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What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?

  • It may sound weird, but Nash's demonstration of puppies being a bad throwing weapon from WTFIWWY? Episode 18 is absolutely hilarious.

  Why does stuff keep exploding around here?

  • His chat with Bargo in his TGWTG introductory video.

 Bargo: ...and why is there a stick figure on payroll!?

Nash: Union regulations?

  • In "One Moron, One Scotch, One Beer":

 Where do booze plus sword plus elementary school equals anything good? Apart from the best episode of Cops ever, that is.

  • Space Guy engaging in a "traditional holiday show of arms" with another unidentified space craft... and shooting down Santa Claus.

   Ho ho hoooooooooly shiiiiiiiiit!

    • Also, going up against a stuffed cat singing the Meow Mix jingle:


Space Guy: DEMON! [throws it away and shoots it]

  • He and Jesu Otaku, after reading the articles on Japan (including one on an automatic pet washing machine.

 Nash: Oh, but we can't just tell you about this atrocity...

Jesu Otaku: You don't me--

Nash: Ye-ep! We've got video~!

(Cut to a cat in one of these machines, wildly jumping around in abject panic as it gets sprayed with water.)

    • There's also the story of an alleged underground restaurant where people screw animals before having them slaughtered for meals)
    • Near the end, they decide to "share the pain" with the other TGWTG panelists at MAGFest, and their reactions are shocked, except for LordKat, who was laughing his ass off.
      • And Spoony gets this expression of a crawling freak out, shrieks in fright, and runs into a wall.
        • "It's all fun and games until Spoony gives himself a concussion doing a cameo. Then it's hilarious."
    • Jew Wario in the bathtub.

 (Nash is using the toilet)

Jew Wario: (flinging open shower curtain) Morning!

Nash: (fleeing) JESUS!

    • While we're on that subject, Linkara's cameo. Apparently he's running a Kaiju-extermination business.
    • Nothing about them being attacked by Domo? You should be ashamed.
    • JO's price for doing the episode is that Nash has to be on hand with a bottle of Febreeze "in case the fanboys try to touch me".
  • "All Creatures Great And Dumb"
  • In the Valentine's episode, his more and more unlikely setups for explosions, and then Todd in the Shadows' totally-not-stalkerish-at-all cameo at the end.
    • Also, his reaction to the final story. The only time an Animal Reaction Shot works and its hilarious.... though if you have a penis you will be wincing while laughing.
  • He does an amazing and hilarious imitation of Palpatine's infamous "No...noooo.....NOOOOO!!!" from Revenge of the Sith.
  • His attempt to reason with the Internet in the third Viewer's Special. It doesn't work, and he ends up claiming to be a Nigerian prince and presorting penis enlargement.
    • Of course, before hand, he tries to make contact with the Internet... and finds a 2001 style monolith on his lawn, with the head of Cheezburger Cat.
  • From the very first episode, "Nothing is hot in the Walmart!"
  • The end of "Bad Idea Bonaza" in which Stickboy, Arlo and Space Guy become super-heroes and try to capture a bear that escaped from a zoo. Hilarity Ensues.

 Nash: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is conspiracy. Four pissing me off. And five times is...


(Static Cut)


Nash: ...alien pants. Fuck me sideways.


Nash: O_O

    • The Trousers Cosmic versus Space Guy.
  • From "Begging the Question", in which Nash argues against the logic behind smoking "bath salts":

 Nash: (takes a hit) I dunno, Bob, I'm not feeling nothing yet. Are you absolutely sure that--


Nash: (takes one look at the pipe and tosses it away)

  • From "Nimrods are Forever", Space Guy gets Nash to turn off the filter for the questions they're getting... only for the questions to get really... weird. And when Space Guy finally manages to turn it, it destroys reality in the process. All that's left to do is Caramelldansen!
  • From "Regret at Leisure":
    • Nash's enlightenment montage
      • "I no longer rage at my fucktarded brethren; I simply await them... in enlightenment."
    • Arlo: We review the latest space-age technologies and advanced medical research...and then just say the hell with it and subcontract the whole thing to India!
  • From "This is All YOUR Fault (Electric Boogaloo)"
    • It's a viewer submission episode, those are ALWAYS gold mines.
    • The Big "What?" montage following a story of a man grilling his own wang in public while wearing a latex body suit and shouting "we're having ourselves a weenie roast tonight!"
      • "This wasn't a random act of stupid! This took planning. He needed to choose a spot, buy the stuff, build the fire. THIS WAS PREMEDITATED BATSHIT!"
  • From "Deep Hurting"
    • "Mr. Owl, how many shocks does it take to drop a lunatic?"
    • Every single word in the following line:

