This is a term which refers to the CamelCase method of coding hyperlinks for PMWiki, the software on which The Other Tropes Wiki runs. If you try WikiWording on All The Tropes, you won't get a hyperlink, you'll just get a very long word with embedded capital letters.

Instead of WikiWords, use MediaWiki link coding, which works like this:

[[Name Of Trope]]

If you want to Pothole a bit of text, you do it like this:

[[Name Of Trope|pothole text]]

Be aware that MediaWiki allows us to use punctuation in page names. So, naturally, in converting the tropebase over, we've inserted missing punctuation into trope and work names wherever we noticed it was needed. When you code the link for a trope with punctuation in the name, you just include the punctuation:

[[What You Talkin' 'Bout, Willis?]]

Finally, MediaWiki allows you to put format coding directly in pothole text. No longer do you have to code three separate hyperlinks just to italicize a word in the middle of a potholed phrase -- you just markup the word inline:

[[All The Tropes:About|All about the ''best'' new tropes site ''ever!'']]

will become

All about the best new tropes site ever!

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