Shooter.
    • Step 2 - Find an empty plate on one of the feast tables.
    • Step 3 - Feign Death.
    • Upon doing all of the following, you will become a roasted turkey sitting on a plate.
  • Kael'thas was originally a raidboss in Tempest Keep. Later he was revived as a 5 man boss. His monologue included "... Tempest Keep was merely a setback". From then on, "merely a setback" was a new meme in WoW circles.
    • Then we got the Blood Princes, 3 blood elves turned vampires who you could kill during leveling. When you first engage them, one says "Naxxanar was merely a setback".
      • Hogger, of all... people uses this line in Cataclysm. Glorious.
  • The conversation with Azuregos in the epic Scepter of Ahn'Qiraj questline. It's just a "tiny minnow".
    • Azuregos's saga of sillyness continues post-Shattering, where he falls in love with a Spirit Healer of all things.
  • "What's for dinner, Cookie?"
  • Patch 4.0.3a changed a good chunk of the quests for the old world, and some of the new content is glorious.

  Kingslayer Orkus: Can you smell what the Lok'tar is cookin'?!

 Ever heard the saying survival of the fittest? What you're doing conflicts with natural law."

  Here's a singing telegram for [you]! Roses are red, violets are blue, I'll kill any [race] I see, including you!

  • Drakuru's questline in Grizzly Hills, specifically the final quest where he asks you to summon him to Drak'Tharon Keep. The quest itself isn't really that funny, but the reaction of everyone in the dungeon group when the Lich King steps out of the portal is simply priceless. Too bad everything from there's a bit of an anti-climax.
  • Sometimes, you get some really funny things in Chat.
    • One time in Guildchat...

 "Can Shamans use weapon enhancements while unarmed?"

"I tried that once with Flametongue, but I got third-degree burns on my hands, so I wouldn't suggest trying that."

    • Another time back before most Battlegrounds, there was this HUGE fight in Booty Bay on Bloodscalp. Like seriously, there were a good hundred or so players running around and a couple hundred guards running around killing the fighters, as well as lots and lots and lots of skeletons.

 "What the heck happened in Booty Bay?! It's a war zone!"

"Well, it all started with a badly-timed Chuck Norris fact and it turned into that."

    • Right after 4.03...

 "Holy crap, Gamon is a lot stronger now."

"What, was the Death Knight merely a setback?"

"Dude he's soloing a bunch of 80s!"

"Gamon Banned?"

    • A discussion on the armor selection available to Mages resulted in the inevitable "tissue paper" comment, upon which someone remarked:

 "No worries. At high levels, they give you armor made of Bounty paper towels. It's twice as strong!"

  • Sometimes, you find funny things in the comments section of WowHead.

 "I think in a game where troll sweat comes pre-bottled, some mobs drop functional items made of their own body, and hunters can turn wild animals into their best friends by holding their arms out for a few seconds, making a fire from materials you find around you isn't that much of a stretch.

"It's because you try to turn the animal friendly by wanting to hug it. After a while, it gives in."

  • A post-Cataclysm quest chain in the Thousand Needles area involves running around and freeing a bunch of captured baby wyverns, called pridelings. For a while after freeing them, they'll follow you around. The quest chain eventually has you taking on the Jerkass responsible for ordering the pridelings trapped. When you finally find him, and work him down to about 10% health the pridelings you freed earlier swarm him, pick him up, and throw his ass off a cliff. Even the quest giver thinks that's a hoot.
  • There is a discovered quest in the Vash'jir zone truly called "A Case of Crabs". You find a case of crab meat and take it back to a stranded NPC, the item itself has the flavor text of "An unexpected find" and the NPC thanks you for your thoughtful present and that if anyone questions your character they will tell them that in her moment of need, you gave her a case of crabs. Your reward for this selfless endeavor is a"finely toothed comb".
  • Any kill quest that's triggered by killing a monster, but especially this one.
  • In the Goblin starter area there's a quest where you free goblins captured by pirates by... attaching rockets to the cages to make them fly to town. Some of them when you attach the rockets yell "The pirates have the keys!". Sure enough after killing a pirate you may loot a key... as vendor trash. The flavor text even says "We don't need no stinkin' keys!"
    • Even better, some of the Goblins in the cages point out that the cages have no floor!
    • And at the end of the Lost Isles, if you wait on the dock long enough, eventually the goblins you launched will fall back onto the boat...frozen in blocks of ice from having flown into low orbit.
    • The very first quest you get for a goblin character involves taking a "surprise" from your assistant to the foreman in appreciation for his hard work. He gleefully opens the package as soon as you give it to him. It's a bomb. Pretty much tells you everything you need to know about goblins, right there.
  • This troper was checking out the new jokes on his goblin rogue, and there's this one that fits perfectly for that race & class combination:

 Goblin: Yeah, so he told me to tie her up and do whatever I wanted to her. So I took her stereo.