 Nash: The point is, if you toddle off down the sidewalk in nothing but your foreskin and try to make small talk with a kindergartener and you don't expect someone to react with a can of fuck-your-couch, then my question to you is this: Did you do ALL the drugs or did you save any for the rest of us?

    • The cameo by The Nostalgia Critic.

 Nostalgia Critic: Today we're going to look at a good nostalgic movie. Citizen Kane. Now...("Last Friday Night" plays in the background) Anyone hear Katy Perry music? (Space Guy's ship falls on his house)

    • And afterwards, Stickboy holds up a sign saying "You are SO fired."

What The Fuck Is Wrong With You Live

 Hope/Jesu Otaku: You just know there's some guy sitting at home watching the evening news and saying "Hey! That's my shotgun!"

Nash & Tara: [laughing their respective asses off]

 Jesu Otaku: Look into its eyes, Nash! They say that those who do can see the face of God!

  • From the 7/25/11 Live episode, at a story that the weapons check at the entrance to ComiCon turned up a stiletto dagger, a machete, and an "honest-to-Rambo AR-15":

 Tara: Seriously, guys? I mean, I don't like Twilight either, but...

  • From the 08/01/11 Live episode, when Tara shows off her very first hippo plushie Humperdink using a newer version of it:

 Nash: You have two versions of the same...

Tara: I have four, actually.

  • 8/29/11: Snakes on a Plane initiated in real life.
  • 9/19/11: The eel that swam up a man's penis.

 Tara: This is why the hippo is truly a noble and majestic creature, because no hippo will ever swim up your dick.

  • 9/26/11. Nash. Meltdown... ...DOLPHIN FUCKING.
  • 9/05/11: Nash's awed reaction to a story about a man who caused an explosion by pouring gasoline onto a beehive and lighting it on fire. Made even funnier when he expresses his desire to want to try it himself and Tara trying to talk him out of it.
  • 10/03/11: Tara gives us this little gem:

 "Protip: If you have to tell people you're invisible, you're not invisible."

 Tara: He hides in the bushes and once a day the little flag goes up.

    • The story about a guy wanting to fly over Bagdad in a lawnchair. Made even funnier by Nash's and Tara's genuine surprise and interest in the fact that(apparently) people in Iraq don't have lawnchairs.
    • JesuOtaku singing "Poker Face" in response to a story about three teenagers who branded themselves in the rear with a red-hot poker.
  • Flatulent bondage hippo.
  • 12/5/11: Most of the zingers provided by the guest cohost.

 Nash: I think we've just learned that Doug is more fucked up than me or Tara!

    • "[The culprit in the second story] was dressed all in black with a hooded sweatshirt covering his head...[glances at the camera] Todd..."
    • Doug's reaction to the story about a drunk driver crashing into a "You Booze, You Lose" truck.

 Nash: I don't know what I'm more pissed at him about--the drunk driving, or ruining an '89 Camaro!

Tara: Being from Long Island, I can't be mad at him ruining an '89 Camaro, because...there are such few things that are good Guido shorthand.

Doug: Maybe the guy was driving drunk and he was like, "Lord, if you want me to stop, please give me a sign!"

Nash: (dies laughing)

      • Implying the cop in the image was taking a picture of the wreck with his phone. "They're not gonna believe this shit!"
    • Doug as Dr. Claw and then Batman.
    • The Double Entendres flying between Doug and Tara at the end of the show. Even better? Doug's fiancée was right beside him. The boy has no shame.
  • 1/3/2012: A story featuring a Florida man who burned the house that he was renting down because he did not want a woman moving in with him. Unfortunately, the man's dog was killed in the fire and the man willingly knew the dog was inside when he started the fire. Nash loses it and actually plays Gunther's "Ding Dong Song" LIVE in response.
  • 1/23/12: "Don't say 'fuck' in the Chuck E. Cheese!"
  • 2/27/12: Tara using one of her hippo plush to do a "dramatic reenactment" of a story about a large naked woman stomping out the windshield of a man's car.
  • 3/5/12: The entire story about Hitler Chic (IE: Clothing and memorabilia of pop-culture icons with their faces replaced with Hitler's).

