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  • Although it's probably more subtle than anything in this day and age, you still have people up in arms whenever a couple is prominiently displayed in media where the guy is black and the girl is white. And it's usually on both ends of the spectrum, from white AND black people. This troper remembers back when Hancock came out and supposedly the cuts made to the film were ones featuring Will Smith and Charlize Theron kissing, which led to a very awkward jump in the dialogue when he mentions "a kiss like that."
  • There is a big Double Standard in this trope. When its a non-white woman with a white guy, its generally fine in the media. When its a non-white man with a white woman, there were (in the past) cries of "X group are taking our women!".
    • Not true, in fact, unless you're an Asian woman, usually the issue is more with how they could choose someone like you instead of the white woman, like you are inferior and therefore it perplexes them.
    • Actually, a lot of black women say that white women are taking all the black men.
      • Not as common as you would think, but it is focused on mainly to give justification for painting all Black women as undesirable and bitter by their own making. That argument is also used to try to come up with examples of "reverse racism".
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