  • The Uldum quest 'Gnomebliteration' will probably end up being this for anyone who isn't big on the race. I'm not going to spoil it, but I advise everyone to do it (the chain starts with this quest). Guaranteed to be a ball.
    • The inevitable video with the proper music.
    • On the topic of Uldum quests, the daily Thieving Little Pluckers will probably end up a favorite.
    • One of the prerequisites to 'Gnomebliteration' requires you to distract corrupted gnomes with a device that's supposed to manifest holographs of their suppressed "adolescent fantasies". As the tooltip says, "[t]his ought to prove interesting". One of them: An undead rock star standing atop a devilsaur (i.e. giant T-Rex) turn standing atop a shark...that's equipped with thrusters and a plasma cannon mounted on its head. Beta testers for Cataclysm had a lot of fun manifesting this character throughout Azeroth.
      • The undead rock star riding a dinosaur riding a rocket-powered laser shark was originally added to the Maelstrom area in the Cataclysm beta, when testers said the maelstrom wasn't "epic enough". The shark is called "Epicus Maximus, Paragon of Epicosity", the T-Rex is called "And a Dinosaur", and the rider is called "ROCK ON".
  • The revelation in a Felwood quest that an Imp's Weaksauce Weakness is rainbows.
    • Made even better when the imp breaks down crying, shouting things like "It's so intense!" and "What does it mean?!", references to the infamous "Double Rainbow" viral video.
  • Bear Chucking. The quest text is as hilarious as the quest itself.

 Baby turtles are sweet, even if they can be somewhat bitey.

<Mylune holds up a bandaged finger.>

But they're so slow with their tiny little legs, they can't escape the fire creatures who are attacking Hyjal!

<Mylune claps her hands together.>

PLEASE save them, <name>! Pick up the wee turtles and punt them into the water of the Ashen Lake. Don't worry about the kicking, they have hard shells.

They also have hard teeth, so don't pick them up by the mouth.

    • Also from Hyjal is Kristoff Manheim, who was sent into an ogre cave to research the Eye of Twilight and who you encounter hanging from a chain.

 Player: So how is your researching coming along?

Kristoff: <name>. Can I call you <name>? I am hanging from a meathook in the back of an ogre cave. How do you THINK my research is progressing, you pompous dirt-sucking ass-<class>? C'mere! C'mere you son of a swineheard! <Kristoff flutters back and forth on his chain, trying desperately to kick you in the face>

      • When you retrieve the key to his chain but opt not to immediately free him:

 Player: Um, no. Would you mind hanging out a little longer? I have some stuff to take care of first.

Kristoff: You... WHAT? Come over here and say that! <Kristoff kicks and flails his limbs in a frothing rage, his head twisting around to glare at you.> So help me, I will - I am going to - I will knock your brains out! I will fill the empty cavity left behind with my boot! Come here! GET BACK HERE! <Kristoff strains to grasp your neck, his fingers wriggling inches from your face.>

      • And, finally, when you turn in the last quest, informing the person who sent him into the cave in the first place of the rescue:

 Royce Duskwhisper:' Kristoff, Kristoff... Oh yes I remember now. I recall sending him on what amounted to a suicide mission. He survived? I suppose that means he failed.

 "You'll pay for this, [player name]!"

"My neck! You'll be hearing from my lawyer!"

  • Getting the turtle mount from the trading card game (which doesn't increase your movement speed at all), and going around a capital city singing "Slow ride! Take it easy!"
  • Mammoth parades.
  • Most of Budd Nedreck's quests, the best of which is probably Budd's Plan. Why? That's why.
  • By the time you get to the Cho'gall encounter in Bastion of Twilight, you will likely have become somewhat tired of his long-winded speeches, with the (insane and possessed) "Gall" head continually interrupting the "Cho" head to make rambling declarations of doom and chaos. Well, when you get to the room where you actually fight Cho'gall, his introductory speech shows that Cho is getting as fed up with Gall as you are, because he tells himself several times to just shut the hell up and stop interrupting him...self.
  • For anyone familiar with Dwarf Fortress, this.
  • Calder Gray in the Southern Barrens, probably a partial Shout-Out to Greys Anatomy. After you finish his quest chain, he'll ask you,

 "Do you know what I like [name]?"

