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In a nutshell, eight rocks, two balls of gas and not a single train that runs on time.

(This page is a work in project. Suggestions are welcome.)

A world-building project by Gilboron. Started as a Lord of the Rings fan fiction in 2003 - still evident in locations such as Nerhûn - and expanded a lot after that, to say the least.

Though the world spans one entire solar system and parts of other systems, the main setting is the relatively Earth-like planet En ôr, though the two last plots (see paragraph below) almost entirely do not take place on En ôr.

The world itself contains examples of:

  • Alien Sky (En ôr itself, for example, has three moons, with Ymir's orbit occasionally being so close it seems like a fourth moon)
  • Alternative Calendar (247 days, 27.5 weeks, 9 days each (Nomdae, Gnidae, Mardae, Wodae, Ceadae, Haodae, Jirdae, Sadae, Leidae), 13 months (Flame, Mule, Stone, Blade, Mark, Snake, Scythe, Vial, Tear, Archer, Flake, Whale, Warrior), 19 days each.)
  • Fantasy World Map (Found here, though it does not have much detail.)
  • Loads and Loads of Races (On En ôr and Ymir alone we have the Manii, Kalur, Ken'y, Irks, Pards, Orpacurce, Merks, Noruej, Gäfhâd'y, Shuund ôrg, Ketu ãr, Olo ëwja and Ymirians.)
  • National Anthem (The several nations all have one)

The world is built out of nine "plots", which depending on context, could be films, books or seasons of a TV series. These plots are, in order:

1. Eryne Tîwele I

Eryne Tîwele is a prince of the kingdom of Foghain, in the world of En ôr. He lives a fairly careless life as second heir to the throne, until one day, during a feast in memory of the liberation of the kingdom’s capital, Avarrots, his father gets assassinated. Immediately begins a trial of Eryne’s maturity as he is asked to join the secret Order of the Fang prematurely. Fleeing from his father’s assassins, he tries to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle. Meanwhile, his older brother, Pr ÿs Tîwele, lays siege on Ardonjonne, a rebellious city in the north of the Kingdom. Eryne gets fed up with the amount of responsibility he receives, and runs away with the royal family’s young bard and his childhood friend, Minthe ïs. Having ran away, he finally calms down and puts the situation into perspective. However, as he realises what lies for him in the future, the Gods hand him a mysterious sword: the Herald of Death. Just then, he runs into Pr ÿs, and reconciles with the Order. Reluctantly, he uses the Herald of Death to win the day, but as he fails to cope with having killed people, the sword loses its power. Then his brother dies, and in his anger, destroys the whole city of Ardonjonne. Realising what he just did, he jumps off the slippery slope. He decides to leave his tainted kingdom behind, leaving it to Minthe ïs, and takes the remainder of the Order to find a new land to rule. Travelling through En ôr, he discovers the world, and finally, his eyes fall on the Nerh ân Republic. Acting like Royal Representatives, they infiltrate Nerh ûn’s inner circles, and finally, using the power of the Herald, Eryne conquers the nation.

This plot contains examples of:

  • Berserker Tears (The first time Eryne goes on a rampage with the Herald, in Ardonjonne, tears stream down his face because of his brother's death)
  • BFS (The Herald of Death is the size of a claymore for the averagely 8 feet tall Ymirians, so for a regular 6 feet human... Yeah...
  • Laughing Mad (The second time Eryne goes on a rampage with the Herald, near the Nerh ân capital, Eyda, he laughs, between laughter screaming things like "What can you take from me now?")
  • Rape Is Ok When It Is Female On Male (Played with: when Eryne is raped by Anna Lünn, he tries to tell this to his older brother Pr ÿs, but he dismisses it as "maturing")
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man (Eryne Tîwele and his older brother, of course without the homoerotic subtext)
  • Unstoppable Rage (As the Herald's Core reacts strongly to the user's emotions, Eryne's fury can make it create explosions of several kilotons, later even megatons)

