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Long ago, God created the tribes of both Light and Shadow. The people two tribes coexisted peacefully, their realms separated by the "Words Worth tablet", a large stone monolith believed to contain the secrets of the universe. Legend has it that any who reads the tablet will know all, and that person will go on to create a new world, and make the tribes of Light and Shadow complete at last. However, it is said that only one who possesses both Light and Shadow may read the tablet, a mystery that has confounded the tribes for generations.

The peace between the two nations was shattered when the Words Worth tablet was destroyed by some unknown force nearly one hundred years ago, its fragments scattered across the realms. Enraged, each tribe blamed the other for the tablet's destruction, leading to a long and bloody war that has waged in the century since. During this time Wortoshika, king of the Shadow tribe, has focused the efforts of his subjects into finding the tablet's lost fragments.

With only a few fragments of the tablet remaining to be found, Wortoshika seeks to prepare Prince Astral, his son and heir to the Shadow tribe's kingdom, for the events that will restore the Words Worth tablet once and for all. Unfortunately, his impetuous son is far more interested in proving himself to his fiance and one of the tribe's most accomplished warriors, Sharon. When the Tribe of Light launches a brutal assault on his kingdom, Astral goes against his father's orders and obtains the Swordsman's Seal, allowing him to rush headlong into battle in defense of his homeland, hoping to win both glory and the admiration of his future bride.

Words Worth is a series of Hentai anime OVAs, based on the 1993 Eroge series of the same name created by ELF Corporation. Originally released in 1999 by studio Green Bunny, and was licensed for release in English by Nu Tech. The English license was later acquired by Kitty Media, a division of Media Blasters.

Tropes used in Words Worth include:

  • Ambiguously Brown: Rita, who is one of the few dark skinned characters shown to be in the Light Tribe. In a world where human/horse hybrids, demons, animated skeletons, and cat-girls walk around, have sex, and in some cases even breed with "normal" looking humans, a darker shade of skin is barely even noticeable.
  • Easy Amnesia: This happens to Prince Astral after Maria uses her magic to banish him into the future in a fit of rape-induced rage, affecting him to the point where in later episodes he even participates in an attack against his former kingdom.
  • It's Not Rape If You Enjoyed It: This is highlighted in an exchange between Prince Astral of the Shadow Tribe and Maria of the light tribe, the former seeming genuinely surprised that the former would consider his taking her against her will to be rape... despite the fact that she was at the time a prisoner of war, and chained and protesting the entire time.

 Astral: "But... but it seemed like you were having fun at the time!"

Maria: "Be quiet you beast! You raped me! I had no control over my own body!"

Astral: "But that's ridiculous!"

Maria: "What, do you think I enjoyed it!?!"

  • Plot With Porn: While Words Worth contains numerous sex scenes, mostly between Astral and just about any female character he comes across, the story of the war between the two tribes and their efforts to restore the Words Worth tablet receives the majority of the series' focus.
  • Resistance Is Futile: Hilariously invoked by the lecherous half-horse, half-human Stallion, to his Light tribe captive Maria.

  Stallion: "Your resistance only makes my penis harder!"

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