  Tara: Why is Ronald Mcdonald Hitler?

    • The "Overtime Special" from the same episode, where Nash and Tara talk about attending a White Wolf World of Darkness convention in Chicago in what was probably the sketchiest hotel in America at the time. They nicknamed it "Ghetto Con." Find it here
  • 3/12/12: The story of the man who broke into a woman's house because God told him to.

 Tara: Well, we've heard worse excuses...

    • Nash trying to get back on track... and realizing he doesn't want to:

 Nash: "Back in our wheelhouse. Why is this our wheelhouse? This should be nobody's wheelhouse! Why is this our wheelhouse, Tara?! Cuz you know what I'm going to say, don't you?!"

Tara: "...something about naked rampage?"

Nash: "Ayup!"

    • As Nash delivers the setup to the "corpse abuse" case, take a good look at Tara's facial expressions.
    • Nash's shellshocked, thousand-yard stare as Tara recounts the story of the Underfloor Piss Snorkeler.
    • Tara was on a roll for this episode, closing it out by breaking Nash with how she would deal with his body.
  • 4/9/12: Todd gives Tara a run for her money in the "How To Be a Better Criminal" department.
  • After a story involving a drunken woman calling 911 because of being lost in the woods and not knowing where to take a leak, both Nash and Producer Mike (filling in for Tara) point out the logical problem: when you're lost in the woods, you can pee anywhere. Except on a bear... or on someone's tent... and Mike caps the whole thing with a funny anecdote:

 If you're in the woods and you have to pee, and you're cooking in the woods and you're cooking with something that involves jalapenos, wash your hands before you pee and then wash your hands after you pee. (Beat) My scoutmaster, twenty years ago, twenty-five years ago, learned this lesson. (Beat) We heard the scream from a quarter-mile away.

  • 4/16/12: The ketchup covered homeless man complaining about tourists.

 Tara: Are the tourists mustard people? Is that the problem?

Nash: Damn mustards, I hate them mustards! Especially the spicy ones!

Tara: Is he trying to start some kind of burger topping war?

Nash: Fuck all them fancy Grey Poupons! Keeping the Heinz man down!

 Nash: (does a simple Google search) Hey, Olympics people, you owe me money! I'm doing your research for you!

    • Nash's reaction to Tara's explanation that people have weird fetishes regarding tying things to their private parts.

 Nash: Everything you just said made me sad.

    • Nash's and Tara's utter awe about a man who managed to commit 11 felonies in one day while in Nashville.
  • 4/23/12: Tara shows off a hippo candle she has had for years but never lit because she didn't want its behind burnt and make her sad. Nash, however, doesn't share the same opinion.

 Nash: Nah, it wouldn't make me sad. I'd be like burn, burn!

Tara: That's because you are a bad person with no soul.

Nash: I am. I really am. Thanks for noticing.

    • Also, the Midnight Nightshirt Police-Camera Shooter:

 Nash: No! Don't call! If you know who that guy is, don't tell him! Nobody snitch! Because I think my world is a little bit more awesome, knowing he's out there!

Tara: No! No it's not! Do you really want some random old man running around in his jammies shooting things in the middle of the night? That's what makes your world better? That makes my world scarier!

  • 5/6/12- The story about a woman who found cocaine in her tampons and Nash's and Tara's reaction to it.
    • Made even funnier by Nash joking about it being a botched terroist attempt.

 Nash: I'm just picturing Al Qaida with all these different brands of tampons trying to figure out which ones would be best to stuff with Anthrax.

  Nash: You want me to starve, don't you?

    • The story about the old man who set a retirement home on fire because he hated retirement homes and got aroused by fire.

  Nash: (As an old man) How can I make this place better? Oh, I'll set it on fire! Then I'll get a boner!

