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Wii Ware is a service from Nintendo that allows people to download games to their Wii. Unlike the Virtual Console, which lets you play old games from the past, Wii Ware is composed of completely mostly original titles.

It can be thought of as the Wii's approximate equivalent of the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Like the Virtual Console, Wii Ware games are added to the roster once a week. Some games are playable online, such as Dr. Mario Online Rx and Tetris Party. Some games also have extra content that can be downloaded to the game for an extra fee, known as Pay + Play. Much like the other console's digital download services, Wii Ware has spawned some unique titles of its own.

Compare DSiWare.

Wii Ware titles include:


  1. (Yes, Episode II won't come to Wiiware. Basically only the first half of the game is available.)
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