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  • Do women seriously think they know all our secrets?
    • We have secrets?
      • Apparently bleeding every month is the secret. Big whoop.
        • No, the secret is why a just and loving god would design us so that we feel as if our intestines were being put through a wringer while spending a week bleeding.
        • We have secret rituals...of buying pads and tampons at the pharmacy once a month! Some of the cashiers are guys so they might be on to us, though.
          • The secret is how to insert various products up your hoo-ha. Fun.
      • Much to ruin this stereotype but there really isn't any mystery. As both genders are human, there isn't anything that you couldn't figure out by just using your own common knowledge of your kind. Anything was otherwise taught to you in Sex Ed, or Biology, and we all know that's for reproduction purposes. You're better off in life to just think of the opposite gender as "just people" it makes relationships a whole lot easier.
      • There really isn't any mystery as of the 2000s. Prior to the development of the Internet and the general mixing of the population via travel and work (very roughly, let's say prior to the 1970s), it was: sex related information available on paper was scarce and expensive, and the circuit of the information by word of mouth from man to man was not as it is today. Men spent most of their spare time among other men, in school, gyms and sports' grounds, (conscripted) military service, pubs or workplaces were men were a majority, women did the same among women and there was a general shame on discussing intimate things. Even today, in many places throughout the civilized Western or Asian world men and women do not intermix at the office or gym, even if they are in the same room.
    • Until the Internet, some of them still seem to be surprised at how often we jack off. (a lot)
      • I admit I was stunned to find out that men sometimes hit on or have sex with each other in bathrooms. I'd always assumed it was a homophobic slur. Could anything be less romantic?
        • When it comes to popular "cruising spots"--bathrooms, bathhouses, back alleys, city parks after dark, and so on, romance has nothing to do with it.
        • Amazingly not limited to homosexuals. See, for instance, the mile high club. As of yet, though, nobody (to my knowledge) has had sex in a bathroom IN SPACE!
        • It's possible they have, only NASA refuses to discuss the subject.
    • It's related to the old saying that a servant knows more about his master than the master knows about the servant.
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