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Born in 1931, Goldman is a famous American screenwriter, novelist and Hollywood script doctor. His works include:

He has also written a number of books on the writing process and the Hollywood business, from the POV of an author, complete with useful advice. Additionally, in 1968 he wrote The Season: A Candid Look at Broadway, which not only reviewed every show on Broadway of that year, but the patterns that theater was taking, the impact of the Great White Way on New York City itself, and many other such topics. He managed to offhandedly predict what Broadway would turn into in a few years.

Famous also for coining the phrase "Nobody knows anything". His Signature Style includes Self-Deprecation (as a writer, as a Jewish man, as a member of the Hollywood movie machine), humorous asides to the readers, and long and convoluted sentences thanks to Stream of Consciousness.

BFF of Stephen King.

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