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Jupiter winking

Sailor Jupiter winks

When a character winks, there's an audible "DING" sound, like that of a metal triangle, to accompany it. It's mostly done in North American cartoons, but it's been seen in anime and even live action.

Related to Squeaky Eyes.

Examples of Wink Ding include:

Anime and Manga

  • Awesomely done by Patrick Colasour in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 to a girl he was making out with. I'm not sure if that was only the dub though.
  • One Piece: DEATH WINK


  • Done by Freddy at the end of Freddy vs. Jason.
  • There's a hilarious version of this in the film Hot Fuzz. Timothy Dalton gives a wink, and a cha-ching sound plays. It's partly the fact that his character is a grocery store manager, but it's mostly a joke by the filmmakers about how he's one of the big stars.
  • Done by Uma Thurman at the end of the second set of closing credits of Kill Bill Vol. 2

Live-Action TV

  • Done by Dexter at the end of the opening credits.
  • Barney in the How I Met Your Mother episode "The Playbook", at the end of each scenario from said playbook.
  • There's one by Brandon in the Fringe episode "Brown Betty".
  • Used on, of all things, the nature program Mutant Planet, when a male honey possum briefly closed one eye as the narrator explained the evolutionary advantage conferred by this mouse-sized marsupial's (very!) large set of testicles.
  • Every time Dokko Jin winks in the Korean Series Best Love

Video Games

  • Celes gives one of these in Final Fantasy VI after being captured by Setzer, presumably to remind the player that things are going exactly as planned. Characters wink several times in the game, but this may be the only audible one.
  • Done multiple times in Bayonetta, pretty much ALWAYS during a flashback showing how a character(or characters) pulled off an awesome escape from what looked like certain death. Gets ridiculous in one scene, where it looks like Jeanne killed Luka and Cereza... But Luka swung them to safety. Mid-swing, we get a Wink Ding from Luka, another from Cereza... Then another from Chesire, Cereza's kitty doll. from his bandaged eye, no less!

Web Original

 Homestar: If I could make my eye make that sound when I wink, I'd be like, winking all the time! They'd call me Wink Martindale.

Western Animation

 Spongebob: Wow...Mermaidman and Barnacleboy.

Patrick: It's too bad they're old.

Spongebob: What do you mean, Patrick? Old people are the greatest! They're full of wisdom and experience...

(Cut to a live-action old man, who winks and gives a thumbs-up.)

  • At the ends of numerous episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and most of the Sonic Sez segments, Sonic makes an audible wink to the camera.
  • Grandpa on The Simpsons showed at the DMV that his left eye is his "winking eye". Cue perfectly executed wink.

 Selma: I'll give you your license if you promise to never do that again.

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