  • 5/21/12 - There were a number of funny things, from the giant penis monument (named "Gaia") that was "blown" up in the name of art, to another Florida story where a senior prom was held in the same place as a porn convention, to the "live" coverage of the porn prom, but the funniest was the look on Nash's face when he found out that he forgot to hit the record button and almost lost this session. To think we almost lost the story of the giant wang that exploded.
  • 5/28/12- Nash and Jesu Otaku nearly losing it over Jew Wario's robotic kitty-cat ears.
  • 6/2/12: Tara expands on her funeral plans for Nash. And this time, Jesu Otaku's there to hear it...
  • 6/4/12: After hearing a story about a deceased cat that was turned into a helicopter by its owner, the sheer absurdity of the event causes everyone to burst out laughing.

 Nash: How do you get - from dead cat to helicopter?

JO: Oh God!

Nash: There are some pages missing.

JO: Oh God! Somebody in the chat said "tape some pop tarts to it and fly a rainbow banner behind its ass!"

Nash, Tara, JO: *Cracks up*

Doctor Who Reviews

 "Ohhh no. No, nonononono." [Cut to Peter Davison's WTF expression] "There. Right there. That's the moment where Peter Davison said 'Fuck it, I quit'.".

  • K-9 and Company:
    • His stuffy British accent bit.
    • "And to prove there's nothing resembling justice in this world, he doesn't die in this episode."
    • "K-9 pursues the intruder with lightning speed. I said 'lightning speed'. Lightning- ah, there he goes."
    • Peter: "You've gotta get away from here. You and the girl, you've gotta get away."

 Brendan: "Why?"

Nash!Peter: "Because half the audience is in a coma!"

  • Robot:
  • Terror of the Vervoids:
    • "But this week the Doctor faces what could be his most dangerous foe yet! (a picture of a head of lettuce fades in as a dramatic noise plays) have no idea how much much I wish I was kidding."

 Nash: "Several times, the original Doctor Who had season long arcs, many of which are considered classics by fans and one which is... not. Guess which one we'll be looking at this week. Here's a hint." *Face Palm*

    • Also, the reveal that the Vervoids are to be used as a slave race over perfectly good robots who DON'T resemble plantmen with very Freudian faces causes Nash to lose his sanity and declare himself Zodan the Unbounceable.

 Zodan!Nash: Now, Nash would point out that had there been enough light and carbon dioxide to accelerate the life cycle of plants that much, it would also be enough to suffocate and flash-fry everyone in the vicinity. Zodan the Unbounceable, however, gives not one fuck! *puts on a mask and begins chanting Uga Chaka*

 "A literal WALKING ARMY of sticky icky!!"

      • Not to mention this bit:

 Minion: "Professor, we have a problem in the hydroponic center."

Professor: "The hydroponic center? What's happened?"

Minion: "It's been broken into."

Nash: "It's the DEA, man! They're raidin' our stash!"



  'Nash: In the span of three minutes-three minutes! we just saw a Dalek put a man up his own personal Time Vortex, and this was followed by a musical number that makes Spider Man Turn Off the Dark look appealing! This episode has gone to plaid!

    • This Exchange:


Human!Dalek: Why?


Human!Dalek: But why?


Human!Dalek: But why?

Nash!Dalek: BE-CAUSE SHUT-UP!! *zap*

  • The Top 5 Best Classic Episodes (For New Series Fans):
    • Nash to the people who will complain about his choices:

  "For those of you who are bound to lob profanity at my choices I would like to remind you that I am rubber and you are glue, everything you say bounces of of me and sticks to you, I would also like to add times infinity and nanny nanny boo boo."

  "The disappearance of Amelia Earhart, how Southland Tales was green-lit, and why The Master was in disguise this episode". *opens envelope to reveal "Shit that has never been explained"*

 Nash: Free! Free to haunt the nightmares of children!

    • "Oh, you see? When you shout at people, it makes the editor angry!"
    • Nash's head explodes after watching a scene in which a tonne of exposition is delivered late. Twice.
  • The Happiness Patrol:
    • It begins with him showing examples of social commentary in Doctor Who. When he gets to the modern era a clip is shown of Jack kissing Nine, and he stops what he's saying to shout "HOLY FANFICTION FUEL BATMAN!"
    • "This is Ace, she likes hitting things, hitting things, hitting things, hitting things, and blowing shit up. I like her."
    • "This place looks the inside of Tim Burton's head."

