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"You ate the wall? Are you insane?!
Trill, Baten Kaitos
"Heartless it may be, but headless it ain't. I've never claimed to be nice, just to be sensible. No need to look like that."
Granny Weatherwax, Lords and Ladies, after using an injured teenaged girl as a body shield (simultaneously rescuing her from the clutches of the elves)

Bulkhead: Come on Professor, we have to shut down the space bridge.

Professor Sumdac: Why did you make it work in the first place?! What were you thinking?!

Bulkhead: This coming from the guy that rebuilt Megatron.

Perceptor: You see, Omega Supreme was purposely designed to have a very simple processor. With it, he will be able to carry out his mission without hesitation.

Ratchet: In other words, you don't want him to think too hard about all the devastation he's gonna cause!

Ultra Magnus: We're at war, soldier. We do what we must.
"So Naruto, how come you're such a massive prick?"
"I'm a solo guy by nature, but I choose to affiliate with the both of you. Reason being, when you spend your time chasing bad guys, you want the best of the good guys in your corner. You two normally are as solid as they come because your moral compasses are always pointed at 'do the right thing'. But clearly someone's been screwing with both your magnetic fields so I'm gonna help both of you out by personally escorting and physically escorting both of your asses out of these premises."
Emerson Codd, Pushing Daisies
"Mr. Matsuda, please stop talking like people dying is actually a good thing."
Yanamoto, Death Note
"You are amusing, in a 'what the hell is wrong with you?' kind of way."
Jaheira, Baldur's Gate
"Do you enjoy committing genocide, Shepard?!"
Turian Councillor, Mass Effect

Jake: What?

Erek: I was offering you my opinion of your morals and your ethics and your sense of decency. I was speaking an ancient Mesopotamian dialect known for its wide variety of curse words.
Animorphs #53

"Do you you remember the Piranha Plant you roasted in 5-1?

And were you there when his family received the news about their son?"

Joan Redfern: Answer me this. Just one question, that's all. If the Doctor had never visited us, if he'd never chosen this place -- on a whim -- would anyone here have died?

The Doctor: ...

Joan Redfern: You can go.
"This is wrong, Doctor. I don't care who you are. The Time Lord Victorious is wrong."
Adelaide Brooke, The Waters of Mars
"You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things."
The Bible (New International Version), Romans 2:1, warning against abuse of this trope
"You killed Janet! You killed Cap! HOW COULD YOU?!"
Hank Pym, Secret Invasion
"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better."
—Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt
"And as for you,'re a disgrace to that uniform. Tens of millions dead and your entire force killed in action. I would court-martial you myself if I could, but unfortunately your friend Boyle has convinced the media you're a hero, so I can't touch you, but you'll still have to live with yourself. Good luck with that."
General Granger, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Scorpius: We had a deal. I help you rescue Aeryn Sun from the Scarrans, you give me wormholes. But obviously you betrayed our contract, yes? You had no intention of returning for my rescue, did you? You see, if my Neural Clone has returned, it is only because you have betrayed me.

Crichton: You're saying Harvey's back because of me?

Scorpius: You should honor your contracts, John.
Farscape, "La Bomba."
"I think what hurts the most is that you call yourself a superhero!"
"And nobody ever questioned Kirk's ability to command... except for maybe Bones... and Spock."
BFF Nella, The Nostalgia Chick
"Stop thinking like an artificer, Urza, and start thinking like a father!"
Rayne, Academy Chancellor, Magic: The Gathering, Urza's Incubator card

Hyuga: Listen to reason, Shinji! Just stop and think about what you're doing, please!

Shinji: I know exactly what I'm doing. And you're only making me angrier. Unit 01 has 285 seconds left. That's enough time to destroy half of headquarters if I want!

Aoba: In his state of mind he might just do it...

Maya: Shinji, please just listen to us! Commander Ikari had to do it! You would've died if he hadn't make that call!

Shinji: That doesn't change anything.

Hyuga: But it's still the truth, damnit!

Shinji: I WOULD'VE RATHER DIED THAN BE A PART OF WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!! Dad tried... that BASTARD tried to kill Asuka... and he used MY HANDS TO DO IT!! (starts stomping and thrashing) Tell me why?! WHY?! Why did you do it?! You don't even understand, do you Dad?! I was so stupid to trust you! Maybe if you lose something you care about, THEN YOU'LL UNDERSTAND!!!

Cyril: I see your points but if we leave the temple unguarded, we're leaving it open to further threat. Six eggs are not worth putting the entire temple full of several hundred at risk.

Sparx: Then don't leave! You know, I might give Cynder a lot of grief, but telling her that her kid isn't worth saving? That's too much. And don't go the 'we don't want a repeat of what happened last time' route on me! You and I both know if that three-headed psycho had wanted the other eggs she'd have beaten up Pinky over here and done it then! You just don't want to admit you're wrong…
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