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File:WhiteLikeMe 7867.jpg
"There's a white man talking up here! Silencio! Oongawah!"
Chuck Taylor, Chappelle's Show, yelling into a booing multi-ethnic crowd during the racial draft.

Similar to Black Like Me except usually played strictly for laughs as a black character pretends to be white. Generally, a very hip black male pretends to be a very straight, lame white male. Most famously done by Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live.

Examples of White Like Me include:


Live-Action TV

  • Any time Dave Chappelle plays/impersonates/imitates a white person, it's always in the same calm monotone that says "I have nothing exciting about me because I'm extra vanilla." The white news anchor Chappelle plays throughout the run of his show gets whiter every time he appears. In one of the Lost Episodes, pictured above, he's literally white.
  • Eddie Murphy did this for the first time in an old Saturday Night Live short where, with the help of a good make-up artist, he discovered that white people regularly give stuff to each other for free. All the time. It ends with him with several of friends undergoing the make-up process "to continue this strange education."


  • French rapper Kamini (who is black) has made a song and a video clip called "J'suis blanc" ("I am white") where he turns white.
  • Some say this is what Michael Jackson did around 1990 or so, which is why the cover of Dangerous didn't show much of his face. Worth noting that his chronic Vitiligo was the real reason he got whiter and whiter as the years went on. The plastic surgery however...
  • The song "If I was White" by rapper Sticky Fingaz. Bonus points for featuring Eminem on the hook.

Newspaper Comics

  • A Tank McNamara arc involved the "token white" on a major basketball team: terrible at the game, but they kept him because he might give hope to white children that someday they might be able to play pro basketball. Then his teammates decided he'd gone too long without a shower ... and his whiteness washed off.... When Tank interviewed him, and asked if the deception had been tough, he exclaimed, "God, man, you pretend to like the Beach Boys for six years..."
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