 Silas P.: You shouldn't sit here, it might be dangerous.

Nash: Yeah, you could be eaten by a wild Helena Bonham Carter.

    • His demonstration of how Anvilicious the episode's message about Thatcherism is... by dropping a giant subtitle with the word "MESSAGE" on top of himself.
      • During Helen A's tirade near the end it comes back to repeatedly beat him over the head.

  "You know I think that Thatcher woman is quite awful." [Waits in the hope that it's stopped.]

    • "Oh my god they're painting the TARDIS pink!? No, no I had other jokes and shit written but no, the Pat Benetar renegades are painting the TARDIS pink!
      • And seconds later while trying to make a joke, "And I can... no, I'm sorry PINK FUCKING TARDIS!"
    • "So they've outlawed Emo on this world.... quick someone put Simple Plan on a rocket ASAP!"
    • "Who can make a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew? And... drown a motherfucker in Pepto Bismol."
    • All of the Mario Kart jokes about the go cart.
    • Kandyman: "You see, I make sweets. Not just any old sweets, but sweets that are so good, so delicious that sometimes, if I'm on form, the human physiology is not equipped to bear the pleasure." Nash: "So are you gonna make candy or fuck them to death?" followed by "Before the Doctor can experience the Kandyman's creamy center..."
    • " If you tested the writers for drugs the test results would scare Keith Richards."
    • " So The Doctor and harmonica man escape into the candy pipes and dear god how insane do I sound right now?"
    • "Hey Brad, Phelous! Look, I found Troll 5!"
    • "I keep spouting so much gibberish I should be dancing with snakes!"
    • "They head back into the sewers, meet up with the trolls in the candy pipes and are pursued by a hand puppet. Also I'm running out of booze."
    • "The Doctor goes back to talk to the Kandyman because this episode hates you."
    • "How do you pimpslap someone with a hand made of licorice and gummy bears?"
    • "Because the Trolls have turned on the pipes and unleashed a flood of strawberry DEATH", which is followed by a Hurricane of Puns.
      • "Don't judge me, I'm very drunk right now."
    • "It is official: The Doctor is the whitest man in time and space."
    • "Happiness will prevail", "My gigantic ass it will!"
  • The Horns of Nimon:

 Nash: The Doctor just...slapped her on the ass? What? That's like Santa Claus copping a feel on your sister right in front of you!

Mikuru: *cries*

    • The "Doctor Slap-O-Meter", which registers any time the Doctor does something so insanely stupid or dickish that you want to hit him. It reaches 11 by the time the review is over.
  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs:
    • Playing "Yor's World" when the Pterodactyl appears.
    • "And if you don't comply I'll switch to the laser gun sounds! Pew pew pew pew!"
    • His seething rage over the premise of Terra Nova, after he just got done explaining how the villain's plan will cause a time paradox.
  • The Most What The Fuck Moments of Classic Series History with Nella:
    • The running gag of "Jewelry Candy", and Nella's... disturbing analogies.

 "Five minutes ago, you thought candy jewels were real!" "Four minutes ago you were crying like a third grader. Your point?"

    • "What? What!? Stop that, the Daleks are a Nazi allegory you twatwaffle! This is not Hogan's Heroes in space!"
    • Nash using a video of monkeys on little bikes to represent the writers at the time. "Aw, they think they're people!"
    • "Dimensions In Time" could have been a grand adventure bringing together all the Doctors!

  Nella: I'd watch that! I'd watch the hell out of that! I'd watch it 'til it called me "Mommy"!

    • Nella's reaction how "Dimensions in Time" really turned out:

 Nella: [Boils with fury, then heads off-screen.]


Nash: ...You okay?

Nella: I'M FINE!

    • Their discussion of the 6th Doctor and his outfit.
    • The jab at the Fox Network. "So Fox is the reason we had to wait another decade for more Doctor Who? Is there any show they won't strangle in the crib?" "Not unless your last name is McFarlane, I guess..." "Touché."
    • Their reaction to Kamelion.

