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Eddie Valiant

File:0537202734909303 8358.jpg

Actor: Bob Hoskins

Grizzled Private Detective who slipped into alcoholism and developed bitter grudge against Toons after his brother got murdered by one of them when they were investigating a case in Toontown. He is hired to take some dirty pictures about Jessica Rabbit's affair with Marvin Acme, but is pulled into the murder investigation (against his will) after Acme gets murdered and Jessica's husband, Roger is framed for it.

  • Action Survivor: His modus operandi to come out of trouble. He's also a smarter version of this.
  • The Alcoholic: At the beginning of the movie Eddie Valiant has been an alcoholic since his brother was murdered by a Toon, but he drops the habit by the end.

  Police Lieutenant: Didn't you used to be Eddie Valiant? Or did you change your name to "Jack Daniels"?

Judge Doom

File:Judge doom 9657.jpg

Actor: Christopher Lloyd

The Hanging Judge of LA and Toontown, who thinks that the only way to repress the madness of the Toons is to make them respect the law... or more accurately, fear it. If he has to execute a few on his way to get the message across, so be it. It's later revealed that he himself IS a toon in a rubber mask, and wants to destroy Toontown (and the Toons while he's on it) so he can build a freeway and new city in place of it, thus making himself filthy rich. Ironic while considering that he's a Toon himself or possibly more horrific because he is one. He also killed Marvin Acme, R K Maroon and Teddy Valiant.

Roger Rabbit

File:Cliprogerrabbit 7816.gif

Voiced by: Charles Fleischer

A cartoon star who gets framed for Marvin Acme's murder because his wife Jessica had an affair with him.

Jessica Rabbit

File:JessicaRabbit 4564.jpg

Voiced by: Kathleen Turner

Roger's wife, who has been made into a sex symbol - both in and out of the movie - and seeing what she looks like, it's pretty justified.

The Toon Patrol

File:Toon Patrol 5449.jpg

Voiced by: David L. Lander (Smart Ass), Fred Newman (Stupid), June Foray (Wheezy), Charles Fleischer (Greasy and Psycho)

The Quirky Miniboss Squad that Judge Doom hired to catch Roger Rabbit who bear a strong resemblance to the weasels from Disney's The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Their names are Smart Ass, Greasy, Wheezy, Psycho and Stupid, but you only find that out in scripts.

Baby Herman

The markup to use:

File:678478-babyher large 1390.jpg

Voiced by: Lou Hirsch

Roger's friend and coworker on the movie business, who is - a baby - with an exeption, that he's really about 50 years old.

Benny the Cab

File:48652 10200358 6599 n 5983.jpg

Voiced by: Charles Fleischer

A foul-mouthed, super fast cartoon taxi cab that is friends with Roger. He apparently has a history of run-ins with the law thanks to his rather chaotic driving skills. Has the supernatural ability to appear whenever someone sticks out their thumb.

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