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Character list of the Winx Club cartoon

The Fairies

Tropes shared by all the girls


Bloom is the new girl attending Alfea, from earth. After saving Stella from Knut, the ogre, who was attacking her back on Earth, Stella realized that Bloom had magical powers, and took her to Alfea, school for fairies, in Magix.

Bloom is essentially the newbie fairy, learning to use her powers. Bloom also wishes to know exactly what powers she has, what gives her her powers, and where she's from, exactly. While she has nice adoptive parents on Earth, she realizes that she's probably not even from Earth.

Among her clique, Bloom seems to be a natural-born leader, despite being new to the whole "fairy stuff." The other Winx girls look up to her, and see her as their unofficial leader. It is not always for the best, though, as Bloom sometimes makes careless errors that hurt her friends. Bloom also has a tendency to get self-righteous with her friends, which comes off as annoying. And still, she can jump the gun at times, coming to conclusions for no apparent reason



Stella is one of the members of the Winx Club at Alfea, school for fairies. Stella is the princess of Solaria, a place she speaks highly of. She is considered a delinquent at Alfea for her antics, which is why she's a year older than her class. Because she's so self-conscious about her physical appearance, Stella may come off as being vain, but still cares deeply about her friends. Her powers come from the sun and the moon.

  • Action Fashionista
  • Beta Couple: With Brandon
  • Berserk Button: Expect a minor tantrum if you mess up her hair or clothes or interrupt her when she's getting dolled up.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Has some shades of this in the show. Is a straighter example in the comics.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Not a moron by any means, but she can sometimes make those around her wonder what goes on in that head of hers. But if any of her friends or loved ones end up in danger, she'll be the first ready to spring into action and she will kick someone's ass.
  • Dumb Blonde: Although not particulary stupid, Stella shows to be really thick at times, and it is mentioned several times that she always gets the lower grades at school.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses
  • Eyes of Gold
  • The Fashionista
  • Freudian Excuse: As a little child, she had to wear braces and was ridiculed by other kids. That drove her into her current obsession over physical appearance.
  • Hair of Gold
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Stella is vain, and often selfish and egocentric. Clothes and beauty are of utmost importance to her, and she gets upset when someone ruins her clothes, or hair, or physical appearance in any way, and she became Brandon's girlfriend because she thought he was a prince. However, Stella has risked her life many times when her friends, family or boyfriend were in trouble, and remained faithful to Brandon after finding out that he wasn't a prince at all - she was more pissed off about him lying to her than not being of Royal Blood.
  • The Lancer
  • Light'Em Up: Her powers come from the sun (mostly)
  • Missing Mom: Her mother is only seen once in the entire show (during a dream), despite a whole divorce/remarriage plot in Season 3
  • Parental Abandonment: Later, with Wicked Stepmother included.
  • The Power of the Sun
  • Shopaholic
  • Spoiled Sweet
  • Stellar Name
  • Theme Naming: Stella means Star, and Stella's power comes from the sun, which is a star.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Stella's powers comes from the sun and the moon. However, she only used moon-based powers twice during the whole series.
    • What happened to her ring-scepter?


File:Flora winx.jpg

Flora is one of the members of the Winx Club at Alfea, school for fairies. Her powers come from plants, and nature in general. Flora is very kind, gentle, sweet, and mature. She is able to keep her head on her shoulders in a crisis, and is not one to panic. She is known as the goody two-shoes of the group, a position she likes having.


Coin of the Parthian king Phraataces and of Musa

Musa is one of the members of the Winx Club at Alfea, school for fairies. Her powers come from music. Musa puts up a tough front in front of others, but deep down, she tends to be the most sensitive of the Winx girls, and gets hurt the most easily. Part of that may be due to her sad family life. Musa's mother had died, and her father is often away doing tours, not having much time for his daughter, leaving Musa feeling lonely. Despite being the fairy for all types of music, she tends to favor hip hop.