"No, Calder. What do you like?"


  • In the same area, Crawgol writes a field guide to silithids... which is ridiculously uninformative.
  • The rare spawn in Western Plaguelands, Scarlet Judge, has an aggro of "I judge you.... DELICIOUS!"
  • Some of the Stop Poking Me the NPCs will give you. One of the best is one from the male draenei. "You require medication?" The accent sells it.
  • "By the foul teat of Kil'jaeden's rotted torso, the entire backside is blown out!"
  • The books in the death knight starting zone. Subjects include, Scourge table manners, a nutritional handbook for zombies, a Scourge-written romance novel, four journals written by a new death knight, retelling his perspective of both Scholomance and Stratholme, lampshading how idiotic and crazy the bosses of both areas are, and also that he was being hit on by a Nerubian, and finally a book listing new death knights, including Harmony, who was "struck down because her name was against Scourge decency."
  • Upon handing in the quest "Mystery of the Sarcen Stone" in Azshara, Malynea Skyreaver has a short conversation with Custer Clubnik.

 Malynea: Did you hear that, Clubnik? Those that died defending Lake Mennar are heroes. Their selfless actions may have even saved this entire world! A memorial should be erected.

Clubnik: Sure, I hear ya. Howsabout a... Memorial Fuel Depot? It'll be very tasteful!

Malynea: Clubnik? I hope you die. In a fire.

  • This troper was playing his Goblin Shaman and doing a quest that required the use of an item. He was in Ghost Wolf form and noticed that he was near where the object needed to be used. When he tried to use it, he got this gem.

  That requires opposable thumbs

  • During Children's Week, you get to shepard around some orphans. Along the way, they make some random commentary, some of which is delightfully adorable and hilarious:
    • Dorna, the Draenei:

 "Is the Twisting Nether shaped like a pretzel? And just what is a Nether? The orphan matron says I shouldn't ask people about their nethers..."

"If a horse gets horseshoes, will I get draenei shoes?"

"If the Burning Legion is such a problem why not just throw water on them? Then they'll just be a legion."

"If I hold my breath, what color would I turn?"

    • Shalindria, the Blood Elf

 "I bet ice cream would taste better if it were socketed!"

"If the demons fell, where did they fall from?"

"Would a tauren paladin be a holy cow?"

"Boys have cooties and girls have beauty!"

    • The Orc

 "What does 'zug zug' mean?"

"When lightning strikes the ocean why don't all the fish die?"

"Would a fly without wings be called a walk?"

"I have a rock in my nose."

    • The Human

 If you try to fail and succeed, what did you just do?

Mushrooms always grow in damp places and so they look like umbrellas.

If overalls are held up by the snaps at the top, then why do they have belt loops?

  • In the revamped Zul'Gurub, Bloodlord Mandokir (As part of his fight mechanic) will one-shot a player and level up, having since apparently become aware of how leveling works, he goes...

 Mandokir: Ding!

Jin'Do (the final boss, heard from the distance): 'Ey! Gratz mon!

  • Millhouse Manastorm. Possibly the best gnome ever, even after you discover he's part of the Twilight's Hammer.

 "Hahaha, alriiight! Who ordered up an extra large can of whoop-ass?"

  • Although I never played WoW, I find Mysteries of the Infinite, along with its sequel, to be humorous. In the first, your future self appears to help you, and then it turns out that you are in a time loop, and must aid your past self (aka you from the first part). Both your future and past selves are quite snarky and hang quite a few lampshades.
  • The Winterfin murlocs in Northrend, who all have their names in gibberish to reference their incomprehensible language. They also have their own version of Demoralizing Shout, amusingly named Demoralizing Mmmrrrggglll.
  • A lot of things you can interact with on the upper floor of Acherus tend to be silly. For example, a book containing information and whereabouts of certain death knights that changes as you progress through the quest line. It contains, among other anomalies:
    • A death knight who was turned into the ghoul minion of another death knight and retained his excellent cooking abilities.
    • The writer of the book stating that you need more cowbell.
  • There was a funny occurrence back in the classic game. All of a sudden, five players walked over to a Horde player flagged for PvP. Instead of attacking him, all five of them used their Barov Peasant Callers, a trinket which summons three battle butlers to aid you. What happened next was fifteen Battle Butlers who appeared and proceeded to beat the shit out of the unfortunate Horde player.
  • Sometimes, people have a lot of fun on roleplay servers.
    • In one situation, someone walked up and asked if a druid was a pet. They responded no, and he responded that in his yard was a bunch of wild cats, two night elves, and a tauren passed out from the catnip he put in his yard.
  • Sometimes, even when they break character.
    • On one RP server, people discussed trade deals in-character All of a sudden, someone comes by and shouts, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", which prompted some rather amusing responses.
    • For awhile (Pre-Cataclysm) on Silver Hand, someone had made a troll hunter named "Denning", walked to the gates of Orgrimmar, and declared,
  • One Alliance quest chain in Grizzly Hills starts with the player eating some amberseeds out of a bucket. When they want more, the NPC they turn to tells them how vital the seeds were and that he needs them back before you digest them. Take a wild guess how you get them out of your system.
  • The Butcherbot in Tanaris is possibly the most hilariously disturbing thing in the game. It's a little robot with claws that you're supposed to call to butcher freshly killed animals. While it's doing this, it yells things like,


