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Myself, pretty much sums it, yeah.

Hello! So, uh...yes. This is...a page. My page. All mine. Nothing to do with...her...

So, yes. This is my page. Its, um, very nice. A little bit sparse, but y'know, working on it. Why don't you go ahead an read it? I mean, its no Machiavelli- which I've read, by the way- but its very interesting.

Also, on an unrelated note, anyone kind enough to conduct some kind of space rescue mission for me or if someone happens to pass by near the moon, here are my coordinates.

What's a trope? Is this a trope? ...These are tropes, aren't they. Ooh. My bad, my bad. Blame me. Blame the innocent little core. Just like humans.

 Wheatley: Where do you think you are going? Come back!

Announcer: Stalemate Resolution Associate: Please press the Back button or any of the provided links in this page.

G La DOS: Go press the button! Go press it!

Wheatley: Don't press it! We're not quite done yet. Look, look, I can make things up. Umm,...

GLaDOS: We're so close! Go press the button!

Wheatley: Do not. Press. That. Button.

GLaDOS: Do press it!

Wheatley: Don't press the button!

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