Tecna is one of the members of the Winx Club at Alfea, school for fairies. Her powers come from computers, and technology in general. Tecna is highly intelligent. Like any good nerd, Tecna thoroughly enjoys math and science. She spends a lot of time doing things on her computer. As intelligent as she is, though, she does not always understand non-technical things, like manual labor. Some of the simplest things, like brooms and buckets, are completely foreign to Tecna.

Tecna is not very good at expressing emotions. She looks for logic behind everything and is not good at understanding emotional-based decisions. She also does not outwardly show a lot of concern for her friends, though deep down, she truly cares for them all and would do anything to help.

Aisha (Layla)


Aisha is a fairy who is a student at Alfea, school for fairies, and is a member of the Winx Club. She is a princess in the Andros (Realm of Tides by 4Kids), and has the ability to rearrange a substance called Morphix (sometimes referred to as plasma) to all sorts of objects and weapons.

In the original version, Aisha is extremely opinionated and open minded. For her early appearance, she is rather distant towards romance and males. It's later discovered she was arranged to be married, which possible contributes to wariness of romance.

She is quite athletic and is also a linguist. Her bold personality causes her take a more independent action, so she often doesn't ask for help. She has proven to be just as skilled as the Specialist when it comes to fighting.

In the 4Kids version Aisha (dubbed Layla) seems to be a bit of a feminist, believing that girls are just as capable as guys at anything, and she tends not to crush on guys at all. Until Season 3. Whereas the others look to the Specialists as heroes and great help against the witches and other troubles, Aisha sees the guys are more or less kinda' useless, believing the fairies can handle things better. This is actually from anger from being forced into an arranged engagement, and it gets toned down when she finally meets the guy.



The seventh member of the Winx Club as of season four. She is the last fairy on Earth and is the focus of the fourth season. She has power over animals, able to sense when they are in danger and to heal them. Has a pet dog called Artu. She is stubborn and independent. She is speculated to be 19 or 16, but it is unknown.

The Specialists

Prince Sky


Prince/King Sky is one of the Specialists of Red Fountain, school for warriors.

For the first several episodes, Prince Sky poses as Brandon, in order to avoid attempts on his life by assassins sent by enemies of Eraklyon, during which time Bloom falls in love with him, and he falls in love with Bloom. Despite being royalty, Sky doesn't seem very happy about it until he met Bloom.



Brandon is one of the Specialists of Red Fountain, school for warriors.

For the first several episodes, Brandon poses as Prince Sky, under orders by the King and Queen of Eraklyon to protect Sky from possible attempts on his life by enemies of the kingdom. Stella fell in love with him, thinking he was a prince, and was very upset when she found out he was just the squire. Likely, while Stella was certainly upset that he was not a prince, she was more upset that she was lied to. She has forgiven him since, though, and the two now seem very much in love.

  • A Lady on Each Arm
  • Arranged Marriage: Early on Season 2, Brandon and Stella landed on the Underealm, ruled by princess Amentia, who developed a crush on Brandon and forced him to marry her. Fortunately, she made up her mind in the last moment thanks to Amore's (Stella's boded pixie) intervention.
  • The Charmer: Brandon flirts with any girl (fairy, witch, or human) he comes across, but his heart will always be with Stella.
  • Chick Magnet: Was this since his pre-teen years.
  • Battle Butler: Brandon is technically this as he is Sky's squire.
  • Beta Couple (with Stella)
  • BFS
  • Double Weapon
  • The Lancer
  • Stalker with a Crush: Brandon unfortunately gets one in Mitzi.


File:Riven 1.jpg

Riven is one of the Specialists of Red Fountain, school for warriors.

Riven does not get along easily with the other Specialists, preferring to do things his own way, and not appreciative of any help he may get. When put under Darcy's spell, he's even more upset with everyone else than usual, and a real danger to the Winx girls and the other Specialists.

Musa has a crush on him, but he's very awkward around her, obviously having no clue how he's supposed to treat a girl.



Timmy is one of the Specialists of Red Fountain, school for warriors. Timmy is the smartest of the Specialists, and the team's strategist. He also has a crush on Tecna.