 Nash: You know, for kids!

Nella: [punches him]

    • They decide to go to a bar, but first Nash has to ask JesuOtaku if he can go out to play.
    • Nash's pure unadulterated Squee at the end:

  Nash: The Doctor knows who I am!! [HUGE grin]

  • Castrovalva:
    • Opening the video with lines to intentionally enrage various fandoms so he can get away with reviewing the episode. It didn't work.

  "Anime is indecipherable garbage, Greedo shot first, Jean-Luc Picard is the worst captain in the history of Starfleet, and Jim Henson can go fuck himself.

    • "So Santa was really The Master the entire time!... Christmas is ruined."
    • "Are they with Occupy Wall Street? Hey Donny, get the pepper spray!"
    • His anger over Nyssa, A SCIENTIST, having to look up what Hydrogen is.
    • Trying to suppress his nerd rage over the Fifth Doctor unraveling the Fourth Doctor's scarf.
    • After saying that he likes the Fifth Doctor's outfit.

  Nash: "Wait, did I say something nice? WHO'S BEEN FUCKING WITH MY SCRIPT?"

  • The Twin Dilemma:
    • After a massive hammy rant about how Nash's previous reviews "tossed his childhood memories into a meat grinder", Linkara's sadistic glee when he finds out Nash is going to review.... that... is perfect.

 Linkara: The Twin Dilemma? You're going to sit through that classic ball of misery? [Gigantic evil grin]

Nash: [Worried] Um... yeah? Why?

Linkara: Oooh, nothing. Forget I said anything... ya poor dumb schumck.

Nash: ... I'm in trouble, aren't I?

    • Nash invoking the This Is Gonna Suck trope when commenting on people's reactions to shows going down a Darker and Edgier path.
    • Nash's reactions to the absolutely mind-numbing science in the plot and just how bad it is. Complete with clips from Billy Madison.
    • Describing the infamous strangling scene.

 Nash: But never mind the jubblies; the Doctor's set course...for the nightmares of children.

 Davros: "Shut that fool up!"

Nash: "I think I just fell in man-love with Davros."

    • Constantly pointing out how the Doctor is so irrelevant to the plot and calling Orcini as the real hero of the story.
    • His unadulterated glee when Orcini wastes a fucking DALEK with a SUBMACHINE GUN!

 Orcini: This is my sword.

Nash: Oh , come on that's an Uzi, what kind of damage are you expecting to do with--

[Orcini shoots the Dalek, which explodes in a MASSIVE fireball!]

Nash: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! [[[Beat]]] I WANT one!

 Nash: Okay, in doing these reviews, there are rare, beautiful moments; moments where the stars align, where 'Synchronicity' becomes more than the best Police song ever! Where from this madness springs something of such unspeakable, terrible beauty. My friends, prepare thyselves...

Plays 'the song' over the clip of Astrid pushing Max Capricorn off the ship with a forklift

Nash: [expression of unquantifiable bliss] I need to change my pants.

    • His elaboration on how RTD doesn't write actual stories but simply takes concepts and puts them in Doctor Who. He demonstrates this by taking items and putting them in his toy TARDIS.

 Nash: (grabs smartphone) Reality TV. (puts it in)

shows clip of "Bad Wolf"

Nash: (grabs microphone) Mass media. (puts it in)

shows clip of "The Long Game"

Nash: ... (grabs werewolf figurine) Werewolves. (puts it in)

shows clip of "Tooth and Claw"

Nash: ... (opens TARDIS, makes a farting noise with his hand)

shows clip of "Aliens in London"

Nash: OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE! Wait... (grabs toy Titanic) he couldn't possibly make something horrible out of- (puts it in)

shows opening scene from "Voyage of the Damned"

Nash: ... (scared) OH GOD! (drops TARDIS)

    • Followed immediately by this:

  Nash: The Doctor gets his own personal viewing of Titanic in 3D, but since 3D is bullshit, the Doctor quickly hits the "Undo" button.

    • When it's implied that the Doctor is on board the real Titanic (it's revealed to be a spaceship a minute or so later)... and yet we see robots and aliens: "Uh... did the Doctor just go crazy?"
    • In response to the audience's claims that the episode is just "Titanic in space", Nash shoots that down:

  "Ripping off 'Titanic'? No, that's just silly!, they're doing The Poseidon Adventure.