2. Aig ânt Tîwele II

Aig ânt Tîwele, second heir to the Nerh ân throne, is a boy of a chaotic past, of which only parts are revealed. One day, due to being fed up with the boringness of Imperial life, he decides to run away with his older brother, Crown Price Eley ôs. They travel south, to the tribal village were Aig ânt was raised in exile, and then travel north to see the fabled capital of Cend ôr, Losd æh, a region currently under Nerh ân control. However, on their way, they find out their father didn’t take their leave lightly, and that he sent several search parties to find them. They accidentally get involved with a rebellion group, and decide to stay to stand a better chance against these search parties. However, as they fight alongside the rebels, they come to feel approving of their ideals, and began to fight with full heart for the rebels’ cause. But when the search parties find them, they make a shocking discovery: one of the rebellion’s leaders is an exiled princess of the Nerh ân throne. Her secret revealed, they decide to march on the capital, assassinate the Emperor, and free Cend ôr while crowning the princess, Ydian, new Empress. However, their cover is blown, and Ydian takes the role of faithful citizen to regain the trust of her father. Ydian secretly releases Eley ôs in Aig ânt in trade for the assassination of her father: they agree, and Ydian is crowned Empress, while Aig ânt and Eley ôs are forgiven. Eley ôs immediately becomes a loyal servant of his sister, but Aig ânt questions her ruthless politics and warmongering, and is eventually banished to an island in the Grey Gulf. As he is transported, however, he murders the soldiers that are escorting him, and sails the ship to Eloria, a city soon to become victim of Ydian's politics. He warns them in time, and the Ken pre-emptively attack Eyda, the Nerh ân capital. Under this stress, Ydian shows her true bloodthirst, and is arrested. Eley ôs replaces her, but suffers from indecisiveness. Aig ânt convinces him to negotiate, and the war soon ends: peace, and as a barter, the capital of Eyda is handed over to the Ken. In return, the Nerh ân Empire receives a southern Elorian city, Goldur, which becomes the new capital.

This plot contains examples of:

  • BFS (Eley ôs' sword, though not nearly as large as the Herald of Death, is on its own also pretty large)
  • Red Light District (Aig ânt and Eley ôs end up getting involved in the rebellion here)
  • Sea Monster (Adek, though this giant sea snake is only mentioned)
  • Whip It Good (Eley ôs' sword is too heavy to always carry around with him, and as a more portable way of defending himself he carries around a whip)

3. Gîlboron Tîwele I

Oserple, a slave of the Aren household found in the Eaden ôn desert, finds his life warped as the Nerh ân Empire attacks his home and kidnaps him. He is brought before the young governor of the Morgon, Gily ôn Aleman, who tells him of his heritage, but informs him that until his crowning, all he can do is lord him. Oserple, unconvinced, refuses. Nonetheless, Gily ôn sends a messenger to Goldur, and immediately receives a return message from the Field Marshal of the Nerh ân army, third heir Gîlyon Tîwele. They decide to meet in Hugh êr, the second largest city of what was once Elorian territory in Nerh ûn. On the meeting, Gîlyon convinces Oserple, whose real name is Gîlboron. He informs him that the second heir to the throne, Gîlsayr, is ruling in his place. However, on their way to the capital, they discover village after village being plagued by mysterious beings: rumor has it the Tlong, servants of the Chaos God Zast ôhda, have returned from the God Moon Ymir. They hurry to Goldur, and after long observation, they are able to find the source of the so-called Tlong. Gîlboron prepares an army to attack the source - located in the Ne êm marshes - but when he attempts to attack, he discovers the Tlong are real, and is quickly mastered and knocked subconscious. When he awakes, he finds himself in a strange, futuristic environment: the source of the Tlong. The Gods turn out to be aliens from a second planet in En ôr's solar system, and the Tlong are merely cyborgs. Gîlboron, piece by piece, learns of Ymir's history, and discovers the Ymirian Zast ôhda to be leading a rebellion against a corporation that wants to halt the "out-of-hand En ôn genetic experiment". He says that they are struggling, and that it would be a major help if Gîlboron were to scavenge the Herald of Death together. The blade is easy to find, pieces being kept by each province's capital city, but the core, enabling its powers, is located in Gîlgon, capital of Morgon. Gîlboron informs Aleman, the governor, but Aleman, underestimating the danger, tries to use the core's power himself. Gîlboron has to go and save him, and in doing so, retrieves the core, enabling the rebellion the make a large step towards victory. Gîlboron follows Zast ôhda to Ymir, and with the Herald helps to win the battle and save En ôr.

