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Pooh's Anatomy

So...why would Pooh, a stuffed animal...need to eat honey, or even feel hungry?

  • Imagination. He's not really eating.

Disney film

The Release Period

Why would Disney release a movie like Winnie The Pooh in the middle of Summer Blockbuster season? Nothing against the film, based of the reviews it's apparently a good movie, but the summer just isn't the time for a movie like this. Typically, family movies like these are best saved for Thanksgiving or Christmas time. Not to mention, it opened on the 'same weekend as the last Harry Potter movie. It's like Disney just didn't care if the movie bombed at the box office.

  • Some hypthetical WMGs could be:
    • Disney had the highest hopes and thought it would perform so well that it would be a real game-changer amongst the blockbusters.
    • It was just seen as a lower-deck television movie by the marketing, who wanted it to be steamrolled by the final Harry Potter film into obscurity!
    • It was already released in other countries months before the summer, and the US release date was the least important.
    • Disney thought it would be targeted toward a different audience than anything else this summer and thus, competition wouldn't be an issue.
    • It wasn't made for the box office performance, but as a marketing obligation to go along with the merchandise.

Why is there only one chapter mentioned in the film?

Press released told us they would be adapting several of the original stories, yet the narrator opens the film with Chapter One... which takes up the whole film! Which, I may add, is only an hour long. They do know that the audience will expect more than one chapter to be present, right?

  • Potential sequel?
  • They did adapt three stories, but merged them into a single story with elements from all three. As to why the narrator even bothers with chapter one, I do not know... I'll take the above answer, 'cause that'd be awesome.

Somewhat unrelated

  • I don't know about the rest of you, but have you ever seen Christopher Robin and Gopher in the same scene at the same time, or even interact with one another?
    • They don't interact (and it doesn't seem like Christopher Robin even notices Gopher is there), but they do briefly appear in the same scene at the same time twice in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. First at the end of the Honey Tree segment, where everyone's trying to pull Pooh out of Rabbit's door, then the second time during the Hip Hip Pooh-Ray song in the Blustery Day segment.
    • Fridge Brilliance! Christopher Robin was a real person who came up with many aspects of the Pooh stories himself. Walt Disney came up with Gopher ("I'm not in the book!") So while Disney, taking A.A. Milne's characters for a whirl, can introduce them to his own character, Christopher Robin can't meet Gopher, since he never thought of Gopher himself.
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