    • After the Doctor mentions "he was there":

  Nash: Did they just retconned the Doctor into the Nativity?! [[[Beat]]] Suddenly, the fishes and loaves thing makes sense.


  • While the review itself was still pretty informative, the very fact he took over for Jesu Otaku to review Transformers Animated for April Fools' Day. In the end, he gets into a fight with the Red Snark Titles.
  • From the Justice League TV movie review:
    • He's asked by Linkara to imagine what the JLA movie would do to a classic foe like Starro the Conquerer. Nash thinks on it... and immediately flashes to Starfish Hitler. He promptly shuts up.
    • Nash's reaction to what Guy Gardner looks like.
    • Which is immediately followed by Nash setting off The Continuity Alarm regarding something Guy did in the comics[1]

 Nash: "I don't know whether I'm proud or sad."

Linkara: "I think the fact you can't decide is answer enough."

  "This man can read the entire Library of Congress in the time it takes me to fart! Where did I put my World's Smallest Violin?"

    • This bit regarding Ray Palmer/The Atom limboing under a laser tripwire.

 Nash: Okay, there has got to be a way to make that scene make sense. I got it! Describe it to me again.

Linkara: The Atom shrinks down and limbos under the laser...

Nash: *smacks himself on the head with a hammer* Again.

Linkara: The Atom shrinks down and limbos...

Nash: No, still stupid. *smacks himself again with a hammer* Again.

Linkara: The Atom limbos...

Nash: *grumbling* Stupid. *smacks himself for a third time with a hammer *gestures Linkara to repeat himself*

Linkara: The Atom limbos...


Linkara: Are you okay?

Nash: Fish!

 Linkara: Can I borrow that hammer?

Nash: *clutches it protectively* MINE!

    • The Spaceballs reference in the opening:

 Nash: I left the camera on didn't I?

Linkara: Yup

Nash: How much did you see?

Linkara: No sir I didn't see you playing with your dolls again sir!

    • Also the creepy smile Linkara gives to get Nash to review the JLA movie with him.
    • This little exchange:

 Linkara: Meanwhile, back at the plot...

Nash: There's a plot?

Linkara: Shut up.

  • The 7/4 Podcast's discussion of Winnie The Pooh. What does Nash think Eeyore wants for a present?

 Nash!Eeyore Thumbs and a gun.

 Film Brain: Does this director understand that this is an action film and not a Nescafe advert?

Nash: We've secretly replaced their comic book movie with a mediocre train wreck. Let's see if they notice.

    • After Nash complains bitterly about how the movie screwed up Thor's canonical identity as Donald Blake's alter ego and was instead a completely separate entity who was summoned by his hammer:

 Film Brain: Naaaash?

Nash: What?

Film Brain: Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but have you ever touched a boob before now?

Nash: Would punching you in the face count?


Film Brain: Touche.

    • The "Ghost Love Score" montage as Film Brain and Nash try to find out how epic slo-mo can mundane things.

 Nash: Yeah, slo-mo doesn't seem to increase the drama.

Film Brain: Oh, don't tell Zack Snyder that, you'll break his heart!

    • Thor's, erm, interesting relationship with Donald Blake:

 Thor: I like you, Blake, but only when you're asleep!

Cut to Nash and Film Brain's horrified expressions and then...

Cut to the Rape Horn.

    • And then a callback to that scene:

 Thor: Splendid places you bring me to, Blake.

Donald Blake: This isn't a date!

Nash: No, Thor waits for you to sleep first for that!

  • JO did a very temporary Hostile Show Takeover on 8/22/11 (which was done at her house). Her mark is still left though -- the regular banner is modified to look very girly (Nash's reaction is priceless when he realizes this).
  • Nash's attempt at a Halloween costume.
  • When JO played a fan translation of Utawarerumono on her stream, the translators left "Obaa-Can" as it is with a small note on top saying "Grandma". Nash's reaction was hilarious:

  If I want to learn, I'd go to Sesame Street! Translate this shit!