"Chop chop chop!"

"I want the arterieeeeeeeees!"

  • Overlapping with Video Game Cruelty Potential, death knights have a spell in the Unholy talent tree called Corpse Explosion, which as the name implies causes dead mobs (except mechanicals and elementals due to them being inorganic) and players to explode leaving behind chunks of flesh or a ribcage. Other than being a useful spell for damaging crowds, it can just be used on dead mobs if you have a lot of runic power left for a good laugh.
    • Hell, you can also cast it on your ghoul minions and turn them into suicide bombers.
  • Chromie's reaction to seeing Mannoroth being pulled through the Well of Eternity and back into the Twisting Nether.

 "Sorry we're late, did we miss anythi-Oh wow!"

  • One quest in the Redridge Mountains rewards you with a Dwarven Fishing Pole. It's a gun, and its description reads "Dwarves aren't known for their subtlety".
  • Way way way way waaaaaaay back in Classic, someone took out a pet with the "Living Bomb" debuff and didn't know that it paused the timer on it. So imagine everyone's shock when all of a sudden, every single person in the auction house had a mysterious "Click to resurrect" message wondering what on earth happened. It's hard to say where this first happened; but this happened to Horde and Alliance at around the same time.
  • As a druid, one of the funniest things ever is the Gunship Battle in ICC. Why? Rocket bears.
  • A rare-spawn graverobber in Duskwood lampshades the fact that graverobbers like her are considered scum, but your looting corpses is totally OK.

  "Adventurers are such hypocrites! Like YOU just FOUND your weapon on the side of the road!"

  • In the blood elf starting zone, there's a quest where an apprentice mage asks you to find a spellbook in a river and tell his mentor you dropped it in a puddle so he won't take the heat. As righteous as you are, you tell the mentor the truth. He then asks you to discipline his two apprentices using a rod that polymorphs them into boars.
    • Similarly in the night elf starting zone there's a quest where a satyr has you gather items from the local wildlife. When the Council of the Forest hears about what you did you're sent to gather fel cones (pinecones containing fel magic) and give them to him. He eats them and gets polymorphed into a frog.
  • Belbi's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles, an Alliance head item obtainable during Brewfest which when equipped causes most humanoid NPCs to appear as male gnomes. The Horde equivalent, Blix's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles, is arguably more hilarious since it causes NPCs to appear as female orcs.
  • You help a goblin priest (who airdrops in via parachute) exorcize a "haunted tractor" in Azshara. Unfortunately you both get the tractor destroyed... and yet, the priest still tells you to remind the owner about the bill for the exorcism services.
  • Maximillian of Northshire is a blowhard knight in Un'Goro Crater, who hires you as his squire. You join him as he helps three fair maidens... (by chucking one off a cliff to save her from being trapped, killing another's pet bird because it was an "evil phoenix", and retrieving the purse of the last one, an apparently male blood elf) Later, you help him slay evil "dragons" (dinosaurs) until you anger the "Dragon Queen" (actually the Devilsaur Queen) and are forced to flee her wrath on Maximillian's horse... and try to defeat her by chucking rocks, which doesn't work out so well. Eventually, Maximillian gets desperate and takes off his armor until he's down to his boxers... and asks you to chuck the armor at the rampaging dinosaur For Massive Damage.
  • One of the death knight starting zone quests has you collect skulls of Scarlet Crusaders and New Avalon citizens for Noth the Plaguebringer. When he asks you if you notice anything missing from the pumpkin patch he's standing in front of he snidely tells you "Of course you don't, because you're a moron! Your brain was probably the first thing to die". Made funnier by this being during a particularly dark quest chain.
  • "What's that smell? Ohhh! Bad dog!"
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