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  • Basic Trope: A world where animals substitute for people
    • Straight: Alice is a Cat and Bob is a Bunny they both live in houses and use money and eat people foods and in this universe there is nothing unusual about that.
    • Exaggerated: In this universe every animal is intelligent even cockroaches, worms and amoebas it is a highly advanced civilization, it is not unusual to see a dog driving a car or a cow eating a hamburger (Don't ask where the meat comes from) Different species intermix freely and when they have children, the offspring are either a blend of the parents features, or a case of gender equals breed.
    • Justified: This story takes place in an alternate universe where humans never evolved and all over species are sapient instead.
    • Inverted: The story focuses on a purely human civilization
    • Subverted: We see a what looks like a dog-person attending a party but later it is revealed this is just a hyper realistic costume.
    • Double Subverted: Underneath that Dog costume he is actually a cat!
    • Parodied: Even though the animals are clearly very civilized they also still eat each other, Bob the Rabbit gets very nervous when Alice the Cat gets hungry
    • Averted: The world has humans as the dominant species, and animals are merely domestic.
    • Deconstructed: ???
    • Reconstructed: ???
    • Enforced: The author is an animal lover who wanted to make a world composed entirely of animals.
    • Invoked: A mad scientist genetically engineers, Animals to be sapient and humanoid so he can study the evolution of a civilization with many species.
    • Discussed: "Mom is a cat, Dad is a rabbit, Sometimes I wonder how Dad puts up with all of Mom's meat recipes."
    • Conversed: So...the bunny is in love with a cat?" "That's probably not unusual in a world where the Mayor is a Penguin who married a Snake."
    • Played for Laughs: Bob Bunny is a gives Alice Cat a gift of carrots, she gives him a can of tuna, akwardness follows.
    • Played for Drama: The carnivore animals oppress the herbivore animals, keeping them from rebelling or questioning the status quo, Two young animals, Alice-a cat from the carnivore clan- and Bob -a rabbit from the herbivore clan- must keep their friendship a secret.
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