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  • Pretty much the entire second half of the book. Some highlights:

 Max: "What did you do?"

Mary Jo Miller: "I... I'm not totally sure. When I try to remember, everything goes by too fast. I had it by the neck. It pulled Jenna toward its open mouth. I squeezed hard... pulled... The kids say I tore the thing's head off, just ripped it right out with all the flesh and muscle and whatever else hanging in tatters."

    • The former pro wrestler who picked up and USED a zombie as a club. And broke down crying at the scent of perfume that reminded him of someone. We never find out who.
    • The nun who defended her Sunday school class for nine days with a six-foot iron candle holder.
    • The rancher who defended his herd from a zombie attack in true cowboy style.
    • The crew of the International Space Station, who stayed behind to keep as many important satellites as possible up and running, getting a massive dose of radiation in the process. The one interviewed has the best room, with the best meds, in the best hospital in Australia. He died three days after the interview, having survived the longest out of the entire crew. He still insists they weren't heroes.
    • The blind old gardener... who is more or less Daredevil or Zatoichi. Let's not forget his closing line:

 Tomonaga Ijiro: "I told him that we might be facing fifty million monsters, but those monsters would be facing the gods."

    • The Battle of the Five Colleges, where about 300 students held off a zombie horde with nothing but garden tools, wooden planks, songs, and practice rifles.
    • "She... she wouldn't leave, you see. She insisted, over the objections of Parliament, to remain at Windsor, as she put it, 'for the duration.'" Windsor survived the war.
      • God save the Queen.
    • 500 Maori warriors against half of zombified Auckland. It's strongly implied the Maori won.
    • The people of New York fighting the zombies with basically anything they could get their hands on. Sure, they probably all die, but it's still cool.
  • In "Closure, LTD.", a new expansion written for The New Dead, Max gets one when he finally gets the chance to shoot a zombie himself.
  • The American counterattack. Adapting a battle tactic from India, they lure the Zombies into surrounding them, and then use sharpshooter tactics to kill every single one for miles around.
    • They then proceed to make two lines of men the width of the continent, and march north and south, blasting apart every single zombie they find.
  • The story of the security guy who walked out on the idiots trying to reenact The Masque Of The Red Death.
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