  • Nash, Linkara and Film Brain reviewing the Wonder Woman TV pilot.
    • The "car battery" exchange between Film Brain and Linkara.
    • "Third base!"
    • Linkara takes Nash's hammer... and smacks Film Brain with it. "Why did you do THAT?!" "...I don't know..."
    • "What's the word for that?" "SOPA?" "Ooh, nice!"
    • The "Pants to be darkened!" running gag
    • "Beware the coming of the Uber Boob!"
    • Linkara and Nash discussing the details of Wonder Woman's invisible jet, while Film Brain looks on in annoyance.

 Film Brain: Just for comparison, do either of you know the name of your congressional representative?

Linkara: Pre or post Crisis?

Film Brain: *Groans, puts head in hands*

    • "Honey, they didn't have any Digimon stuff, but the guy at the booth had this Legend of the Overfiend thing he said you might like. Is that okay?"
    • Linkara telling Nash he's got JO in a safe place like he kidnapped her, but she's outside reading The Far Side while eating Smarties.

  JO: Vultures don't wear cowboy hats! Well, that's just silly.

    • Linkara's mocking of the completely unprofessional journalism.

 Reporter: That was fantastic, Rob. Wonder Woman just swooped in, ran down the suspect, shot out her lasso, and reeled him in like a trout.

Linkara (as an anchor): Thanks, Barbara! In other news Green Lantern used a midget like a basketball and Blue Beetle eats poodles. Oh, those wacky heroes.

    • "I got the test results back, you're definitely a psychopath."
    • Nash attempts to replicate the wire tricks the unfinished pilot's climax and predictably falls from the ceiling, while Film Brain and Linkara bet on whether or not he'll die.
    • When Diana's assistant reveals she designed her costume just to sell action figures.

 Linkara's head explodes

Film Brain: SYMBOLISM!

    • Later, when Diana's "deal" is that she won't kill Elizabeth Hurley.

 Nash and Film Brain stare in fear at Linkara

Linkara: No, you only get one head explosion per crossover. It's in my contract.

    • Linkara attempts to comfort a traumatized Film Brain after seeing Wonder Woman gruesomely murder a security guard.

 Linkara: No, no, no, sweetie, he's just sleeping.

Nash: (scoffs) Oh great, and next you'll be telling him Santa is real… (Film Brain's face falls further.) …ly jolly…and swell, a-and great and…I'll shut up now.

(Film Brain breaks down in tears and Linkara puts his hand to his head then walks away.)

    • They see Wonder Woman snag a perp around the neck with her lasso, yank him towards her and then stab him in the neck with a hypodermic needle, just after Linkara finishes explaining how Wonder Woman was a paragon of honor and compassion in the comics.

  Linkara: (weakly) …Well…a-at least she used a sterile needle.

    • Their constant calls to the other characters not to confront or irritate Diana lest she kill them after she gives her assistant a Death Glare for scolding her language.

  Film Brain: You get the idea that Wonder Woman's previous assistants are in a shallow grave in a field somewhere.

    • The comments about Wonder Woman casually violating the law and basic rights, culminating in:

 Veronica Cale: You have entered my place of business with no warrant! You have injured several of my employees, some catastrophically! Others you have killed, and I have it all on various cameras! You are about to meet your equal, Wonder Woman: the American criminal justice system!

Nash: [as Wonder Woman rolls her eyes] Laws are for poor people.

    • Later, when Wonder Woman saves the day and is met by applause from her employees:

  Linkara: I'm smiling! I'm clapping! Am I clapping hard enough? OH GOD, WONDER WOMAN, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!

    • "I think feminism just got whiplash."
    • Film Brain's failure at finding the right amendment for unreasonable searches and seizures[2].

 Film Brain: Second amendment be damned!

Linkara: That's the right to bear arms.

Film Brain: Fifth amendment!

Nash: That's self-incrimination.

Film Brain: Thirteenth amendment![3]

Linkara: Yeah, sure, go with that.

    • Linkara's foul-mouthed Dr. Phil impression from the blooper reel.


  1. The act in question is when Guy got kicked out of the Green Lantern Corps, he went and stole Sinestro's power ring for himself.
  2. the Fourth Amendment
  3. abolishing slavery
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