Helia is Saladin's grandson or nephew, depending on the version. He is an art student. He's also a pacifist, though, and does not believe in fighting. His likes Flora, though, and has put aside his pacifist ways to save her: he is not willing to do so for anyone else, though.



Nabu is a wizard from Andros, and Layla's arranged fianceé. Although at first he refused to marry Layla, he quickly fell in love with her after even talk to her.


The Trix

A group of three witches who formerly attended Cloud Tower school for witches. They were the main antagonist in Season 1 and The Dragon of two male villains in season 2 and 3.


Icy: She the eldest one of the Trix sisters. Icy, as one would expect with a name like Icy, has powers of ice and cold, and general freezing powers. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe. Icy's name describes both her literal powers and her personality: cold-hearted. She hasn't a nice bone in her body; while she does want to rule the universe, she is also mean just for the sake of being mean: she gets kicks out of it.


Darcy: She is the second Trix sister. Darcy's powers are more versitile than those of her sisters, able to perform various miscellaneous spells, such as self-replication. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe.

Darcy is evil, but unlike Icy, she tends to be mean to get what she wants, and not just because she can. Darcy understands human emotion better than Icy and Stormy do, but generally uses her understanding to manipulate others: certainly not to help anyone. Darcy is also more prone than her sisters to getting a crush on a guy, though fortunately, she does not go absolutely nuts. But if a cute guy can be of use to Darcy and her sisters, she certainly would not mind.


Stormy: She's the youngest of the sisters. She has powers over storms and weather, which should come as a surprise to no one. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe.

Stormy is forever grumpy, very quick to anger, and overall less mature than her sisters. She would be completely lost without her sisters, though Stormy herself tends to believe herself to be the most important in the sisters' attempt to control the universe. Stormy also has a very bad temper, and when she gets angry, she is likely to set ablaze whatever happens to be around, living or nonliving.

Tropes common to all of them

Tropes related to Icy:

Tropes related to Darcy:

Tropes related to Stormy

Lord Darkar


The main villain from season 2.



The main villain from season 3. He has a strong connection with Bloom, since he has the same power as her, and fought against her parents in the past. A member of the Ancient Witch Coven.


The last surviving member of the Ancient Witch Coven, and main antagonist of the first movie.

The Fairy Hunters/Wizards of the Black Circle

The main villains for season 4. Long ago, they acquired the ability to resist fairy magic and this allowed them to steal all the magic from Earth. They are currently after Roxy who is the last fairy of Earth. They absorb magic and defeat fairies by plucking off their wings. There are four of them; called Ogron, Duman, Gantlos and Anagon.

The Three Ancient Witches

According to some, this women were the very first witches who ever existed, and rumors were that they were the most powerful being in the entire universe. They attacked Domino when Bloom was a baby, and reduced it to a frozen wasteland, but they were killed in the process.

Minor Antagonists


Diaspro was Sky's fiancee, however, Sky dumped her for Bloom.

  • Alpha Bitch
  • Aristocrats Are Evil
  • Arranged Marriage: With Sky
  • Blondes Are Evil
  • Deal with the Devil: A rare case in which the devil wants nothing in return.
  • Flanderization: She was mad at Bloom for "stealing Sky from her", although apparently she got over it in season 2. In season 3, she became again obssessed with Sky, to the point of making a deal with Valtor.
    • In all fairness, it should be noted that Sky never officially broke it off with her before pursuing Bloom and during their first meeting, Bloom irrationally accuses her of being one of the Trix and attacks her. Not to mention Bloom really had no right to get mad at her in the first place since she had no clue of Bloom's existence prior to their meeting.
  • Light Is Not Good: She's actually a fairy
  • Psycho Ex-Girlfriend: See Flanderization
  • Put on a Bus: Sky mentions that she was banished.


An ogre who used to work for the Trix, but he defected. He currently works at Alfea as a janitor.


Countess Cassandra's daughter. She longs to be the one and only princess of Solaria.

Countess Cassandra

A Solarian noblewoman that was at one point engaged with King Radius (Stella's father). She's Chimera's mother.

