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Standard Dom Com plot in which parents ponder over who will take custody of their children should some tragedy befall them. This can play out in a number of ways:

  • If there are multiple candidates, they will jealously compete with one another and attempt to curry the parents' favor, not unlike a political campaign;
  • If the show features a Goofball or Straw Loser, this one will be summarily ruled out from the outset. Expect this character to enact a Zany Scheme in an attempt to prove his/her worthiness, only for it to bomb spectacularly. Only, it doesn't bomb, really; despite the apparent failure, the scheme will actually prove that the character cares deeply about the children... which is what the parents were looking for all along.
  • For added comedy value, the person(s) ultimately selected may not want the job.

Not to be confused with Taking the Kids.

Examples of Who Will Take the Kids? include:

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