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Whoopee cushions are items that make a farting sound when someone sits or steps on them. Frequently used by pranksters.

Examples of Whoopee Cushion include:

Anime and Manga

  • Kon uses one of these on Ichigo in Bleach. Ichigo responds by throwing him through a window.

Live Action TV

 Mrs Conclusion: What was Jean-Paul like?

Mrs Premise: Well, you know, a bit moody. Yes, he didn't join in the fun much. Just sat there thinking. Still, Mr Rotter caught him a few times with the whoopee cushion.

  • In the That 70s Show episode "Prank Day", Kelso uses one on Hyde. Hyde remarks: "A whoopee cushion? What are you, two? (presses the cushion, smiles) These things are great."
  • One episode of The Golden Girls has Sophia decide to pull pranks all over the house after someone pranked her. She rigged a chair with a Whoopee Cushion that made a thundering noise, embarrassing Dorothy and Blanche when they sat on it (Blanche especially, after making comments about herself being "graceful and sophisticated"). To top it off, Sophia knew how not to set it off herself if she sat on it.

Video Games

  • A whoopee cushion can be found as a joke item in Terraria. It does nothing but produce funny noises.

Western Animation

  • In an episode of Recess when TJ was trying ever more elaborate pranks on King Bob to prove he was worthy of being the Prankster Prince, TJ finally got him with a whoopee cushion. Bob was impressed by the simplicity.
  • American Dad: When Stan opens a restaurant, he tries to make it as much fun as possible by placing whoopee cushions on each seat. When his first customer sits down, a farting noise is heard. The customer looks at Stan, who tells him, "That was a whoopie cushion." The customer replies, "No."
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