This plot contains examples of:

4. The Balance of Fate

The Tîwele dynasty has long since ended, and a second Imperial dynasty, the Denaigi dynasty, is currently holding the throne. It rules well, though somewhat controlling, but nevertheless more and more republican rebels are sprouting up. A descendant of the old Imperial family, Dron Tîwele, is not part of this rebellion, but one day receives a letter that leads to the masked and fabric-covered leader of the rebellion, who only names himself with the Nerh ân letter Th. This plot is a work in project, but eventually the rebellion forms a small separate nation with Eyda as a capital.

This plot contains examples of:

  • We Can Rebuild Him (Th eventually turns out to be Zastohda, who rather graphically died the previous story arc. He explains his name as a "fallen Z", as the Nerh ân symbol for Th is a 90° turned S/Z.)

5. The Great War

This plot starts at the end of the eponymous Second Great War, as a five-member strike team is sent to infiltrate the Eydan capital, as the rebellious nation is attempting to conquer the whole of Nerh ûn, with the help of the Urtemian Empire. The team consists of Rune Tîwele, Knight of the Fang, Eadrei Thalo, engineer, Torsa Gastarruh, Kalur and expert sniper, Eloto Shtalichi, Ken'y scout, and Derfon Edmuhnen âlc, big guy. However, Torsa turns out to be a spy, and the infiltration turns out wrong, and eventually the Nerh ân army decides there is only one thing left to do: an all-out attack on Eyda. This, sadly, destroys a large part of the city, but does not kill Th. This is done by the spy, Torsa, who kills Th and then commits suicide.

This plot contains examples of:

  • Blitz Evacuees (The reason few people in the army still have parents left: most of them died in the previous Great War)

6. Loyalty

The biography of Jonathan-Aelo Tîwele.

This plot contains examples of:

 Fiera Nnycfl æ: (gets out ring) "Jonathan-Aelo Tîwele, you are hereby fired."

Jonathan-Aelo Tîwele: "You know, I quit."

7. Discoveries

The story starts with 29 year old Manii student Guidas Tîwele, who, while going on a trip with his two friends, Sh ælyn Gorona and Asliral Zoyar, accidentally befriends the Ken’y Gerco Valcon, a member of the En ôrian Alliance Taskforce (a rebellious organization, legendary for being the only ones to offer any resistance during the war 22 years ago, when Urtemuin conquered most of En ôr using Ymirian technology). When the EAT attacks the building a few minutes later, the three are, against their will, dragged into the rebellion. The group just stole some Ymirian military robots from the Urtemuin Army, and are hoping to finally take a stand. However, Guidas' pure incompetence nearly ruins the whole mission, until his stumbling helps the EAT to gain a vital secret of Urtemuin: they were, like the Ymirians did before, experimenting with genetics, and tried to create an artificial supersoldier. However, these prototypes escaped, and the Urtemian military is desperately trying to win them back. However, if the EAT manages to win them first, the balance would tip to their side. And if there's one thing Guidas is not incompetent at, it's charisma.

A lot of things happen - then, Guidas walks over to the Urtemian Army and the shit really hits the fan.