Alfea, Red Fountain and Cloud Tower



Mirta is--or was--a witch attending Cloud Tower. She is not highly respected there, however, as she does not hold the core values of a witch that her peers do. Currently, however, she is an exchange student at Alfea, where she fits in better. Mirta is a sweet witch who would rather have fairy and witch all get along, whose personality is similar to Flora's, with a good head on her shoulders. At Cloud Tower, Mirta was also very alone, not fitting in, however nice she may be to everyone else.

  • Chew Toy: Because she was the only nice witch in the first season she was often this for the trix. Then, she got turned into a pumpkin for managing to outmanuever them with an ability they had previoulsy dismissed as weak.
  • The Conscience: She tries to be this for Lucy, with limited success.
  • Cute Witch
  • Dark Is Not Evil
  • Master of Illusion
  • Perky Goth
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Some of the events from season 1 revolving around her character, culminating in leaving Cloud Tower for Alfea, suggested that she was going to be the sixth Winx girl. For some unexplained reason and despite having a good friendship with all of them (especially Flora), she never became part of the group.
    • At least, she manages to get a cameo at multiple times, establishing she's still around.


Lucy is a witch attending Cloud Tower. She isn't all that evil, but she's not exactly the nicest person around, either. Her desire to be popular is her biggest fault and blinds her.


Miss Faragonda is the headmistress for Alfea, school for fairies, and once a fairy godmother. She is generally kind to her students, though she is willing to put up with no nonsense from them, and will discipline them as she sees fit. As well, she does not take kindly from students from other schools causing trouble at Alfea either and will take action if necessary.


Miss Griffin is the headmistress of Cloud Tower, school for witches. She believes in spreading the witchiness of witches to all her students, and believes witches to be superior to fairies. She's a former member of the Ancient Witch Coven.


Mike and Vanessa

Bloom's adoptive parents. They're very caring, very loving for their daughter Bloom and wish her the best. Mike is a firefighter and Vanessa owns a flower shop.


Morgana is the queen of fairies trapped in the White Circle. First takes revenge on humanity once released but turned good. She is Roxy's mother.


Nebula is one of the fairies trapped in the White Circle, but freed by the Winx Club.



Mitzi is Bloom's rival. And now she's over Brandon


Roxy's father, and owner of the Frutty Music Bar


King Oritel and Queen Miriam

King and Queen of Sparks/Domino, and Bloom's biological parents. Also the founders of the Company of the Light.

  • Badass Normal: Oritel seems to have no powers.
  • Hot Dad and Hot Mom
  • The High Queen: Miriam.
  • Fiery Redhead: Miriam.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Oritel in the second movie when he banishes Sky from Domino for supposedly "toying with Bloom's feelings" and wouldn't give him the chance to speak in his defense. This angers Bloom and she leaves Domino in retaliation to stay with her Earth parents as she can't stand being with Oritel at the moment. When Miriam got Oritel to read Erendor's noted confession, which Sky tried to show him earlier but refused to look at, Oritel realized he screwed up BIG TIME. Now he fears his daughter now hates him for what he did to Sky.
  • Sword and Sorcery
  • Sword Beam: Oritel.
  • Taken for Granite: Oritel was turned into stone while he was in the Obsidian Circle.


Bloom's deceased older sister. She died while trying to protect her from the Ancient three witches.

King Radius

King of Solaria, and Stella's father.

  • Weak-Willed: Even without magic, he seems to be easy to manipulate.

King Erendor and Queen Samera

The King and Queen of Eraklyon, and Sky's parents.

  • My God, What Have I Done?: In the second movie it's revealed that he betrayed Oritel for the sake of saving his own world. He regretted this decision his whole life.
  • Parental Marriage Veto: Neither of them were too fond of Bloom to begin with, but they accepted her after the Patchamen incident. In the second movie, Erendor forbids Sky from marrying her due to finding out she's the Princess of Domino and because he betrayed Oritel to the Ancient Witches, he felt that he doesn't deserve to have his family joined.


Flora's little sister, who idolizes her and appears to be about 6.


Princess Amentia

Amentia is the ruler of the Underworld, a capricious young lizard woman with quite the martial arts skill.

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