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"Jazz had gone insane. The scene had repeated countless times. It felt like a nightmare she couldn't wake up from. She was curled in a fetal position, mumbling 'it's only a nightmare',\x9D over and over and over.
—Jazz Fenton, reacting as any sane person would to the When Worlds Collide universe.

When Worlds Collide is an Old Shame Massive Multiplayer Crossover series of fics written by Ronnie. It is, quite possibly, the most schizophrenic thing ever written, and would concern any psychatrist. It consists of four fanfictions.

  • Danny and Darkwing in When Worlds Collide, in which through a contrived and overall odd chain of events, including 2 major character deaths, Danny Phantom and Darkwing Duck must scour the multiiverse for the five pieces of a gateway to immortality. Including poorly done Whole-Plot Reference universes!
  • When Worlds Collide 2: Dan Phantom's Return, in which the universe continues with Mirror Universe Clockwork and Danny free our universe's Dan Phantom and begin amassing an army of Evil Dannys from Alternate Universes, and pulling and brainwashing the good ones, to take over the Multiverse ("OF COURSE!") They go through the multiverses trying to find the bandit, run into the author, subsequently rage at him for the horrible things he's "done" to them, and inadvertently lead to Dan Phantom getting the most powerful weapon: the keyboard. Samantha's consciousness ends up kicked out of her body so it'll obey completely, she then finds herself able to navigate the multiversal planes freely, and, with the help of Professor X and the X-Men, defeats Dan.
  • Mystery Danny Theater 3000, a fic with said author, Danny, Sam and the 'bots MSTing actual DP episodes.
  • When Worlds Collide 3: Double or Nothing, in which Vlad essentially recreates Dan Phantom when he has the idea to bridge the gaps in Danny's morph DNA with his own, creating a horrible future Danny, the author, and the Bots explore. Includes a Star Trek parody verse, a drop-in by Beetlejuice, and Q and Clockwork teaming up to make Vlad pull a Heel Face Turn.
Tropes used in When Worlds Collide (fanfic) include:
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