This plot contains examples of:

  • A Mech by Any Other Name (Versatiles)
  • Emperor Scientist (Elysor Durkel, who hides himself behind the enigmatic AI ODÆL)
  • Face Heel Turn (Guidas Tîwele walks over to the Urtemian side because he feels that their more advanced Versatiles give him a chance to fight himself)
  • The Hero's Journey
    • Hero's Hometown: Guidas hanging out in the nightclub.
    • Call to Adventure: The EAT's attack, with the "Herald" being Gerco Valcon.
    • Refusal of the Call: Guidas prefers the easy life under the Urtemian Empire to fighting with the EAT.
    • The First Treshold: The Treshold Guardians are the Urtemian soldiers attacking the EAT's headquarters.
    • Belly of the Whale: Guidas proving useless in combat: his Road of Trials begin as the EAT decides to use his Charisma.
    • Normally, the breather would be here, but instead, the operation fails, and the team flees. Guidas, however, is lost, and assumed dead. The story continues relatively normal up to where the apotheosis should be. Then...
      • I Am Who?: could be here as the point where Guidas runs over to the Urtemian side.
    • Here, the story sort of goes back to the "Well Done, Son" Guy stage, and here it's Well Done Urtemian Soldier Guy instead of Well Done EAT Soldier Guy.
    • The Fight With The Well-Intentioned Extremist Frederic Wryno, the EAT's leader, has turned into, with the sacrifice being sacrificing Gerco Valcon to kill Frederic, whose last words are "Yeah... *salutes* I guess you were a pretty cool dude after all. *gets shot by the pretty cool dude*", and the boon being peace.
    • Refusal Of The Return: Guidas doesn't want to go back and finish his school, instead wanting to stay in the army. He compromises with army school.
  • Real Robot
  • Spider Tank (A lot of the earlier Versatiles were Spider Tanks, and many have a mode that uses all limbs as legs)
  • Sucking-In Lines (The CRUEL-class (Converter of Raw Unshielded Energy, Lethal-class) weapons of mass destruction suck in all mass in a certain radius, and afterwards convert it to raw energy)
  • Transforming Mecha (Though not so exquisite: most can merely move around a few parts and retract their legs for aerial movement)

8. Shining Star

Corporate trillionaire Yonathan Christo organizes an interstellar cruise, the Shining Star. However, already from takeoff, strange things happen: an Ymirian is found aboard a shuttlecraft, even though they were believed to have died out, and an assassination attempt on the Urtemian Empress takes place. However, the shit really hits the metaphorical fan when they are attacked by an unknown enemy ship. All passengers - except those willing to volunteer - are evacuated, but the crew itself is intrigued: this could be possibly be the first, though aggressive, intelligent civilization found since En ôrians left En ôr. However, after the Ymirian communicates with the ship, the ship leaves. The Ymirian urges them to commence a chase, and as they do so, they discover a stunning amount of intelligent civilisations, some alien, some familiar, and a stunning discovery is made about that last group: not only are they genetically compatible, they were also created by the Ymirians. The ship they were chasing turns out to be an Ymirian dreadnought, assigned to terminate all artificial lifeforms. However, the crew, logically not pleased with this, allies all the civilisations they've come across against the dreadnought, and eventually wins. They trace back to the home system of the Ymirians, and form a treaty.

This plot contains examples of:

  • Don't Try This At Home (Though not an example of the trope, Ryan Mercius mutters this to himself while he and Mykolas Lance attempt to retrieve the Shining Star's IAT/S-accelerator. Normally, this wouldn't be so difficult, but the ship crashed and the ship's engineering decks were designed to be work-safe in Zero-G environments only.)
  • Lady Land (One of the main societies on the planet Ata IV, named Thyr by its inhabitants, consists mainly of a one-gender female species that, whereas En ôn society values intelligence and power, values social skills and creativity in a similar manner)
  • Subspace Ansible (Averted: all messages are sent with messenger pods)

9. The Last Secret

Billions of years has passed, and the Ænôrian galaxy is one of the oldest "dead" galaxies: galaxies full of brown dwarves and red, dying stars. On a routine joywarp, a sports craft drifts off its course, and finds itself drifting in this dead galaxy. Soon, they find themselves in orbit around a dry, rocky planet, and after landing on it, it turns out to be the legendary ancestral planet En ôr. The four crew members of the vessel find an old database, and take in the knowledge. This plot could be considered as sort of a "recap plot", though many pieces of En ôn history not appearing in previous plots is also discussed.

This plot contains examples of:


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